The Valley of Caves and the Temple of Talona

This is my version of the iconic D&D module B2 The Keep on the Borderlands. Some is written verbatim from the module, but I’ve fleshed out a lot, to include more details, in such a way as though I were running it, so names and ages and details involving combat tactics, etc. are included, basically for myself; how I’d run it. While many details from the module about the KEEP are included, and I’ve even added more sometimes, most of it will never come up, as the party is not adventuring in the KEEP. It’s mostly written to give the DM interesting details on the inner workings, more for flavor than anything else. This also includes campaign background for myself too, on the off chance that one day I get to run this again with a group, or better, with my family. It’s a dream I hope to one day have fulfilled. So I’ve written the intro as though I’m talking to the people who are ready to roll up their characters. There will also be notes to myself, that I’ve highlighted as reminders, while other parts are written as though I’ve written this as a module for someone else to run.

Also, I’ve rewritten the rules for D&D and put them all into one rulebook; again, for myself, so some of the information here won’t make any sense to you, as I created my own combat system, so when you see a creature listed, and there are stats you don’t recognize, or understand, just use the rule system that you know, and adjust accordingly, or just ignore those stats, if you’re just reading this to read it. My system is a blending of 1st edition, 2nd edition, ‘Castles & Crusades’ and my own rules that I’ve developed over time. Maybe one day I’ll put “My Players Handbook” here on my blog, but tables don’t transfer well here.

If I ever figure out how to make tables work here, I’ll consider writing it all again and post it here, but here’s the basics of my combat system that I created, which basically involves an attack roll and a defense roll, using a 10-sided die, so for a little clarity A: is the attack modifier, D: defense modifier. Ties go to the defender, so if your modified attack roll is an 11 and their modified defense roll is an 11, you missed. Also, CL: is the challenge level, which modifies the saving throw. The higher the + the harder the saving throw.

What follows is the background for my Campaign, including a few details of my own world that I’ve created (that still needs a TON more fleshing out) and how I’d run this module. Basically, this is the beginning of “My D&D Campaign”. I wrote it all out here, because this is the one place that I can have it all written out. I currently don’t have Excel or Microsoft Word, or some other place to write it all out, so my blog works for now. Lastly, I renamed it ‘The Valley of Caves’ for two reasons. 1: It’s no longer “on the borderlands”, but rather in my world, and 2: B2 is really about the Caves, more so than the Keep, in my opinion.

So here’s my version of B2 The Keep on the Borderlands. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Forestera, Campaign Background:

Before you all roll up your character, I’m going to give you some background about where you are and the world you live in; what you know, both about the town where you currently live, and your knowledge about the different races and history of the world. I’m hoping this might make choosing what type of character you want to play a little more interesting.

Your character will have a place of birth and family members; their age, profession, etc., which we will determine after you roll them up. For now, you’re mostly a blank sheet of paper, but with the following items already in your possession (Write all these down now on your character sheet): a tunic and trousers, a belt, boots, a small belt pouch, a waterskin, a staff &/or a dagger and 5d20+30 silver and 5d20+30 copper pieces as your starting money. My Campaign uses a ‘Silver Standard’, so Silver, not Gold, is the standard currency.

Okay, let’s begin…

Your story begins in the tavern at the ‘Inn of the Green Dragon’ (show map of the tavern and Inn), in the town of Doran (pronounced Door-‘Ran), where you all live (show map of Doran). It is called ‘The Inn of the Green Dragon’ for supposedly the leader of Doran, ‘Lord Doridin’, whom the town was named after, slew the very Dragon whose head is on the wall over the fireplace. Some though question if it’s real.

Doran has only existed for a little more than a decade. It came into being after the mighty Warrior, Doridin, along with his adventuring party, responded to a desperate call from Wood Elves who lived in a forest nearby, who were being terrorized by a band of Hill Giants. Doridin and his party travelled there and slew the giants, saving the wood elves from certain destruction. So grateful were they that they built a Shrine in their woods and told Doridin that the Shrine is Sacred and that they built it to honor him and his fellow adventurers. They told them that they are free to come here as often as they want and that they could even live in the woods with them, if they so desired. It was well known that wood elves are mostly isolationists, who don’t live in civilized areas, preferring to live in the deep dense forests by themselves. They hadn’t fully realized what offer they actually just made to Doridin, for they never thought he’d ever come live with them in “their forest”, but Doridin was captivated by the beauty of the woods and said to the wood elves that he longed to retire and that he would love to build a castle in this forest. They were about to object, but realizing what they had just said, they felt they had no choice but to let him build his castle… in their forest.

Doridin knew the wood elves weren’t pleased at the thought of him doing this, but since they offered, and he just saved their lives and wanted to build a castle here, he did so. He was already well known, so it wasn’t long after he built his Castle that people came to visit him, to see the great Warrior Lord and his band of adventurers, who slew the hill giants and saved the wood elves. Over the next several months, many who came stayed and built homes of their own. They named the woods ‘The Doridian Woods’ and slowly a town started to form. Once word of this reached the wood elves, who, for obvious reasons, no longer lived in this part of the forest anymore, they were quite upset and went to see Lord Doridin.

After a couple hours of intense negotiations had passed, a compromise was finally agreed upon. The people can stay, but construction of a wall around the town must begin immediately and all travel to and from Doran must be restricted to only the roads leading into and out of town, which it mostly was anyway. Doridin explained to the wood elves that he would not command the townspeople to only travel on the road, but that he would “highly recommend it”, saying that it was “in their best interest” to “not upset the wood elves” who lived in the forest. To this the wood elves agreed, and so it was done. Wooden signs have been posted on the roads at the entrances into the forest stating this.

Lord Doridin agreed to their terms for the following reasons:
1: The townspeople didn’t have to leave and they and other travelers would be free to travel to and from Doran.
2: The town would be much safer to live in with a wall around it.
3: Doridin didn’t want the town to keep growing either; like the wood elves, he enjoyed the solitude of the forest.
4: The wood elves agreed to it, thus the negotiations ended, thus he could go back to enjoying his life in his castle.

Today, Doran is a thriving village; a village that is limited in how far it can thrive, but still thriving. Also, because of the wall, Doran is now a very safe town to live in. A river runs through the town, so a couple times creatures have come inside that way, but they were quickly dealt with. The last time was a few months ago. You all heard that a group of Goblins tried to enter at night, but the guards, who walk the walls regularly, killed one quickly and they all fled. You all have yet to see a goblin, but you’ve been told what they look like and how evil they are.

A little more history of the world for you. The year is 997 and it is believed that the world began that many years ago, though not much is known about its beginnings. Many believe that the elves were the first race and that there are still elves here who were there at the beginning of creation, but none of you, as far as you know, have ever met an elf who’s anywhere near that old. You’ve heard that many towns are making plans for celebration of the new millennium and of course many rumors abound as to whether anything is going to happen. Tales from “the end of the world” to “the gods coming down and dwelling in the land” to “demons rising up from the underworld”, etc.. Some are certain they ‘know’ what’s going to happen, and they’re happy to share their ‘beliefs’ with anyone who will listen.

Each of you have lived here between 6 months to 1 year. You each travelled to Doran by yourself in a Caravan, because you wanted to get away and get out on your own. You wanted to go adventuring, but you didn’t know anyone who wanted to go with you, as they all felt safe in their homes and villages. Also, finding an adventuring party to join has been difficult, for people tend not to trust people they don’t know, so you left your home and travelled with a caravan. One of their stops was this town and after continuing to fail to find an adventuring party to join, you finally decided to stay here in Doran and make the best of it, on your own, hoping to one day meet others who also wanted to go adventuring, which you now have done.

You are all quite certain that ‘fate’ has brought you all together.

Up until today you’ve all worked somewhere in town; either in the Temple, or a shop, a farm, as a guard, or as an apprentice possibly; basically for around a few silver pieces a day + room & board. Over time you’ve all gotten to know each other, mostly from your time spent in this tavern, and have become the best of friends. You all have a pretty good knowledge of the homes and shops that are here. It consists mostly of humans, but there are a few dwarves, elves, gnomes and halflings and even a half-elf, and they all seem to live peacefully with each other quite well, but now you’ve all gathered here to form your adventuring party, see if any others want to join, or if you want to try to hire anyone, and to determine where you you’d all like to begin adventuring.

The world is called ‘Forestera’. It is called Forestera because of its many beautiful Forests. It is said that the Elves were the first race and that they enchanted all the forests and made them beautiful. Some say they’re all magical, while others say a god, or gods, enchanted 1 or more of them, but you’ve never seen any evidence that any of the forests are magical.

Forestera is a land of mostly wonderful weather (at least where you all dwell); winter being but a mere 2 months out of the year and a pretty mild one at that. The world is surrounded by water that is assumed to be an ocean, or oceans. Not much is known about the ocean(s), for those who travel there are too afraid to go too far, lest they fall off the edge (Yes, everyone just naturally assumes the world is flat, for how could it be anything other than flat). However, several islands have been discovered; said to be located at the 4 corners of Forestera, but again, very little is known about them, though stories abound as to what is there.

To the east lie the rolling hills of Forestera and beyond that, the vast mountains, from which all rivers flow. You live in the western half of the world, which is mostly plains and forests, along with swamplands here and there. You’re told there’s a desert in the middle of the world and all kinds of rumors abound as to why it’s there and what’s there, from, ‘it’s a curse on the land that will one day turn the whole world into a desert’, to, ‘it was the one part of the world that the god or gods who created Forestera couldn’t fix’, to, ‘it’s just a desert’, and of course all kinds of rumors abound as to what creatures live there, if any.

The most bizarre rumor though, that you’ve heard, is that some say there are actual holes in parts of Forestera. Huge holes, where you’ve heard stories that say some people have fallen into these holes, never to be seen or heard from again. Some believe that these giant holes go far down to an underground world where all kinds of evil creatures dwell. Most people however seem to believe that these are nothing more than scary stories to keep children from wandering off too far from home. None of you know anyone personally who says they’ve seen these holes.

Now though, let me tell you a little about each of the races, since you’re going to be playing one of them.
While all the races can be found anywhere, they are mostly found in the areas where they hail from.

It is commonly believed that each race was created in a different part of Forestera.
Dwarves are said to have been created in the Mountains to the East, by the Dwarven gods.
Gnomes in the Hills that are just West of the Mountains, by the Gnome gods.
Elves in the massive Forests in the north, by the Elven gods.
Halflings in the southern Plains, by the Halfling gods.
Humans in the central Plains, by the Human gods, though some believe they were created in the desert.

Half-Elves and Half-Orcs were not created, as they are the offspring of elves and humans, or orcs and humans, so they don’t ‘come’ from anywhere. Half-elves and half-orcs are thus very rare and are often outcasts, especially half-elves with regards to elves, while half-orcs are with mostly everyone. Some half-elves live in communities, but many are wanderers and little is known about them. Half-orcs are often feared by others and it is believed that they usually end up living with orcs, but at times it is said that a half-orc has taken up residence in a community and found their way in civilized lands. Mostly though they are said to be Barbarians, or worse, Necromancers.

Elves are known as the ancient race of Wizards and Warriors. Elven craftsmanship of bows and swords are the best ever seen and many a warrior covets the very rare elven chainmail; armor that’s said to be lighter than any other, yet offers better protection than even plate mail. None of you have ever seen elven chainmail, but you’ve heard some stories. Elves don’t often associate with other races, preferring to keep to themselves, for their way of life is simply different from others. Whether this is at least partly due to their exceedingly long life &/or their magical nature, no one really knows, but some elves do dwell in towns and get along just fine with others, except for dwarves, of course; but they’re trying.

Dwarves are well known for their skills as miners, blacksmiths, stonemasons and armorers. Dwarven axes are considered the finest in the land and their workmanship with stone is second to none, but the most well known talent of dwarves is their ability to handle their liquor. Some say that a glass of beer for a dwarf is like a glass of water to anyone else, but since you’ve all seen a drunk dwarf before, you know that’s obviously an exaggeration.

Gnomes are believed by some to be a blend of both dwarves and elves, despite the fact that makes absolutely no sense. That said, gnomes are often found underground, or in the hills and mountains, like dwarves, and yet they are considered to be a magical race as well, like elves. However, many a gnome suffers from wanderlust and are often found traveling from town to town. While ‘anyone’ can suffer from wanderlust, gnomes just seem more prone to it than others. They are lovers of stories and magic, but some have a reputation for being quite the trickster &/or prankster.

Halflings have their feet on the ground, and they’d like to keep them there. Living off the land, they are mostly farmers, but their skills in stealth have led many a halfling to go adventuring, and tales have been told of brave exploits as rogues and even rangers, but mostly rogues, but halflings are known for being friendly and well-mannered, unlike the typical reputation that a rogue normally has. They are known for their great love of food. It is said that if a halfling isn’t working or sleeping, it’s because they’re eating. They tend to get along very well with others; more so than any other race. It is often said “If you can’t trust a halfling, who can you trust?”

Humans appear to be the most common race in the world. They are not known for any particular set of skills. Rather, they seem to be able to adapt to their environment better than most, and are able to learn a variety of skills more so than other races, though not necessarily “better” than other races.

That is basically what you all know. Now you’ve assembled here tonight to form your own adventuring party, to get away from the everyday life of working all day and hanging out all evening here at the tavern, or where you sleep. Despite how nice Doran is, you’re bored with this life and are excited that you now have others who want to go adventuring with you, so you’ve assembled here tonight to talk about the different options that you have, for where you might want to go adventuring.

The Adventure Begins:

Here’s the adventures that you’ve been discussing going on:

Explore the forest; the ‘Doridian Woods’ that surrounds Doran:
The Doridian Woods is said to be home to many forest creatures, but mostly goblins and wood elves. The problem is that while the wood elves loathe goblins, they do not like anyone traveling through ‘their’ forest, and some say the wood elves are dangerous. However, the wood elves are allies with Lord Doridin, but it seems that they might not tolerate anyone other than Lord Doridin and his party in their woods. You find it odd that Lord Doridin has allowed the goblins to live in the forest, supposedly at the request of the wood elves, for reasons unknown. It is believed that they don’t want anyone helping them deal with their foes; Hill Giants of course being quite the exception. Goblins they can handle. Hill Giants… not so much.

Despite all that, you’re considering adventuring here, close by in the forest, because finding goblins and slaying them interests you, let alone it could help with relations with the wood elves. Then again, maybe it won’t, but surely it would be a beneficial thing for the town, if you were to rid the forest of the goblins who dwell here. Besides, wood elves don’t live anywhere near the town.

The Sacred Shrine:
You’re told that less than a days travel through the woods to the southwest, off the road, lies the Sacred Shrine. Many rumors have formed surrounding the Shrine. Some say it’s magical, cursed, just a Shrine, that it’s only magical for Lord Doridian, etc.. You’re considering traveling there to see it for yourself, despite the fact that the wood elves don’t want anyone traveling through their forest. You’re thinking that if you run into them that you can just say ‘we didn’t know’ and try to reason with them. You doubt they’re evil, but wonder if they really are dangerous or not. You’re not sure.

The Ruined Moathouse (described in detail elsewhere):
2 days ago Lord Doridin posted a bulletin in the tavern.
It reads as follows: A little over a days travel to the west, in the swamplands, lies a Moathouse in ruins. Lord Doridin desires for a brave party of adventurers to travel there and explore it, to determine if it’s salvageable. If it is, he desires that it be cleared out of whatever probably lives there and that your reward is whatever treasures you find. If you succeed at this, and you believe the Moathouse is salvageable, you are to alert the Sergeant of the guard of your successful adventures there. If your claims that it’s salvageable check out, Lord Doridin will pay your adventuring party 30sp/person, as payment for a job well done.

The KEEP in the Woods:
A little over 3 days travel to the north lies a KEEP in the woods. It is not the woods you are in now.
A bulletin was posted in the tavern around a week ago. It reads as follows:
The KEEP is a key stopping point for travelers on the roads from the north, south and east. Its presence has long kept bandits and brigands and the creatures in the woods at bay, providing mostly safe passage for travelers. Recently however, travelers on the east road have been attacked at alarming rates, by Orcs, Goblins and other creatures. Several people are missing and assumed dead. As a result, caravans have had to double their guards, which has both raised the cost of goods as well as cut into their profits, which has also cut the # of caravans in half that travel to the KEEP on that road, because it’s so dangerous to travel there now. Supplies are slowly dwindling and swift action is needed. The KEEP is calling for adventuring parties to travel to the KEEP and search the land and find who and what is behind these attacks. If you succeed at bringing an end to these attacks, the Castellan of the KEEP is prepared to pay 250sp to each person who succeeds at ending this threat.

The Town of Lorindor (described elsewhere):
About 4-5 days travel to the southeast is the town ‘Lorindor’, named after Lorin; a mighty Paladin from long ago. The town is just north of the halfling villages. Many travelers and caravans have come from ‘Lorindor’ and you’ve heard a number of tales of adventures and interesting stories. That, and you’ve thought about visiting the halfling villages too, as you’ve been told they’re a wonderful place to visit, as halflings are quite well known for their hospitality.

The Journey to ‘The Sacred Shrine’:

There is a 1 in 12 chance of a random encounter on the road to the Shrine:
If an encounter occurs, roll 2d4: (no random encounter, other than wild animals, will occur more than once)
2) A party of six 5th level adventurers: An Elven Ranger and Wizard, a Gnome Cleric, a Human Warrior and Paladin, and a Dwarven Warrior/Rogue, have travelled to this forest, in search of ‘The Sacred Shrine’, for they heard about it while in ‘Lorindor’, and are hoping to benefit greatly from it. They know nothing about the ‘Wood Elves’ not wanting anyone to travel in their woods. All they know is that it’s somewhere in this part of the forest, away from the roads, so they’re here looking for it.
3) 2-3 Giant Boars: They will run if the party tries to scare them off, but will probably attack if threatened.
4-6) 3-6 wild animals (No more than once each, either ‘wolves’ or ‘boars’ or ‘wild dogs’)
They may flee or attack, partly depending on the parties actions.
7) 9-12 Goblins, who should not be here, because this part of the forest is where the wood elves live, but goblins tend to be stupid and reckless, so they “went hunting” and have wandered off far from their lair. They want to run into wood elves though, as they despise them greatly, and are just too stupid to realize that they’d probably be badly outmatched.
8) 2 Black Bears. The Bears will run if the party tries to scare them off, but will attack if threatened.

About a mile before they get to the Shrine, a large group of 20 wood elves will surround them, while staying hidden in the trees (90% undetectable). An arrow is fired down at them and lands about 10′ in front of them, followed by 2 more arrows that came from their right and left. The leader will call out to them from the trees above “You are not welcome in our Forest. You are surrounded, as there are 20 of us hidden all around you. If you wish to live, turn back now. Travel through our forest is only allowed on the roads. We do not wish to harm any of you, but we will if you give us no other option” (the truth is the wood elves will not harm anyone, unless attacked).

If the party tries to negotiate with them, one of them will drop down from the trees, about 20′ in front of them.
This is Dalma. She is one of the tribe leaders. A simple question like “What do you propose?” or “What will you offer in exchange for safe passage to our Sacred Shrine?” is what she will ask them. Whatever the party offers, she will triple it. Charisma checks may now begin, to arrive at an acceptable ‘fee’ for safe passage.

Dalma will answer no questions about the Shrine, other than to acknowledge they built it to honor Lord Doridin and his brave party of adventurers. Only a platinum coin, or its equivalent, will persuade her to answer any questions as to the nature of the Shrine, its powers, etc.. (While wood elves rarely use money – where would they go shopping? – they do collect coins, for use in bribes, trade, and those rare occasions where they will buy things in villages. Mostly though, wood elves live off the land, fishing, hunting, gathering, skinning animals for various uses, etc.. Their homes are the trees themselves, using rope bridges that are very well camouflaged, high up, out of site of most travelers who sometimes, foolishly, wander off the road).

Dalma: She is 103 years old (mature, for a wood elf) She stands 5’1″ 88lbs with dark brown hair that has dark yellowish streaks running through it. Her eyes are a bright yellowish-blue, that seem to dance in the sunlight as you look at her. She is both strange looking to you and yet also stunningly beautiful, in a way that’s hard for you to describe. Her skin is darker than a typical human. It’s a very light brown, that also seems to have a slight greenish-yellowish tinge to it, that you find oddly captivating.
Ranger/Rogue/Druid Lv:3/3/3 Hp:21 A:+3 D:+5 Dmg:d6 short sword/bow, d4 dagger M:54′ Exp:250
S:8 D:18 C:16 I:14 W:15 Ch:15 Primary: Dex/Wis/Cha
Gear: a small backpack containing various fruits & vegetables, and lots of rope that’s very thin and very strong, and 3 very small knives, usually used for skinning dead animals. 3 small belt pouches containing 14cp 15sp 17gp & 9pp, 17 very small gems of various colors worth 1-500sp each, and spell components.
Clothing: Beautiful greenish-brown clothing and low soft boots of exquisite quality.
Skills: All the skills of each class plus non-weapon proficiencies: healing x2, herbalism x2, meditation, survival, tumbling, animal handling, fishing, leatherworking, rope use, swimming x2, hunting,

Wood Elves: Age: up to 400. Average Ht/Wt: 5’3″/100lbs. Hair: Usually brownish, often with lighter multi-colored streaks running through it. Skin: usually multi-colored, often being a very light brown, with a light multi-colored tinge of various hues blended within it.
1st & 2nd level Ranger/Rogues. A few are triple-class, being Druids as well (these are the leaders). Exp: Varies
Average Stats: S:6-13 D:14-19 C:13-18 I:11-18 W:11-18 Ch:8-17 Primary:(Varies) Average Movement: 45′-50′
Gear/Clothing/Skills: see Dalma

Wood Elves embody the concept of being “one with the forest”

The Sacred Shrine:

Up ahead you see what surely must be “The Sacred Shrine”. It looks like something a druid would’ve built.
A great tree has been re-shapen and woven into a beautiful looking Shrine or Temple. It looks like you could lay in it, as well as near it, for the ground here is covered in vegetation that looks pleasant to the eye.
Next to the Shrine is a beautiful looking wooden sign with writing that you don’t recognize, along with a stunningly exquisite looking large wooden chest, that seems like it’s part of the Shrine. Its wood glistens in the light.

The beautiful wooden sign in the language of the wood elves reads: “All are welcome to lay here and rest.
All who are in need of something more must lay their gift within the Shrine and sit &/or sleep for one day.
Only the proper gift will bestow upon you that which you are in need of.”

It says nothing of what “is” “the proper gift”, but… see below.

Benefits of the Shrine: (Only 1 benefit/person. No one may benefit more than once/30 days)
Any who sleep next to it for 8 hours will heal double their normal rate and receive the benefits of a bless spell for 24 hours. Sleeping for another 8 hours will do nothing. All may benefit from the healing once/day/8 hours of rest.
Also, those who sit here quietly &/or sleep will not be disturbed, for they and the Shrine will be completely invisible and undetectable to anyone else, for 8 hours (or 24, if they stay for an entire day).
If wood elves pass this way though (1 in 6 chance/8hrs), they will know someone is at the Shrine, since they can’t see it, so they “might” wait around, to see who’s here.
Wood Elves usually travel in groups of 5d4 in number.

If someone is in need of some type of healing, resting here for 24 hours will bestow their gift, provided a proper payment is given to the Shrine. The item(s) must be placed in the wooden box, which must then be closed and latched.
The person in need, or persons who lay the body at the Shrine, will somehow instinctively know the amount that is necessary, but not until they lay down in or near the Shrine, or someone lays another down, will this knowledge be communicated to them. (This is the magic of the Shrine that bestows this knowledge).
Any who leave a gift, money or items, can receive any of the following benefits:
100sp for a Cure Disease
200sp for a Cure Blindness or Deafness
250sp for a Neutralize Poison
300sp for a Remove Curse
500sp for a Heal
2500sp for a Raise Dead
5000sp for a Resurrection

Lord Doridin and his party usually travel here once/month.

Adventure Background for The KEEP:

Unknown to all, an Evil Temple, well hidden in the woods in a large ravine, about 2-3 miles east of the KEEP, has slowly been building a series of caves over several years and recruiting, through various dark magics, a large number of humanoid monsters (Kobolds, Goblins, Orcs, Hobgoblins, Gnolls & Bugbears, along with an Ogre, an Owlbear and a Minotaur. The Minotaur already lived there, along with a few of the smaller monsters who wandered in over time.

The evil Cleric, Raysha, who rules there tried to control the Minotaur through her dark magic. It didn’t go well.

Raysha, after casting dark protection magic that also allowed her to communicate with the Minotaur, cast a kind of suggestion spell designed to control the Minotaur. She then entered the Minotaur’s cave, approached him and spoke: “Greetings. I come in peace. Please allow me to speak.”
The Minotaur said nothing, appearing to ignore her, as he sat in his cave, gnawing away at some creature he just killed. It looked like an Orc.
Raysha, feeling quite uncomfortable, continued: “I am the High Priestess of the Temple of Talona: goddess of plague, poison, & disease. Our great Temple lies within the Cave just above you. I’ve come to your lair to make you a most generous offer. You are a very powerful creature. I greatly desire your presence here and am asking if you will help us, by protecting us from any intruders who come here, seeking to destroy us. You may continue to live here and I will provide you with all the food you desire, along with any items or treasure that I have available that I can give you, if you so desire, in exchange for your loyalty and service to my Temple. All I ask is that you please do not attack any of the creatures that we have recruited here, the kobolds & goblins… (starting to feel nervous and uneasy, she hesitated) & orcs… um… hobgoblins and… and, and all the others. There’s plenty of creatures in the forest for you to hunt, let alone the food I will provide you. If you could just leave all the monsters here alone, as they all now serve the Temple, I would be most grateful. What say you?”
The Minotaur sat in silence and just kept eating for a few moments, and then looked up at Raysha and said the following: “I’ll tell you what… if they stay out of my cave, they live. If they come in… they die. If I see them when I’m out hunting, they die. If they run away… they live. If you say one more word to me and don’t leave immediately… you die.”
Raysha put her head down and walked out of the cave, cursing to herself under her breath.

The following timeline will occur if the party does nothing – adjust accordingly based on their actions

1 month after the party arrives: Travel will be cut in half again and several more people will go missing.
Supplies will dwindle. People will start to panic. The Castellan sends out the call again (more notices) for help, doubling the reward.

2 months after the party arrives: Travel is cut in half again. People will now become desperate and chaos will begin to reign. More people will go missing, but now ransom notes will be sent by some of the prisoners who were missing, asking for armor, weapons, supplies, food, clothing and many shiny coins to be delivered to a certain location in the woods (marked on a map), in exchange for the release of the prisoners.
The prisoners who brought the ransom notes will speak of many horrors, of many caves in the woods in a valley somewhere to the east, wherein dwell all manner of evil monsters who hold people prisoner, but they killed and ate some of us (they won’t remember exactly where these caves are, for they were blindfolded at times).
People will become desperate. The Castellan will send out more notices to the west and south, begging for help and offering great rewards for any who succeed at destroying this evil enemy.
There’s a 50% chance the Castellan will send people to pay the ransom, unless of course he finds a party of adventurers to travel there and destroy all the monsters who dwell within those Caves.
If the ransoms are met, the prisoners will be released, and the monsters in the Caves will celebrate and their #’s will increase as well.

Regardless, the Temple will now make plans for an all out assault on the KEEP

1 week later: Unless an adventuring party is found, the Castellan will assemble his most powerful people and risk the safety of the KEEP and go explore the woods to the east, in an attempt to find those Caves and destroy all the monsters there.

1 week after that: The Temple will attack the KEEP with the full force of all the monsters from The Caves of Chaos, leaving most of the female monsters and their children back in the caves, along with a few males to protect them.

Traveling to the KEEP:

The first day of your travels on the road to the KEEP is met with 9 travelers who are coming down the road.
At the site of your party, they stop, seeming to observe you cautiously.
What do you do?
If the party hails them, they hail back. If the party assures them they are peaceful travelers, traveling to the KEEP, etc., they say “you may approach”. As long as the party is friendly, they are friendly. They’ve heard about the attacks and feared the party might be bandits. They still look somewhat fearful, appearing as though to be ready to act if you make any sudden moves. They will flee if the party attacks them.

If the party befriends them, they can be possible allies in the future, as they will eventually travel back to the KEEP. They are 1st level fighters, henchmen, looking for work, but unwilling to investigate the dangerous road east of the KEEP, but could possibly be persuaded, if the price is right (at least double the normal pay). They are traveling to Doran in hopes of helping others with safer jobs, but might join the party at a later date, if asked to. They are poor and only have leather armor and short swords, which might make the party think they’re thieves or bandits, but they are not. They are Neutral Good men-for-hire who will serve them well if hired; now, or at some point in the future.

On the second day you see a Caravan approaching. You see maybe 20 people, maybe half a dozen of them are armored men with Banded armor and Large Shields and Broad Swords. At the site of you they stop immediately and cry out “Halt, who goes there?”, while they move quickly to the front of the Caravan, drawing their swords.
What do you do?
This Caravan traveled through to the KEEP and luckily wasn’t attacked. They dropped off travelers, traded, sold and bought more supplies, picked up more travelers and are now headed to Doran to do more of the same.
If the party is friendly and wins their trust they inform them that after Doran they will be traveling to Lorindor.
If they are convinced the party are good people and would make good allies, one of the merchants invites them to join them to Lorindor. He says he could use the protection as some of these men will be staying in Doran and he’ll need to hire more guards before he sets out. “We can offer you each 10sp and food and drink, if you’ll join us (The most he could be persuaded up to is 14sp). What say you?” he asks. If the party agrees, go to ‘Traveling to Lorindor’, which is detailed elsewhere, to continue. If they decline he will be disappointed, but they could run into this caravan again sometime in the future and they can be good allies, let alone give them someone they know that they can talk to for possible information in the future.

On the 3rd day roll 3 times for random encounters during the day and twice at night.
An encounter occurs 1 in 6.
Roll d4: (at least 1 encounter will occur, regardless)
1: A pack of 8 wild dogs: Hp:6 A:+2 D:+2(speed) Dmg:d4+1/d4+1 (2 bites/round) SA: Knockdown M:80′ Exp:50 They will not attack unless attacked, but each will run if injured, yelping as they run away.

2: 8 Bandits: Hp:5 A:0 D:+1 (leather) Dmg:d6 (short sword) Exp:30
Leader: Hp:12 A:+2 D:+5 (chain/shield/dex) Dmg:2d4 (broad sword) Exp:80
They will not attack unless provoked, claiming to be henchmen looking for work. If attacked they will attempt to flee or surrender if injured, or their leader flees or surrenders. They all have normal adventurer supplies.
They ask if they can travel with you and gladly join if asked. They will steal and flee if the opportunity is there.
They each carry 2d12cp & 2d8sp (leader carries 58cp & 38sp).

3: 14 Goblins (4 are females), south of the road. Each party member must roll to see if they’re surprised. The moment they see the party they fire arrows at them and then run towards them. These goblins have nothing to do with the goblins in the doridian woods or the ones at the Caves of Chaos. These are rogue goblins who are on their own (adventuring). They serve no leader. They are out adventuring, just like the party is, and partly for the same reason; to find treasure and become more powerful, etc.. (they will tell the party this, if they feel it’s necessary and beneficial for them to do so – see below).
If they realize they can’t win, they will immediately drop their weapons, drop to their knees and surrender, begging the party to let them attempt to save their fallen comrades.
* One of the females learned how to ‘bind wounds’ and taught it to the rest. She’s proficient. They suffer -4 penalties to their checks.
* She also speaks human and taught the others. She just speaks ok though (broken English, basically). They suck at it, but can say basic words.
If spared and allowed to tend to their fallen comrades, they are most grateful and offer to serve the party, for sparing their lives. They explain who/what they are, where they’re going and why. Though they are evil, and will turn on the party if it benefits them, they will be loyal and serve them well, though only as long as it benefits them.

4: You see 2 bodies lying on the road up ahead, possibly humans. What do you do?
Once they approach: You see they are an elf and a dwarf. They appear dead (They are not. They were defeated in battle about 30 minutes ago, killed by Wolves, who left them here to die, rather than eat them. Lucky them). They are both at -4hp.
They were traveling to the Keep, having heard about the attacks on the road, hoping to find others to join up with and go adventuring.
They will try their best to persuade the party to let them join, as they greatly desire to go adventuring.
They’ve just been unable to find an adventuring party to join.
They often argue with each other, but deep down they are dear friends and have been so for many years, though neither will ever admit it. They are constantly insulting each other, though the elf usually does so with a smirk on his face, while the dwarf tends to do so in frustration, seeing that he’s no match intellectually speaking, for the elf.
Whether they are asked or not, they say they don’t know why the wolves didn’t eat them.
(Elf: “Well obviously they took one sniff of you and ran for their lives” he says with a smirk)
(Dwarf: “Oh yeah. Perhaps upon realizing you were an elf, they thought better of eating us and went off looking for something more gamie” he then gives a belly laugh, to which the elf responds “More Gamie? Then why didn’t they eat you?” and the insults continue, etc.)
Elf: Limdilin, of the Barinian Woods (a great forest in the north)
L2/2 Lawful Good Warrior/Wizard Hp:12 S:14 D:15 C:14 I:15 W:12 Ch:13
Dwarf: Gomleah of Kelm Pass (pronounced Gom-Lay-ah) (a great dwarven outpost in the mountains in the east)
L2/3 Chaotic Good Warrior/Rogue Hp:19 S:16 D:13 C:16 I:11 W:9 Ch:8
They usually go by an abbreviated version of their names, Lim and Gom.
Finish filling in the rest if they join and let the party participate in finishing these 2 ‘characters’ “character sheets”.

Early into the 4th day, they will make it to the road going up a ridge to the KEEP (see page 6 of module B2).
But first, one more “possible” encounter.

The KEEP in the Woods:

The KEEP is nestled in a huge clearing within the woods, at the top of a very small rocky mountain.
Read the following: ‘As you’re traveling down the north road, the forest ends and you find yourself in a huge clearing, with another forest (or is it this same forest) about half a mile north of you. The clearing you are now in, and the forest to the north, both run east and west. Several hundred feet ahead, the road appears to cross a river, that runs east and west. The road then turns northeast, and far off, about several thousand feet in the distance, you can see what looks like a castle, high up on a small rocky mountain-like area.
You assume that’s the KEEP. The river is a few hundred feet wide, but a well constructed wooden bridge appears to allow easy access across.’
The Bridge and The Black River: The bridge is well built and easily crossed. The river flows from east to west. If they ask, tell them ‘The current seems a little strong, but you feel like you might be able to cross it on foot, if you needed to. The water seems very dark; almost black‘ (hence the name).
It can be crossed on foot, but at times it’s up to 10′ deep, so swimming will be necessary and a swimming check must be made to avoid being taken west, down stream. Only a swimmer with triple proficiency in swimming could cross in Plate Armor, but even then it would be very difficult and you’d be taken far downstream.
Double Proficiency might possibly keep you afloat, while you’re taken downstream. Anything less and you’ll drown quickly.
Everyone who tries to cross the river on foot, in addition to needing to make a swimming check to avoid being taken downstream, must also roll a d20. A roll of 3 or less results in a Giant Gar attacking them. This Huge Fish sometimes hangs out here, hoping a traveler jumps off the bridge to go for a swim. It will surprise 11 in 12, due to the dark water, as well as its great stealth. The surprise attack gives it a +4 to hit against its victims “rear defense”.
Giant Gar: Hp:40 A:+8 D:+5 Dmg:5d4+2 bite SA: a natural 10 = swallow whole S:25′ M:100′ Exp:700
Swallowed Whole: A person who is swallowed whole takes 10 points of damage, but can attempt to break free for 3 rounds. Attacks suffer a -2 penalty and get no damage bonuses for strength, but instead incurs a -2 damage penalty (1 minimum). If they do 15 points of damage in 3 rounds, they’re free, but they take 5hp’s damage/round until they’re free or unconscious, regardless.
As they cross the bridge and travel northeast, read the following: ‘About 1000′ ahead the road turns east, but also north. The north road rises up a rocky path. You can see the KEEP far up this north road, maybe 1000′ off in the distance, high up in the rocky terrain. To the south you hear the sound of running water. You can just make out the river, several hundred feet to the south, and several hundred feet beyond the river is another forest, or perhaps it’s the same forest you just travelled through.’
If they travel down the east road or towards the river, or anywhere other than up the north road, go to “Encounters in the Wilderness” (see below). Otherwise, continue.
As the party moves up the winding rocky path, they notice to either side of the road that the terrain is very rough. Travel through the terrain there is possible, but very treacherous, but they could easily climb down into the rocky terrain to either side, if they wish.  
If they continue on, the road winds around the KEEP, to the right. Once they go around, they’ll see the Main Gate.  
If they approach, refer to area #1 MAIN GATE, below, and read the following: ‘As you approach the Main Gate you see a huge crevice that keeps you from walking up to the gate (make a copy and show a pic of it). A drawbridge that would allow you to cross, is up. You see blue-clad men-at-arms guarding the entrance. All along the wall you see curious faces peering down at you. The men-at-arms shout down to you “Halt! Who are you and why have you come here? State your business here or leave immediately, or we will fire on you.”‘
What do you do?
If they state they are here because they heard about the attacks, the guards will say “Where did you hear about these attacks? Who told you this?” If they say the bulletin posted in Doran at The Inn of the Green Dragon, the drawbridge will be lowered and 2 men-at-arms will come out and tell them to “follow us” and escort them across to Thomas the Scribe (area #3 Entry Yard). If they make something up, the guards will not trust them and interrogate them further (“We know nothing of what you speak of, so I’ll ask you one last time… where did you hear about these attacks? Who told you this?) etc.
Such a fortress is highly coveted by outsiders, so the guards are naturally suspicious of visitors. With all the obvious evil in the world it would be beyond foolish to trust travelers & just let them in. No one gets in unless they are courteous & respectful & even then they are questioned thoroughly & will not be trusted until such trust is earned. All visitors are noted & watched very carefully by all inside the KEEP. Any wrong-doing is met with swift justice & depending on the deed, the perpetrators are either kicked out, thrown into the dungeon (area #24), or killed.

Notes about The Keep:

All weapons must be sheathed while inside the KEEP

This whole place is well organized for security and for defense. The leader is a 6th level Warrior named ‘William’. He is referred to as ‘The Castellan’ (see area #27). His sentries are well trained & the walls & grounds are well patrolled fairly regularly. Without the use of magic it would be quite difficult, but not impossible, to sneak in without being seen.
Within the KEEP itself, the townspeople are generally law-abiding and honest. Boorishness and ill manners will be frowned upon. If any member of a party should be caught in a criminal act, the alarm will be sounded instantly. Citizens will try to prevent the escape of any lawbreakers until guards arrive, which will take d4 rounds. If met with resistance they will use force, even killing if they must.
Offenders will either be cast out or taken prisoner, depending on the situation. Justice is as the guards see fit, but the Castellan is a just & honorable man, so people are usually dealt with in a fair & rational way.
Each tower has a ballista or a light catapult or both (see map)
The ballista is manned by 2 men. It fires like a crossbow, has a range of 480′. A:+2  Dmg: 2d8+4 but can only be fired once every 3 rounds. 2 rounds to load & 1 to fire.
The catapult also has a range of 480′ but fires half as often as the ballista (once/6 rounds) & also requires 2 men to operate.  A:+1 Dmg: 1d8+2 but can hit 1 to 6 targets in a close group, or even all 6 at 1 large target or 3 at 2 large targets, etc..
The Inner Bailey: Entrance to the Inner Bailey can only be gained if the party performs a heroic act, like rescuing prisoners from the Caves of Chaos or bringing back an exceptional trophy, gaining them notoriety, or if they contribute a reasonably valuable magical item or donate 1000 or more silver pieces, as a gift to the Castellan.
In such circumstances described above, they will be invited to a feast and revel, but will still be closely watched & carefully questioned (for this is how evil could try to plot against them). If the Castellan likes them (& his assistants agree) they will most likely have easy access here in the future & he will offer to hire them to perform a special mission (like rescue prisoners, or explore certain areas in the wilderness, etc.), but on the other hand if they are rude or behave badly he will retire early, ending the revel. They will be asked to leave & never be invited back or aided in any way, unless they can somehow regain their trust through future endeavors.
The details of how the Castellan will work with the party (what he will provide, including payment, henchmen, etc. is entirely up to you). It’s possible the party could end up living at the KEEP & serve the Castellan on a regular basis or keep their base in the town of Doran, or possibly both.

Rumors at the Keep:

While traveling inside the KEEP, the party may gather information. What information they gather is entirely up to you, though depending on who they talk to could determine what information is given to them. You can either assign certain rumors to certain people or just pick one as you go, or even roll for them randomly. Acquiring information should earn experience. 10-25 points is appropriate. Possibly more depending on the situation & how well the player role-plays the scenarios that unfold inside the KEEP.
The following are some of the rumors the party may learn about. You can always make up more false ones too, or possibly more true ones, if you think such information could be gained from certain people that would be useful for the party.
  1. A merchant is imprisoned in the caves who will reward his rescuers (24F) (also see 7d below)
  2. A powerful wizard lives in one of the caves (false)
  3. There are different tribes of creatures in different caves (true)
  4. An Ogre’s lair is in one of the caves (Area E)
  5. Some say that someone lost a magic wand in the caves (63K)
  6. Each cave entrance is trapped (false)
  7. A fair maiden is imprisoned within the caves (false)
  8. “Bree-yark” is goblin language (true). It means “we surrender” (false) (Area D)
  9. Big Dog-Men dwell in one of the caves that are higher up & further back in the valley (Area J)
  10. Kobolds dwell in one of the lower caves (Area A)
  11. A suit of magic armor is in one of the southern caves (false)
  12. One of the higher caves is a lair of Bugbears (true). The bugbears are afraid of dwarves (false)
  13. In the marshes, to the southeast of the Keep, are a band of lizard men (Area #1)
  14. Along with the lizard men, there are crocodiles that live in the marshes (false)
  15. A lone elf just recently went adventuring by himself to the south, into the marshes.
    I don’t know if that makes him brave or stupid (Area #2)
  16. There’s a hermit who lives just north of here in the forest (true) (Area #4). Some say he’s insane (false)
  17. There are 2 different tribes of orcs that dwell in the caves. I hear they don’t like each other (Areas B&C)
  18. Besides Orcs and Kobolds and such, I’m told that in one of the caves dwells great evil.
    Exactly what it is, I can’t say for certain (Area K)
  19. Evil clerics dwell in one of the high caves (Area K)
  20. Occasionally, a dragon flies over the caves, searching for easy prey (false)
Some notes on using Charisma when talking to people in the KEEP, or elsewhere
Charisma checks & how they work: Characters can attempt to influence others, but can also be influenced by others. When 1 person is trying to influence another person, both peoples Charisma come into play. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do. No amount of “trying to change someone’s mind” will work, even if you have an 18 Charisma. Sometimes a person simply refuses & there’s nothing you can do about it, but when there’s a chance, Charisma determines who wins.
The most common example is price haggling.
Example: Joe the Blacksmith is selling a suit of Plate Armor for 450sp. You offer him 350sp. Can you influence Joe to come down or will Joe hold to his price? Your Charisma is 15, Joe’s is 10 & neither of you have Charisma as a Primary Attribute. Both people must make a Charisma check. Since neither is primary the base is 18. You need a 16 (+1 for your level & +1 for your Charisma modifier & Joe needs an 18 (he’s a 0 level human).
You roll a 15 & Joe rolls a 10, so both fail, but your roll was higher & your Charisma was higher, so even though you both fail, you were still able to influence Joe somewhat, so he comes down on his price a little bit (the amount determined by the DM). You roll a 5 & Joe rolls an 8, so both fail. Even though your Charisma is 5 points higher than Joe’s, your roll was 3 lower, so while you didn’t influence him, he didn’t influence you either, so maybe Joe comes down in price a little. Maybe, maybe not, but probably not.
You roll a 16 & Joe rolls a 17. You succeeded & Joe failed, even though he rolled higher than you did, so you’ve influenced him, somewhat, & he comes down in price, reasonably.
In each case, the determining factors are did your roll fail or succeed & by how much & who has the higher Charisma & by how much & do either or both have Charisma as a Primary Attribute. Taking into account all of these factors determines who influences who & by how much.
Best case scenario for you, Joe agrees to your price of 350sp. Worst case?  Joe says 450, take it or leave it. Of course this assumes you even had a chance of influencing him in the first place.
As Dungeon Master, it’s your job to make these determinations. The players don’t need to know who rolled what, but you can roll some or all of the dice out in the open, if you want.
With a system like this, Charisma can become a very interesting ability for your character & is more true of how important Charisma can be, when dealing with people, or even monsters.

Shops & Towers in the KEEP:

All sales are taxed at 10% (the KEEP’s profit).  This tax is usually added to the purchase.

Men-at-Arms: 17+d12 years old 5’6″+d8, 160+2d20lbs hair and eye color varies
Hp:6  A:+0  D:+3 (chain/sword) Dmg:2d4 x-bow, d8 long sword, d4 dagger Mv:40′ Exp:30
Their Stats are: S:12 (or 9+d6) D: same C: same I:10 (or 7+d6) W: same CH: same (Primary: Physical)
Long Bows & Shields are at the ready when needed, along with Spears & other miscellaneous weapons.
Treasure Carried: Each Men-at-Arms carries 3d12+20cp & 4d6+4sp
Men-at-Arms stats are listed here once, as opposed to every time they’re mentioned throughout the KEEP, unless their stats are different, in which case they’re listed where they’re encountered.
The same is true for monsters encountered in the Caves of Chaos.
#1: THE MAIN GATE: 2 towers 30′ high with battlements flank a gatehouse 20′ high.  
All have holes for bow and crossbow fire. A deep crevice in front of the place is spanned by a drawbridge.
(The drawbridge is always up, except to allow those inside to exit. You must be granted access – convince them you can be trusted, are here on important business, etc. – before the drawbridge will be lowered), though one easy way to get access is to bribe the guards.
There is a portcullis at the entry and large gates at the far end of the passage. The passage is about 10′ wide & high, the ceiling above pierced with murder holes, & walls to either side slitted for archery.  
The building is constructed of great blocks of granite.
Entrance into the Keep is 1sp/person/entrance, regardless of how many times you’ve been here.
Running and maintaining a Keep is a very expensive undertaking
If the party is granted access, the drawbridge will be lowered & the portcullis raised & 2 men-at-arms will approach the party. Each is clad in plate mail & carries a pole arm; swords are sheathed at their sides.  
They require that all who enter the KEEP put their weapons away & then they escort them through the short tunnel into area 3.
2 Men-at-Arms: Tom & Paul: 24/25, 5’10″/5’11” 184/181lbs, blonde hair/blue eyes, brown hair/green eyes
Hp:8 A:+1 D:+6 (Plate/Dex/Weapon) Dmg:2d4+1 pole arm, d8+1 long sword, d4+1 dagger M:20′ Exp:50
Stats: S:14 D:14 C:13 I:11 W:11 CH:11 (Primary: Physical)
#2: FLANKING TOWERS: Atop each tower are 4 crossbowmen with crossbows cocked & ready to fire.  
Each is clad in chain mail, wearing a sword & dagger & has a shield nearby.
Inside each tower are 12 other men-at-arms, 4 being “on-duty” who are armored & armed as the men-at-arms on the tower tops. The other 8 are resting (unarmored) & it will take these men 5 rounds to ready themselves for battle. They are exactly like the others, except instead of crossbows they carry long bows.
The 3 floors of these towers contain supplies of bolts & arrows, spears, rocks, & several barrels of oil (all for hurling down on enemies). There are also pallets for sleeping, pegs with clothing & some small tables, stools, & benches.
#3: THE ENTRY YARD: This narrow place is paved. All entrants, save those of the garrison, will be required to dismount & stable their animals (area #4 below).  
Jaren, the Corporal of the Watch, is here. He is dressed in plate mail & shield & carries a sword & dagger at his waist. He is rather grouchy, but he admires outspoken brave fighters, but is easily taken in by a pretty girl.
Beside him is a man in robes named Thomas (scribe: Lv:0 – see #6) who records the name of each person who enters or leaves, & flanking each man is another man-at-arms in plate mail with pole arms (see area #1).
If the party has mounts, lackeys will come from the stable (area #4). Any goods which are not carried will be stored in the warehouse (area #5). Another lackey will then show travelers to the Traveler’s Inn (area #14).
Jaren, The Corporal of the Watch: 32, 6’1″ 198lbs with black hair and light blue eyes
Lv:2 Hp:15 A:+3 D:+7 Dmg:d8+2 sword, d4+2 dagger M:20 Exp:80
Stats: S:16 D:14 C:13 I:10 W:9 CH:8 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Plate/Large Shield
Thomas the Scribe: 47, 5’7″ 154lbs with gray/black hair and light brown eyes
Lv:0 Hp:4 A:-2 D:0 Dmg:1-2 fist M:40 Exp:5
Stats: S:8 D:9 C:9 I:14 W:12 CH:11 (Primary: Mental)
Treasure Carried: Jaren has 69cp & 64sp. Scribe: 61cp & 75sp.
#4: THE STABLE: This long building is about 15′ high with a 3′ parapet atop its flat roof, so that it can be used in defense of the gate. The gateside wall is pierced for archery. There are always 5-8 lackeys inside, tending to horses & gear. Each is unarmored, lv:0 hp:3-4 but will grab pitch forks from the stable to fight, if necessary (dmg:d6).
In addition to any mounts the party brought, there will be 2d4 light & draft horses & d4 mules here.
#5: THE WAREHOUSE: Visiting merchants & other travelers who have quantities of goods are required to keep their materials here until they are either sold to the persons at the KEEP or taken elsewhere.
The building is the same as the stable (area #4) with respect to height, parapet, etc. Its double doors are chained and padlocked, & the Corporal of the Watch must be called to gain entry, as he has the keys.
Inside are 2 wagons, a cart, many boxes, barrels & bales – various food items, cloth, arrows, bolts, salt & two tuns (16 barrels) of wine. Average value is 100sp per wagon load.
#6: THE BAILIFF’S TOWER: Arnin, Bailiff of the outer bailey of the fortress, lives here. Arnin & Thomas, the scribe at area #3, share offices on the lower floor. Their quarters are on the second story which has the usual furnishings of bed, chest, armoire, table, chairs, rug, etc..
The 3rd floor is a storage area & the fourth story quarters 12 men-at-arms. Their room contains pallets, pegs with cloaks and other clothing, 2 long tables with benches, a supply of 180 bolts & several dozen large rocks.  
The whole tower is 40′ high with a 5′ tall battlement atop it. All walls are pierced for archery.
Arnin, the Bailiff: 31, 6’0″ 194lbs with black hair and black eyes
Lv:3 Hp:22 A:+2 (+3) D:+6 Dmg:2d4+1 pole arm, d8+2 (+1 long sword) M:20′ Exp:100
Stats: S:14 D:12 C:14 I:12 W:11 Ch:13 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: +1 Long Sword, Plate Mail, Lg. Shield, Pole Arm & normal items/gear
Treasure Carried: 83cp, 69sp, 3gp
Treasure in quarters:  
Bailiff: 250sp are in his boots in the armoire. On a wall are his Long Bow & a quiver with 20 Arrows. 3 are +1.
Scribe: a jeweled ink pot worth 100sp that’s dirty & ink covered & looks worthless is on a table in plain sight.
#7: PRIVATE APARTMENTS: Special quarters are available for well-to-do families, rich merchants, guildmasters & the like. The 5 small apartments along the south wall are occupied by families of persons dwelling within the Outer Bailey of the Keep.
Cost to rent a Private Apartment is 4sp/day. 4 are occupied. 1 is empty.
#7a: Preston, the JEWEL MERCHANT: 4 guards in Banded armor and Shield and Sword work here for Preston, the jeweler. Preston and his wife Lydia are not happy because their profits aren’t as good as they used to be, thanks to the attacks, and he claims if things don’t change in a month that they’re going to leave, but the truth is he’ll only leave if things become terrible, as he has a great setup here and never wants to leave.
Preston and Lydia are 5th level Wizards who use an Identify spell to determine the value of items.
No one knows they’re Wizards except of course for fellow Wizards.
Preston and Lydia will buy gems and jewelry from the party at 50% of their value, but he only has approximately 2000sp to spend (he has plenty more, but that’s all he’s willing to purchase at this time, due to current business).
He’ll spend all the copper pieces he has though, as he’s always trying to get rid of them, since everyone wants to exchange their copper coins for silver pieces.
They always buy using copper coins first, then silver coins.
Coin Exchange: He will exchange coins at a 20% fee. He has about 80,000cp, 11,000sp, 900gp, and 200pp
Gems for Sale: He has 53 gems, ranging in price from 25sp to 1000sp
Jewelry for Sale: He has 14 pieces of jewelry (different sorts) ranging from 30sp to 1500sp
Special Items: He also has a jeweled dagger (250sp), and a jeweled long sword (600sp) for sale
Preston: 49, 5’8″ 154lbs with dark brown hair and dark gray eyes
L:W5 Hp:14 A:+1 D:+0 Dmg:d4 dagger, d6 staff M:40 Exp:250
Stats: S:9 D:12 C:12 I:14 W:13 CH:11 (Primary: Mental)
Spells: 5/4/2/1 Lv:0: Detect Magic, Hold Portal, Mending, Read Magic, Unseen Servant.
1st: Sleep, Charm Person, Armor, Magic Missile. 2nd: Forget, Knock. 3rd: Identify.
Lydia: 47, 5’4″134lbs with red/black hair and dark blue eyes
L:W5 Hp:13 A:+1 D:+0 Dmg:d4 dagger, d6 staff M:40 Exp:250
Stats: S:8 D:11 C:11 I:15 W:11 CH:12 (Primary: Mental)
Spells: 5/4/2/1 Lv:0: Comprehend Languages, Friends, Jump, Message, Ventriloquism.
1st: Sleep, Light, Shield, Change Self. 2nd: Mons. Summ. 2, Invisibility. 3rd: Identify.
#7b: Jarlan, the Evil Priest: This apartment is the temporary home of Jarlan, the jovial priest. 
He is taking advantage of his stopover at the Keep to discuss theology with learned folk and to convert others. Everyone speaks well of him, although the 2 acolytes with him are avoided, as they never speak – he says they must follow vows of silence until they attain priestly standing. His well-appointed chambers are comfortably furnished and guests are always welcomed with a cozy fire and plenty of ale or wine. Jarlan is a very fine companion and an excellent listener. He does not press his religious beliefs upon any unwilling person. He is outspoken in his hatred of evil and if approached by a party of adventurers seeking the ‘Caves of Chaos’, he will certainly accompany them, claiming to know the whereabouts of such caves. He claims he’s not at liberty to reveal how he came across such information. If pressed, he will state that over time, he acquired it by talking with many people & traveling with some as well. He will state that he’s never actually been there but was hoping to find a party that he could join to adventure there.
The truth is he’s an evil Cleric of Talona, working as a double agent, for the evil Cleric Raysha, at Area #59K. He claims to be a cleric of Suez (my own creation, which I refer to elsewhere) and even has the proper Holy Symbol, though it’s not. It’s magically disguised to look like the Holy Symbol of Suez. He seeks to thwart any attempt by adventurers to explore the caves & destroy the evil that lurks there. If he is able to ‘join up’ with the party, he & his 2 companions will serve them well, in order to gain their trust, even killing monsters encountered along the way (they could care less). Once they enter one of the caves, he will betray them the moment a battle occurs that he believes he can win.
Jarlan, Priest of Talona: 34, 5’9″ 168lbs with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes
Lv:3 Hp:18 A:+3 D:+7 Dmg:1d6+2 Move:20′  Exp:300
Stats: S:12 D:15 C:13 I:14 W:16 CH:12 (Primary: Mental)
Gear: Plate Mail, Shield, +1 Mace + normal gear/items
Spells: 0 Lvl: Bind Wounds x2, Det. Mag., Purify Food
1st Lvl: Protection from Good, Cure Light x2, Cause Light, Sanctuary  
2nd Lvl: Spiritual Hammer, Charm Person, Heat Metal
Scroll: Hold Person, Silence 15′ radius
Treasure Carried: He has a gold chain that has a bloodstone gem worth 300sp.  
In his large belt pouch are 282cp, 178sp, 9gp, 3pp & a jeweled clasp worth 100sp. 
These are mainly used for bribes for subversion, but he will also offer them to gain freedom, if necessary.
Acolytes of Talona: 24/25, 5’8″/5’10” 164/170lbs with dark blonde hair/blue eyes, lt. brown hair/green eyes
Lvl:1 Hp:7 A:+0 D:+4 Dmg:1d6+1 Move:30′  Exp:50
Stats: S:10 D:11 C:12 I:13 W:14 CH:10 (Primary: Mental)
Gear: Chain Mail, Shield, Mace + normal gear/items
Spells: Protection from Good, Magic Mace, Bless/Curse (1 has Bless, 1 has Curse).
Treasure Carried: Each Acolyte carries 4d12+10cp and 4d6+6sp and each wears a gold chain worth 50sp.
Combat Strategy: 
He will pretend to target the monsters but will target the party instead by casting either Hold Person, targeting 2 people, or Silence 15’ radius, targeting a spellcaster, from his scroll. 
If he isn’t forced to melee, he will cast Protection from Good & then Spiritual Hammer & fight that way, trying to stay behind others, while using the Hammer.
His 2 companions will cast Protection from Good and then one will cast Bless & the other Curse, and then they will both cast Magic Mace or they will melee.
If the party does not ‘join up’ with him, because they don’t trust him, or for whatever reason, he will attempt to follow them when they set out adventuring (this is assuming that he knows that they’re heading for the Caves).  
The party will soon notice that he’s attempting to follow them in secret (he’s not very good at it).
#7c: Ben, the Traveling Rich Merchant: Ben lives here with his father, Kenneth who’s 5’9″ 156lbs & 73 years old and bald. Ben buys and sells high quality items; weapons, armor, clothing, miscellaneous items, etc.
He deals in all kinds of merchandise. All his items sell for 5-10 times the price of normal items of their type.
All of his armor and weapons get +1 on attack or defense rolls of 3,5,7 & 9, purely due to the quality.
Ben:  48, 5’11” 189lbs with light brown hair and dark green eyes
Lv:0 Hp:4 A:-1 D:0 (+5) Dmg:2d4 high quality broad sword (3,5,7,9 get +1)  Exp:30/50
He owns a suit of high quality Banded armor and a shield (defense rolls of 3,5,7 & 9 get +1)
#7d: The Missing Merchant: The merchant, Robert and his wife Jennifer, who were staying here are now prisoners of the Hobgoblins at #24F. His personal guard are also prisoners there. The word around the KEEP is that they were traveling with a Caravan down the east road, to the town of Daggerford, and were attacked by an army of Hobgoblins. Someone said that some of the Hobgoblins were 8′ tall. The door is locked. Inside are nice furnishings, couches, pillows, curtains, etc. They are all of very high quality, but are the property of the KEEP.

#7e: Unoccupied Apartment: A sign on the door says, “Private Apartment for Rent: 4sp/day. Inquire at the main gate or inner gatehouse for more information.”

#8: Barney, the SMITHY & ARMORER: This building is about 20′ high, with the usual 5′ parapet above & walls, pierced for defense. The lower floor is occupied by a forge, bellows & other items.  
Here, horses and mules are shod, weapons made, armor repaired and similar work.
Barney, the Smith, is also an armorer & has 2 assistants, who are brothers.
He will make weapons and armor and sell them for the regular price, but can be bargained down to 15% off.
There are 2 swords, 1 mace, a suit of man-sized chain mail & 11 finished spears in the shop, for sale.
The cost to repair armor and shields is as follows:  (here he might offer a discount of 5% to 10%)
Leather:      2-3sp          Small Shield:         1-2sp
Scale:           4-6sp          Medium Shield:    2-4sp
Chain:         7-10sp         Large Shield:         3-6sp
Splint:         12-15sp       Small Helmet:       1-2sp
Banded:      15-20sp      Large Helmet:       2-4sp
Plate:          31-40sp       Great Helm:          3-6sp
He will occasionally purchase a used item at 30%, if he believes he can sell it easily.
He will usually buy used armor at 30-40% value, repair it and re-sell it at (65-75% market value)
Currently for sale are the following items:
Repaired Plate:     280sp        Repaired Great Helm:    12sp
Repaired Chain:   50sp           Repaired Large Shield:   11sp
Barney, the Smith: 34, 6’2″ 218lbs with dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. He hasn’t shaved in a few days.
Lv:F1 Hp:11 A:+1 D:+2 Dmg:d4+2 hammer, or by weapon +1  M:40′  Exp:50
S:16 D:14 C:16 I:12 W:11 CH:9 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Leather Armor, Hammer, various items in shop
Treasure Carried: 88cp & 45sp
Ken and Tom, Assistants: 23/25, 5’11″/5’9″ 178/171lbs, light brown hair & eyes/brown hair, gray eyes
Lv:0 Hp:5 A:-1 D:+0 Dmg: by weapon  M:40′ Exp:20
S:13 D:12 C:12 I:11 W:10 CH:8 (Primary: Physical)
Treasure Carried: Each has 3d6+20cp & 2d8+4sp
On the 2nd floor are rooms where the Smith, his family & his assistants live. The rooms have normal furnishings.
Treasure: In the Smith’s bedroom, hidden in a jar, are 149sp & 19gp.
#9: Boris, the PROVISIONER: This low building houses a shop where all of the equipment needed for dungeon adventurers are sold. The only weapons and armor currently for sale here are 4 spears, 9 daggers, 100 arrows, 60 bolts and 7 large shields.
Used items are purchased at around 35% and sold at around 65%.
There’s a 25% chance that he has a used version of any item here for sale.
The shop owner is Boris. In time of need he has leather armor & shield & will fight with a spear.  
He has a wife, a son & a daughter, 36, 13 & 11.  
They live in a small apartment in the west half of this building.
Boris, the Provisioner: 41, 5’8″ 164lbs with dark brown hair and black eyes
Lv:0 hp:4 A:-1 D:+0 Dmg:d8 spear, or by weapon M:40′ Exp:20
Stats: S:11 D:8 C:10 I:11 W:9 Ch:8 (Primary: Physical)
Treasure: He carries 62cp, 46sp & has a strong box under his bed that contains 379cp, 188sp & 17gp.
#10: Markus, the TRADER: Markus deals in some armor, weapons, and large quantities of goods such as salt, spices, cloth, rare woods, skins, furs, pelts, silk, tapestries, ale, mead, wine, beer, etc.
Markus will purchase the above items at around 40% of their value, but can be talked up to 60% with successful Charisma checks.  
Markus is very interested in obtaining furs & will pay up to 70% of their value (possibly up to 75-80%, with a successful Charisma check from someone who’s Charisma is their primary attribute, if Markus also fails his check).
Markus, the Trader: 44, 6’0″ 203lbs with brown hair and green eyes
Lv:0 Hp:5 A:-1 D:+0 Dmg:d6 short sword, d4 dagger,  M:40′  Exp:20
Stats: S:13 D:12 C:14 I:12 W:11 Ch:11 (Primary: Physical)
Treasure Carried: 32cp, 44sp, 2gp
His wife Margaret and 2 sons, Billy (14) and Tyler (15) work and live here.
Treasure: Hidden under the floorboards in his bedroom is a wooden chest with 162cp, 389sp & 15gp
#11: Timothy, the BANKER: A sign in the shop states clearly that this place is under direct protection of the Keep, & there is always a man-at-arms watching the place from tower 12.  
Here anyone can change money or gems for a 10% fee (1000cp can be exchanged for 100sp, less 10sp)  
Money can be stored here for a 1% fee, if it’s kept here for at least 1 month (otherwise there’s a 10% fee).
The banker, Timothy, is a retired 3rd. level Warrior, who always has a sword handy.  
He lives in his apartment on the second floor, where he also keeps his Plate Mail & Shield.  
His clerk, Finius, is a scrawny old 2nd. level Wizard who typically handles transactions.  
Chuck, a hired mercenary with plate mail & shield & armed with a battle axe & crossbow, is on guard inside the door.
Loans, up to 100sp, can be obtained for a 20% fee.
Loans that are more than 100sp require collateral.
He will not purchase any item, but will sell items for you, but he keeps 33% of the sale price.
You can give him a top and bottom price or let him take care of it.
Displayed for sale are the following items:
1 carved ivory tusk – 50sp
1 silver cup – 20sp
1 crystal decanter – 45sp (actual worth 10sp)
1 jade ring – 250sp (actual worth 400sp)
1 dagger with jeweled scabbard – 600sp
1 fur-trimmed cape – 75sp
3 blank vellum books – 20sp each
1 gold & silver belt – 90sp
1 set of thief’s tools – 50sp (actual worth 30sp)
1 iron box with secret lock – 50sp
Timothy, the Banker: 51, 6’2″ 206lbs with dark brown hair and deep blue eyes
Lv:3 Warrior Hp:22 A:+3 D:+0 (+6) (Plate/Shield)  Dmg:d8+2 (sword)  M:40’/20′ Exp:100
Stats: S:16 D:13 C:14 I:13 W:13 Ch:12 (Primary: Physical)
Finius, the Clerk: 67, 5’7″ 146lbs with gray brown hair and silver blue eyes
Lv:2 Wizard Hp:6 A:+0 D:-1 Dmg:d4 dagger M:40 Exp:60
Stats: S:8 D:12 C:10 I:14 W:12 Ch:10 (Primary: Mental)
Spells: 0 Lvl: Ventriloquism x2, Unseen Servant, Friends. 1st lvl: Sleep, Change Self, Armor.
Chuck, the Mercenary: 30, 6’1″ 196lbs with dark brown hair and deep blue eyes
Lvl:1 Hp:9 A:+1 D:+6 Plate/Shield Dmg:d8+2 battle axe M:20′ Exp:40
Stats: S:16 D:12 C:16 I:12 W:11 Ch:11 (Primary: Physical)
Treasure Carried: Banker: 98cp, 92sp, 18gp, 5pp. Clerk: 68cp, 57sp. Mercenary: 44cp, 25sp.
The Strong Room: The strong room is in the cellar. It is protected by a locked iron door which leads to a small vault with 12 compartments, each protected by locks with hidden poison needles (poison save CL:0).  
Failure = fall unconscious & remain unconscious until the poison is neutralized.
The compartments hold the following items:
The 1st, 4th & 11th are empty (funds out on loan)
#02: 777sp & 1 gem worth 500sp
#03: a gold altar service set worth 6,000sp
#05: is trapped with a sleeping gas – no save, sleep for 3 turns (half hour)
#06: 8000cp, 3000sp, 500gp, 200pp (#6 & # 8 are the property of the Banker)
#07: 4 Pit Vipers: HD:1 Hp:5 A:+1 D:+2 Dmg:1d4+poison (1d4/r until dead) M:15′  Exp:70
#08: 3 gems worth 1000sp each, 4 worth 500, 11 worth 100, 25 worth 50 & 18 worth 10sp each.
#09: Arrow Trap: will always hit anyone in front of door unless Dex save (CL:10) 4 arrows each doing 1d6.
#10: An alabaster & gold statue worth 3,000sp in a rare wood & silk case worth 600sp.
#12: A sack with 491gp & 258pp
#12: THE WATCH TOWER: This 45′ tall tower has all of the usual defensive devices. It houses 12 men-at-arms & Marcian, the Captain of the Watch.  Marcian lives on the first floor, with the usual furnishings.  
The second and third floors are barracks for the men-at-arms.  
The upper story holds a supply of 200 arrows, many rocks, 2 barrels of oil & 24 spears.
Marcian, Captain of the Watch: 37, 6’3″ 212lbs with black hair and dark gray eyes
Lvl:4 Hp:29 A:+6 D:+7 (plate/shield/dex) Dmg:d8+4 (+2 sword) M:20′ Exp:300
Stats: S:16 D:15 C:14 I:12 W:12 Ch:13 (Primary: Physical)
Treasure Carried: 98cp, 91sp, 23gp, key to his locked chest
Treasure: In his room is a silver flagon & tankard worth 400sp.
A locked chest contains 4368cp, 2117sp, 287gp, 27pp
#13: THE FOUNTAIN SQUARE: There is a large, gushing fountain in the center of the square.
Local farmers & tradesmen set up small booths to sell their goods in the place.
The following markets can be found here from time to time: (Draw a detailed map of this area)
  • 13A: Fish Market: Fish caught in the river to the south are sold here daily.
  • 13B: Clothing Market: Repairs and sells clothes, shoes, etc.
  • 13C: Candle Market: Sells candles, lanterns, torches, tinder boxes w/flint/steel, and other small items.
  • 13D: Religious Market: The Chapel (temple of Ehlonna) uses this space to sell religious items and gather information, and to stay on top of the daily goings on around the Keep.
  • 13E: Food Market: Local farmers gather here to sell all kinds of food.
  • 13F: Traders Market: Local traders in the area come here to buy, sell and trade goods.
    The Rich Merchant from 7c above has a booth here. He has a young couple, Marsha (19) and Thomas (24), work it.
         The players can rent a space (cost is 3cp + 10% of their sales/day) and sell stuff themselves
#14: THE INN OF THE LONELY MINOTAUR: This long, low 18′ high structure has 10 small private rooms and a large common sleeping room that sleeps up to 20 people (servants sleep in the stables – #4).
Private rooms cost 1sp/night/person, but sleeping in the common room is only 3cp/night/person.
Chance of theft occurring while sleeping here: Private Room: 2%. Common Room: 15%.
The innkeeper/bartender Malfoy, his wife Marla & their 4 teenage children (Cleo, Dan, Sheila & Jill) all live in a small loft above the inn and they all help run the Inn & Tavern. They’re all 0 level servants, cooks, barmaids, etc.
Kim, a young attractive woman in her early 20’s, also works here and is the main serving wench, along with Malfoy’s wife and daughters.
Malfoy is actually a 2nd Lvl Rogue, but he runs an honest business and very few people know about his “other profession”.
Malfoy, if talking with a good customer & drinking to his health, will sometimes talk about the lands around the keep, 1 drink/story (rumor). He hates beer but loves honey mead & those who come here regularly, know this.
He probably has heard every rumor from the list above and ‘might’ even know if some really are true or false.
Malfoy, the Innkeeper/Bartender: 57, 5’9″ 174lbs with dark blonde hair and light blue eyes.
Lv:2 Rogue Hp:9 A:+1 D:+4 leather/sword Dmg:d6+1 short sword M:40′ Exp:80
Stats: S:14 D:16 C:14 I:14 W:13 Ch:13 (Primary: Physical)
Treasure Carried: 68cp, 81sp, 7gp, 2pp
Treasure: Locked chest in their bedroom: 1477cp, 663sp, 87gp, 31pp
#15: THE TAVERN: This place is the favorite of visitors & inhabitants of the Keep alike.  
The food is excellent, the drinks are generous & good.  
The place is always active with patrons at almost any time of day or night.
The Menu reads as follows:
Small Beer: 2cp
Bark Tea: 3cp 
Ale: 4cp
Honey Mead: 7cp 
Wine: 1sp  
Bread: 1cp/2 slices 
Cheese: 1cp/wedge
Fruit: 2cp
Soup: 3cp
Stew: 8cp
Roast Fowl: 2sp 
Roast Joint: 3sp
Pudding: 2cp/bowl
Hot Pie: 3cp/piece
There’s a 50% chance that there’s 2-5 mercenary 1st level Human Warriors here, looking for work.
There’s also a 50% chance that there’s 1-4 patrons who will work as hirelings/henchmen (0 level humans)
Each day there’s a 30% (or less) chance for each of these characters to be in the tavern when the party enters.
Those not already employed are here hoping to find a party of adventurers to join, but most won’t offer, unless first asked, except of course for the Priest at #7B.
Roll once for each (or roll 1d4-1 for each group, followed by a d6 to determine which ones are here):
3rd level Priest from #7B                     2nd level Dwarven Warrior  (25%)      5th level Character (10%)
2nd level Human Rogue                      1st level Human Ranger (25%)              Corporal of the Watch (10%)
3rd level Halfling Rogue (25%)          1st level Dwarven Cleric (15%)              Captain of the Watch (10%)
1st level Human Wizard (20%)          3rd level Elven Rogue (15%)                   2-5 Men-at-Arms/Guards (35%)
1st level Halfling Ranger (20%)         1st level Elven Warrior (15%)                 Sergeant of the Guard (35%)
2nd level Gnome Rogue (20%)          2nd level Half-Elf Warrior (10%)          2nd level Elven Wizard (10%)
The cellar is where food & drink are stored & prepared & where the servants sleep.

Treasure: Hidden in an old crock under empty flour bags in the cellar are 482cp 229sp & 17gp
#16: Kent, the Guild Master: When members of any guild travel to the Keep, they are offered the hospitality of this two-story building. This is a fee collection & administrative post & the staff is careful to observe what traffic passes through the Keep. Any trader who passes through must pay guild dues of 5% of the value of his merchandise, but he then gains the protection of the Guild House, assuming he is not a regular member. Craftsmen & artisans must gain Guild permission to enter or leave the land, paying a fee of up to 2d6sp either way (depending on the value of their trade).
The lower floor contains Kent, the Guild Master & his 2 clerks quarters & an office, all sparsely furnished.
2 servants have quarters in the cellar. The upper floor is divided into 2 private rooms & a dormitory for guests.  
Kent is very influential & his favor or dislike will be reflected in the treatment of persons by fortress personnel.
4 men-at-arms are on duty here at all times, 2 on the first floor & 2 above. They are fanatical Guildsmen who will obey any order from Kent. Guests of the Guild eat here, but drinking here is frowned upon.
Kent, The Guild Master: 54, 5’11” 187lbs with light brown hair and brown eyes.
Lv:0 Hp:5 A:-1 D:+0 Dmg:d6 short sword, d4 dagger  M:40′  Exp:30
Stats: S:12 D:11 C:12 I:13 W:12 Ch:10 (Primary: Physical)
Treasure Carried: 56cp, 46sp. The Guild Master has a gold ring worth 50sp  
Each clerk has 4d12cp & 2d4sp.
Treasure: A strongbox under the Kent’s bed contains 2029cp & 1312sp.
#17: THE TEMPLE OF EHLONNA (& HEIRONEOUS): This place is a temple to the goddess Ehlonna: goddess of flora, fauna, and fertility. Although most males in the Keep worship Heironeous: god of chivalry and war, but since neither deity is at war with the other, both worshippers gather here together in peace.
Zero, 1st, 2nd and 3rd level clerics may be hired by the party, but the cost is 3sp+2sp/level/day, and all gear must be paid for, and all costs for spell components must be reimbursed. However, they only require a small amount of any treasure found as a share; 1/3rd of a share is their asking price but can possibly be talked down to 1/4th, or even 1/5th.
Clerics don’t wear armor in the Temple. They must buy them chain or banded, if they want a Cleric to join
20 Clerics serve in the Chapel & Treasure Carried:
7 zero level “clerics in training”. They can only cast 2 zero level cantrip spells. 3d20cp, 3d10sp
5 1st level 20+2d20cp, 10+2d10sp
3 2nd level as above +10cp & 7sp
2 3rd level as 2nd level +10cp, 7sp & 3gp
1 4th level (see below)
1 5th level (see below)
1 7th level (see below)
Price for Healings (The casting of a spell or scroll & the # of scrolls they have):
(9) Cure Light Wounds: 30sp
(6) Cure Moderate Wounds: 50sp
(5) Cure Serious Wounds: 75sp
(3) Cure Critical Wounds: 100sp
(4) Cure Disease: 300sp
(2) Cure Blindness/Deafness: 400sp
(3) Neutralize Poison: 500sp
(1) Heal: 1000sp (Scroll only)
(1) Raise Dead: 5000sp (Scroll only)
(1) Resurrection: 10,000sp (Scroll only)
The Temple has the following Potions and Scrolls for sale:
37 Potions of Healing: (100sp each)
21 Potions of X-tra Healing: (250sp each)
7 Potions of Neutralize Poison: (400sp each)
3 Potions of Fire Resistance: (300sp each)
4 Potions of Strength S:18(51): (200sp each)
5 Scrolls of 7 1st level spells: determine spells at random (500sp each)
3 Scrolls of 7 2nd level spells: (1000sp each)
3 Scrolls of 7 3rd level spells: (1500sp each)
2 Scrolls of 7 4th level spells: (2000sp each)
The following 3 Clerics are the leaders of the Temple. They cannot be hired under normal circumstances, but if the situation is dire, they could accompany the party. It just depends on how desperate the Keep is; how much danger they’re in.
John, the 4th level Curate: Hp:19 A:+1 D:+6 Dmg:d6+3 M:40’/20′ Exp:150
Stats: S:14 D:12 C:13 I:12 W:15 Ch:13 (Primary/Mental)
Gear: Plate, Large Shield, +1 Mace
Spells: 4 – Lv0: Bind Wounds, Detect Poison, Purify Food & Drink, Read Clerical Magic
5 – 1st: Cure Light Wounds x3, Regenerate Wounds x2 // 3 – 2nd: Cure Moderate Wounds x3
Treasure Carried: 154cp, 111sp, 4gp
Joshua, the 5th level Prefect: Hp: 24 A:+3 D:+7 Dmg:d6+2 M:40’/20′ Exp:250
Stats: S:13 D:14 C:12 I:13 W:16 Ch:12 (Primary/Mental)
Gear: Plate, Large Shield, +1 Mace
Spells: 5 – Lv0: Bind Wounds, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Purify Food & Drink, Read Clerical Magic
5 – 1st: Cure Light Wounds x3, Regenerate Wounds x2
5 – 2nd: Cure Moderate Wounds x5 // 1 – 3rd: Cure Serious Wounds
Treasure Carried: 142cp, 185sp, 7gp, 2pp
Ben, the 7th level Lama: Hp:36 A:+6 D:+9 Dmg:d6+4 M:40′ Exp:400
Stats: S:15 D:14 C:14 I:13 W:16 Ch:15 (Primary/Mental)
Gear: +1 Plate, +1 Large Shield, +2 Mace, (Key to Iron Chest – see below)
Spells: 5 – Lv0: Bind Wounds, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Purify Food & Drink, Read Clerical Magic
6 – 1st: Cure Light Wounds x4, Regenerate Wounds x2 5 – 2nd: Cure Moderate Wounds x4, Nap
2 – 3rd: Remove Curse, Cure Blindness/Deafness 1 – 4th: Neutralize Poison
Treasure Carried: 128cp, 251sp, 14gp, 6pp
Tanith will not normally converse with the party. That’s John and Norwin’s job, if they request to speak to “someone in charge”. Tanith is a strong-willed man who is not easily persuaded and has little time for small talk. He’s somewhat of an elitist snob and clearly thinks very highly of himself, but he speaks little and is quite boring, so most rarely converse with him ever, as there’s nothing much he’s interested in.
Tanith is here to make sure “his Temple” is profitable. He cares for little else. If you’re not here to benefit the temple, he’s not here to benefit you, so if you can’t pay for the services that you are in need of, it’s best that you leave.
Treasure: Well hidden in the Chapel, in a secret room, are 3 large Locked Iron Chests that are magically trapped.
Trap: All within 10′ must make a Con Save CL:8 or fall unconscious and an alarm sounds alerting the Clerics.
The Clerics know the password (Nashra) which deactivates the traps, and (Carna) which re-activates them.
The locked and trapped chests contain the following:
#1: 48,493 copper coins and 3 Scrolls: ‘Heal’, ‘Raise Dead’ & ‘Resurrection’.
#2: 32,689 silver coins and 32 pieces of jewelry of various types.
#3: 4791 gold coins and 786 platinum coins and 58 gems of various colors.
#18: THE INNER GATEHOUSE: This stone structure is itself like a small fort.  
The southern portion is about 15′ high, plus battlement. The rear part is some 30′ tall, plus battlement.  
There are arrow slits in the southern section & along the walls of the 20′ wide, 10′ high passage through to the north.
This passage slopes upwards towards the inner courtyard. The heavy gates are double-bound with iron & spiked.
There are always 6 guards on duty: 2 inside the gateway, 2 on the lower battlement, 2 on the upper & 1 officer on call.
No visitor is allowed beyond this point except by invitation or unless he or she has special permits
The first floor of the place is the main armory. There are dozens of shields & each type of weapon.
2 small rooms are quarters for the Sergeant & Captain of the Guard (furnishings are sparse).  
The second story on the north houses the Guardsmen stationed here.
Kendall, Captain of the Guard: 36, 6’1″ 198lbs with black hair and brown eyes.
Lv:3 Hp:24 A:+6 D:+9 Dmg:d8+4 (+2 sword), d8+3 (+1 spear), d4+2 dagger M:40′ Exp:350
Stats: S:16 D:15 C:14 I:13 W:13 Ch:14 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: +1 Plate Mail, +1 Lg. Shield, +2 Long Sword, +1 Spear, Gem encrusted Dagger.
Treasure Carried: 90cp, 195sp, 13gp & a 150sp gem in the pommel of his dagger.
Kendall is a very kind man. He’s friendly & is an excellent leader.  
He will sometimes move about in the Outer Bailey disguised as a mercenary, mostly just for fun.
Jason, Sergeant of the Guard: 44, 5’11” 192lbs with light brown hair and blue eyes.
Lv:2 Hp:16 A:+4  D:+7 Dmg:d8+3 (+1 sword), d4+2 dagger M:20′ Exp: 150
Stats: S:17 D:14 C:14 I:12 W:12 Ch:12 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Plate Mail, Lg. Shield, +1 Long Sword, Dagger.
Treasure Carried: 68cp, 75sp, 3gp
Jason loves to drink & brawl & is often at the tavern.  
Treasure: He has a potion of healing he keeps hidden under a spare cape that’s in a chest in his room.
24 Guardsmen (men-at-arms) are quartered here. 6 are always on duty (see above).
#19: THE SMALL TOWER: This typical tower houses 8 guardsmen (men-at-arms).  
2 are on duty atop the tower at all times. The other 6 are in the chamber below, or out walking around the Keep.
#20: THE GUARD TOWER: This 50′ high structure houses 24 guardsmen.  
Their commander is Bill, the Corporal of the Guard. Supplies of food, weapons & oil are on the upper floor.  
The rest of the building are barracks & a room for the leader.
Bill, the Corporal of the Guard: 38, 6’0″ 188lbs with Blonde hair and gray eyes.
Lv:1 Hp:10 A:+1 D:+5 Dmg:d8+1 sword, d4+1 dagger  Mv:30′  Exp:60
Stats: S:15 D:13 C:16 I:11 W:11 Ch:11 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Banded Armor, Lg. Shield, Long Sword, Dagger.
Treasure Carried: 50cp, 40sp
#21: THE INNER BAILEY: This entire area is grass. Troops drill here, & there are practice & jousting areas. During daylight hours there will always be a dozen or more soldiers engaged in weapons practice.
#22: THE CAVALRY STABLES: There are 30 War Horses & 4 Riding Horses kept here.  
They are tended to by 2 lackeys & guarded by 2 men-at-arms.
#23: THE GREAT TOWER: This 60′ high structure houses 24 guardsmen & Steve, another Corporal of the Guard.
Steve, the Corporal of the Guard: 36, 6’1″ 185lbs with light brown hair and brown eyes.
Lv:1 Hp:9 A:+1 D:+5 Dmg:d8+1 sword, d4+1 dagger Mv:30′ Exp:50
Stats: S:14 D:13 C:15 I:12 W:10 Ch:11 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Banded Armor, Lg. Shield, Long Sword, Dagger.
Treasure Carried: 58cp, 37sp
Steve is quite bored and would gladly quit his job here, if an adventuring party asked him to join them.
#24: THE KEEP FORTRESS: This place has many tiers & is solidly built to withstand attack. The lowest level consists of a 15′ high front section. The round flanking towers are 60′ high, while the main building is 30′ high. All sections have battlements. The door is solid iron.  
Inside are a great hall, an armory for the cavalry, & several side chambers for small dinners or meetings.  
The cellars below have vast stores of provisions, quarters for a score of servants, a cistern, & a dungeon area with 4 stout cells.
3 Prisoners: 2 human thieves, Felshin & Able, who were sentenced to 60 days for stealing.
1 dwarf warrior, Binard, who was sentenced for 20 days for drunken brawling at the Tavern.
Felshin, Human Rogue: 20 years old, 5’9″ 173lbs with dark brown hair and eyes.
1st level Rogue Hp:5 A:-1 D:+2 Dmg:d6 short sword, d4 dagger Exp:30
Stats: S:9 D:14 C:10 I:10 W:8 Ch:9 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Leather armor, Short Sword, Dagger
Rogue Skills: Find Traps:35% Hide:35% Listen:30% Move Silently:35% Open Locks:35% Pick Pockets:35%
Treasure: 22cp, 7sp
Able, Human Rogue: 21 years old, 5’8″ 162lbs with light brown hair and eyes.
1st level Rogue Hp:4 A:-1 D:+2 Dmg:d6 short sword, d4 dagger Exp:30
Stats: S:8 D:15 C:9 I:10 W:8 Ch:10 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Leather armor, Short Sword, Dagger
Rogue Skills: Find Traps:35% Hide:35% Listen:30% Move Silently:35% Open Locks:35% Pick Pockets:35%
Treasure: 24cp, 9sp
Felshin and Able are petty thieves who are poor and down on their luck.
If freed, they are most grateful and serve the party, but after 1 week they’ll probably try to rob them and flee.
Binard, Dwarven Warrior: 53 years old, 4’2″ 142lbs with dark red hair and deep reddish-brown eyes
Lv:4 Hp:35 A:+4 D:+3 Dmg:d8+2 battle axe, d4 dagger M:23′ Exp:200
Stats: S:16 D:11 C:16 I:11 W:9 Ch:8 (Primary: Str/Con)
Gear: Banded Armor, Battle Axe, Dagger
Warrior Skills: Weap. Sp: Battle Axe, Combat Dominance, Atk & Def Skill, Dodge, Disarm, Knockdown
Treasure: 87cp, 138sp, 7gp, 1pp
If freed, he is so grateful that he offers to serve the party for 6 months.
He asks for nothing, but hopes to eventually get paid something.
He loves Honey Mead, so if anyone buys him some he will be most grateful and serve that person the most, offering to help them any way he can.

If the Keep learns that the party freed any of the prisoners, they are arrested and locked in the dungeon.
If they pay a fine of 500sp they will be released in 10 days. If not, then 90 days.

The Castellan & his assistants are usually in the lower part of the building during the day, tending to business & holding audience. There will always be 8 guardsmen in Plate Mail with crossbows & swords on duty on the wall & 8 more with Plate & Shield & Sword stationed inside. The whole place is well decorated & the furniture is heavy & upholstered.
Second Floor: There are rooms here for up to 36 cavalrymen, plus 2 chambers for special guests. There are 12 heavy cavalrymen with plate & shield & sword & dagger. There are also 18 medium cavalrymen in chain, each with crossbow & axe, quartered here. There rooms are sparsely furnished with only a cot, chair & armoire for each. 2 men-at-arms with leather armor & swords are currently quartered in one side chamber.
#25: THE 2 TOWERS: Each tower is 40′ high, with battlements, & pierced with arrow slits to protect the east & west corners of the building. 12 men-at-arms are housed in each of these towers. 6 are always on duty.
#26: THE 2 CENTRAL TOWERS: These 2 towers rise 20′ above the fortress and have their own 5′ battlements. The 2 upper stories house 12 men-at-arms.
In the 2 lower floors are the Castellan’s two assistants: Finius, the Scribe/Cleric and Ellagon, the Elven Warrior/Wizard
Finius, the Scribe: 43, 5’9″ 164lbs, brown hair with brown eyes
Lv:C2 Hp:11 A:+1 D:+1/+7 Dmg:d6+1 mace M:40’/20′ Exp:90
Stats: S:13 D:14 C:13 I:14 W:15 Ch:13 (Primary: Mental)
Gear: Plate Mail & Shield, Mace
Spells: Lv:0 Det. Evil, Det. Poison, Purify Food, Read Magic.
Lv:1 Cure Light x2, Light, Sanctuary, Command.
Treasure Carried: He has 88cp & 68sp in his purse. Scroll: Hold Person
Ellagon, the Elven Advisor: 178 (mature), 5’8″ 135lbs, silver blonde hair, silver eyes
Lv:F3/W2 Hp:19 A:+4  D:+8 Dmg:d8+1 sword, d6 short bow M:42′ Exp:250
Stats: S:15 D:16 C:16 I:16 W:12 Ch:13 (Primary: (Str/Int)
Gear: +1 Plate Mail, Ring of Fire Resistance, Short Bow, 10 +1 Arrows
Spells: 4 – Lv0: Comp. Lang., Mending, Unseen Servant, Read Magic
4 – 1st lvl: Change Self, Light, Hypnotism, Spider Climb
Treasure Carried: He wears a jeweled pendant worth 1,000sp & carries 50cp, 80sp, 6gp & 4pp.
Treasure: Tapestries & carpets & nice furniture are all about the room. 1 tapestry is worth 500sp.
If the party has had success at the Caves of Chaos and has gotten the attention of The Castellan, and he’s impressed by them, Ellagon will offer to join them, to assist them in dealing with the denizens that dwell in the caves.
He offers his services free of charge, since it is in their best interests that the party succeeds in dealing with this threat and brings an end to the attacks on the road.
#27: THE CASTELLAN’S CHAMBER: This portion of the fortress is 10′ above the main roof & has battlements. Inside is the private room of the commander of the Keep. It is lavishly furnished, with a silver mirror (worth 300sp) on the wall, a malachite bowl (worth 750sp) on a table, & a fox robe (worth 1,200sp) in his armoire. He has a small silver case (worth 450sp) which contains 40pp & 12 gems worth 100sp each. There is a +1 spear on the wall by the door.
His name is ‘William’, but everyone addresses him as ‘sir’ or ‘my lord’ or ‘lord castellan’. He is well muscled and has a scar across his left cheek that runs from near his ear to near his mouth. It is said he got it years ago while in battle with a very large Hobgoblin. He has ruled here for around 5 years.  
William, the Castellan: 37, 6’2″ 198lbs, dark blonde hair, deep blue eyes
Lv:6 Hp:48 A:+7 (+9) D:+10 Dmg:d8+4 (+2 sword), d8 long bow Exp:1000
S:17 D:16 C:16 I:14 W:14 Ch:15 (Primary: Str/Dex/Cha)
Gear: +1 Plate Mail, +1 Lg. Shield, Ring of Protection +1, +2 Long Sword, +1 Dagger, Long Bow
Potions of Levitation x2 & X-tra Healing x6.
21 Warrior Skill Points: Combat Dominance, Weapon Specialization: Long Sword, Long Bow, Attack, Defense, Flee, Fleeing Shot, Dodge, Disarm, Knock Down, Surprise, Combat Mastery
Treasure Carried: 50cp, 150sp, 100gp, 50pp. His chain of office is silver with gems (worth 1,800sp)
He is a very clever fellow, but at times he can be too hasty in his decisions. His bravery & honesty are absolute.  
If a guest asks him any question he will do his best to answer, providing that it does not compromise the security of the Keep.

Attack outside the Keep

When the party leaves the keep, halfway down the road they’re attacked by a band of 8 Orcs with bows & long swords. Their armor is basically reinforced leather and hides that’s equivalent to leather armor (+1D) & +1D for their natural toughness.
They are positioned below the road at medium range so they’re A:-3 and -1 damage with arrows, but they have 50% cover (50% cover means each hit only hits them 50% of the time)
However, their first attack (1 arrow each) will be a surprise attack (use the party’s rear defense) unless the party avoids being surprised, but their chance of being surprised is doubled.
If the party wants to engage them in melee, it will take 2 rounds to get down to them, but they’re on both sides of the road (4 on each side)
6 Orcs: Hp:5 A:+1 D:+2 w/bow (+3 w/sword, +4 w/shield) Dmg:d8 sword, d6 short bow Exp:40
1 Orc has Hp:8 A:+2 (S/D:14) D:+4 sword/dex (+5 w/shield) Dmg:d8+1 sword, d6 short bow Exp: 60
Leader: Hp:12 I:8 A:+4 (2HD, S:16, D:14)  D:+6 (splint/large shield/dex) Dmg:d8+2 sword, d6 bow Exp:90
6 Orcs have d6+2cp and d4-2sp
1 Orc has 10cp, 4sp and a small blue gem worth 10sp
Leader has 25cp, 12sp, and 3 small gems worth 15sp each (red, blue & green)
Why are these Orcs here? They were sent here by the Clerics from the Temple (Cave K), as a sort of trial run. They want to see if fighting from below the road would make a good tactical advantage, for when they attempt to attack the Keep with a full out assault at a later time. If successful, they are to travel back to the Temple, report to the Clerics there on how it went and then join one of the Orc tribes in the caves. If they never return, the Clerics will still have their answer, as to whether or not this strategy offers a tactical advantage.
They could care less if the orcs live or die.
What the clerics don’t realize is the leader here (whose name is Wik-Wak) has finally started to question if these “evil clerics” can be trusted. He wonders if they’re being used, so if the battle turns against them, he cries out, while dropping to his knees and letting go of his weapons/shields. Upon seeing this, the rest of the orcs do likewise and are silent while looking down.
Wik-Wak will try his best to speak in human words: “We surrr…ender. Please no kill us. May I speak? (if the party says yes, he continues) I am Wik-Wak. I leader here. I fear we being used by evil clerics at evil temple where caves of chaos are. There are maybe 10 caves. I take you there if you like. It is very big place painted red & black and has many clerics and what else I don’t know, but they in charge of all who dwell in caves. That how I know they powerful. In temple I saw many clerics, maybe 10. 2 spoke to me, give me job of going here and attacking tr trav… trav…vol…lers as they come down road. They tell me they doing this as test, that after we kill tra trav…vol…lers that we can take and keep their stuff, but then re…port back to them, let them know how it go. Then we go join 1 of the orc tribes. I’m not orc chief. I only leader here. Orc Chiefs very strong. So we come here to fight, but it only while standing here, waiting for tra trav…vol…lers to come down road, that I reee…alize they never tell us what do if we losing. Also, no cleric come with us. I reee…alized then that they don’t care if we die; they just using us… as a tes…test, to see how attacking from down there would go. I know where caves of chaos are. I take you there if you want, but it very dangerous. There are maybe 10 caves there and some have evil giant monsters who hunt at night and would eat us if they caught us, so we stay away from them, but the evil clerics at evil temple are in charge and keep all of us from fighting each other. Not the big scary ones though. They can’t control them. They just tell us to stay away from them, so we do.”
Wik-Wak and his orcs are not yet members of either orc tribes, though they know about both tribes, that one is red feather and other is blue feather, but they don’t know why red & blue, or what that mean. Rather they are new recruits who were found in the forest about a week ago by 4 clerics with 12 orcs, as they explored the woods to the north.
If the party spares their lives, they’ll get the same experience as if they killed them, +25 more/party member. If they accept Wik-Wak’s offer to join and guide them to the caves, he is very happy and all the orcs travel with the party and will help kill any creatures that attack them on the journey. All the other orcs though still seem confused as to why they’re now ‘helping people’ instead of ‘killing them’, but they obey, while looking curiously at the party members. At the entrance to the ravine, Wik-Wak points to where the temple is. “Furrr…thest cave back is temple”. He then points to the nearest cave on your right and says “Kobold”. Then points to 2 caves above that cave and says “Us… me… I mean… Orcs”. Then he points to the back of the ravine and says “Giant monsters. Stay away. Very scary. Very daaan…gerous.”
He then looks at you and says “I show you caves. May we go now?” He points north. “We go back to home in forest. We come here no more. Too close to road. People kill us. Not safe. Home, deep in forest safe. May we go now?”
If they let them go, Wik-Wak looks very happy and says “I give you gift for spaaar…ring us.” He takes his 3 small gems out of his belt pouch and hands them to you “We friends now. We brothers. You spare us. We not forget.” He will be insulted if they don’t accept his gift and ask “What wrong? Why you no accept gift? This hurt me. Why do this?” etc. If the party takes the gift and lets them go, give them each another 50 experience points, for working with and benefitting from, instead of just killing, Orcs.

Encounters in the Wilderness:

While traveling through the wilderness there’s a 1 in 12 chance of a random encounter occurring.
Check 4 times each day (twice during the day & twice at night)
Day: 6am to Noon, Noon to 6pm
Night: 6pm to Midnight, Midnight to 6am

If an encounter occurs, roll on the appropriate table:
Roll    North of the River                       South of the River
2d10   Encounter                                        Encounter
02-03   1-2 Ogres                                       2-3 Harpies
04-05   2-4 Large Spiders                         2-3 Giant Ants
06-07   2-3 Bugbears                                 1-3 Huge Spiders
08-09   2-4 Gnolls                                      2-5 Lizard Men
10-10   1-2 Black Bears                             1-2 Black Bears
11-12   3-8 Kobolds or Goblins                 3-6 Bandits *
13-14   3-6 Orcs or Hobgoblins                 3-5 Wolves
15-16    3-6 Bandits or Humans *             2-5 Giant Frogs
17-18   3-5 Elves or Dwarves *                   A Giant Lynx or Centaur *
19-20   A Half-Elven Ranger/Druid *      A Hippogriff or Griffon *

* These encounters only occur during the day. If it comes up at night, the result is no encounter

Here are some base stats for the Creatures Encountered:
Giant Ants: Lv:2 Hp:12 A:+2 D:+6 Dmg:d6+1 Mv:50′ S:S(2′) Exp:80
Black Bears: Lv:4 Hp:20 A:+4 D:+2 Dmg:d4+1/d4+1/2d4+1 Mv:30′ SA:2d4+1 (Hug) Exp:100
Centaur:  Lv:4  Hp:23  A:+5  D:+3  Dmg:d6/d6  Mv:60′  S:L  Exp: 120
If not treated with honor & respect, or if he’s attacked, he will leave.  He has no patience for careless adventurers, but will talk to & possibly even serve a party that speak well & shows humility, etc.
Bandits: Lv:1 Hp:5 A:+0 D:+1 Dmg:d8 sword d6 bow Mv:40′ S:M Exp:30
Dwarves: Lv: varies Hp: varies A: varies D: varies Dmg: varies Mv:30′  S:S (4′) Exp: varies
Dwarves are traveling to or from the Keep &/or looking for work/adventure.
Elves: Lv: varies Hp: varies A: varies D: varies Dmg: varies Mv:40′ S:M Exp: varies
Elves are traveling to or from the Keep. No interest in the party unless there’s other Elves.
Giant Frogs: Lv:1-3 Hp:5-6/lv A:+1-3 D:+2 Dmg:2-4//2-7//2-9 Mv:30′ S:S-L Exp:40-120
Griffon: Lv:7 Hp:35 A:+7 D:+5 Dmg:2-5/2-5/3-17 Mv:90′ (fly) S:L Exp:600
It will not attack, unless provoked, but might talk to or even serve the party, if they’re nice/respectful.
Otherwise he flies away.
Half-Elven Ranger/Druid: Lv:3/3 Hp:23 A:+5 D:+6 Dmg:d10 Bastard Sword Mv:40′ Exp:250
He may join the party, if invited & he’s interested (the party speaks well, etc.)
Harpies: Lv:3 Hp:16 A:+3 D:+2 Dmg: 2-4/2-4/2-7 Mv:90′ (fly) SA:Sing S:M Exp:120
The Harpies will try to charm. If they aren’t at least somewhat successful, they fly away.
Hippogriff: Lv:4 Hp:22 A:+4 D:+3 Dmg:d4+2/d4+2/d8+3 Mv:90′ (fly) S:L Exp:150
It will not attack, unless provoked, but might talk to or even serve the party, if they’re nice/respectful.
Otherwise it flies away.
Humans: Lv: varies Hp: varies A: varies D: varies Dmg: varies Mv:40′ Exp: varies
Humans are traveling to or from the Keep &/or looking for work/adventure.
Giant Lynx: Lv:2 Hp:14 A:+2 D:+3 Dmg:d4/d4/d6+1 Mv:70′ S:M Exp:80
If the party is kind & shows respect, the Lynx will talk. If not he’ll ignore them or attack, but will flee if threatened or his life is in danger.
Ogres: Lv:4 Hp:25 A:+4 D:+3 Dmg:d6+6 Mv:30′ S:L 9′ Exp:250
Huge Spiders: Lv:2 Hp:15 A:+3 D:+3 Dmg:d6 +poison SA:Web Mv:40′ S:M Exp:80
Large Spiders: Lv:1 Hp:7 A:+2 D:+2 Dmg:d4 +poison SA:Web Mv:40′ S:S Exp:50
Wolves: Lv:2 Hp:13 A:+2 D:+2 Dmg:d6+1 Mv:70′ S:M Exp:60
The Wolves might attack, or maybe they’ll just howl & see how the party reacts.  
They flee if threatened, or badly wounded.
Area #1:  The Mound of the Lizard Men:
Up ahead in the Fens you see a huge mound, rising 10′-20′ above ground, that’s several hundred yards long.
Only upon closer inspection will the party notice what looks like a cave entrance
The streams & pools of the fens are the home of a tribe of lizard men. They have lived here for around 10 years and mostly keep to themselves, hunting in the swamps and river, mostly. Being nocturnal, this group is unknown to the residents of the Keep, & they will not bother individuals moving about in daylight unless they set foot on the mound, under which the muddy burrows & dens of their tribe are found.
If the party climbs onto the mound: one by one the males, except for the leader, will come out of the marked opening & yell at the party in a threatening manner, in their lizard language: “How dare you set foot on our land. Leave now or we will destroy you.” If no one speaks lizard, no one will know what they’re saying, but might be able to figure it out based on their tone and body language, along with hand gestures.
The Lizardmen don’t want to fight them, but they’ll attack if the party doesn’t leave, or attacks them.
Combat Strategy:
If the party doesn’t leave, or attacks, the lizardmen attack them. As soon as one lizardman falls, the rest will attempt to flee back into their lair (entrance to their lair is a narrow ramp – single file for lizardmen). If they can’t flee down, they’ll start screaming and their leader will emerge in 1 round, with 3 females right behind him. Otherwise, the Leader and 3 females will be hiding near the entrance, hoping to surprise the party when they come down.
The first person crawling into their lair will always lose the initiative (be surprised) unless proper precautions are taken, as it’s very dark in their lair and they’re all well hidden to the sides of the entrance. If combat continues with their leader involved, the moment another falls, the leader cries out and puts up his hands and all the other lizardmen follow suit. He will offer them his necklace of ivory and point to them and then to the exit, hoping they understand he’s asking them to leave in peace. If the party keeps attacking, then the lizardmen and women, and even children, fight to the death (draw a map of their lair).
In the lair are 8 young 3 more females who do not fight & 6 eggs. They will fight though to protect their eggs.
3 Females: Hp:3 A:-2 D:0 Dmg:1/1/d4-1 M:40′ Exp:10
8 Young: Hp:2 A:-3 D:-1 Dmg:1 M:40′ Exp:5
6 Lizard Men: Hp:12,11,10,9,8,8 A:+2 D:+3 Dmg:2-3/2-3/d6+1 M:40′ Exp:70-80
3 Females: Hp:6 A:+1 D:+2 Dmg:d2/d2/d4 M:40′ Exp:30
Leader: Hp:17 A:+3 D:+4(dex)* Dmg:2-4/2-4/d6+2 M:42′ S:M Exp:150
*While all lizardmen have a high dexterity, his is higher, as is his strength.
Treasure Carried: The leader wears a necklace worth 100sp
Treasure: In the lair, under the nest with the 6 eggs are 112cp, 28sp, a gold ingot worth 30sp.
2 potions: 1 healing and 1 poison (sip: tastes terrible. Lose 1hp. It won’t heal until neutralized).
Potion of Poison: Whoever drinks it is poisoned (no save) & loses 2hp and 1hp/hour until they’re at 0hp
(Con. save (CL:0) to avoid hp loss that hour). Then 1/day until dead (Con. save to avoid hp loss that day).
Each Constitution save adds a +1 bonus to the next save. Each failure subtracts 1 from the next save.
Their lair is a nice & warm, roughly 20’x80′ wide cave, with the entrance being near the middle. The party will be relatively safe resting here (chance of encounter is 1 in 20, checked just once/24hrs) & chance of being surprised is low, cause they’ll usually hear anything that moves on the mound when near the entrance.  
If the eggs are taken outside, they will probably die, unless kept warm, but even then it’s 50/50.  
If the eggs are kept in the cave they will hatch in just 4 days & believe whoever they first see to be their parents.  
The eggs are 4 boys & 2 girls. The party can attempt to raise Lizard Men, if they so desire.  
The 8 young will also co-exist with the party, if treated well, & could even bond with them.  
Give them 100 experience points each, if they do this.
Area #2:  The Black Widow Spiders Lair:
2 Black Widow Spiders have spun their webs in the trees here & will pounce on anything that passes below.
They are well hidden, but if the party looks up as they approach, there’s a 40% chance they’ll notice them.
They only attack if something passes under, or attacks them. They will do nothing if the party avoids them.
2 Black Widow Spiders: Lv:3 Hp:16,14 A:+4 D:+3 Dmg:d6+poison M:50′ SA:Web S:M Exp:250
Black Widow Spider Poison: Con save (CL:3) or you’re incapacitated/unconscious (-1hp).  
Even if you save you’re still poisoned & suffer -3 to your physical attributes (stats & saves) & will lose 1hp/hour until you’re dead (this happens to the person who didn’t save as well).
Every hour a Con check (CL:0) will prevent the 1hp loss for that hour.
Under a pile of leaves nearby is the dead body of an elf, badly eaten (rumor #15). His chain mail and shield are badly rusted.   He still has on boots, though they’ve been partly eaten through. His short bow lies broken on the ground with his quiver (ruined) and broken arrows strewn about, (3 are still good). 
There’s a bunch of bugs crawling all over his body. He has a backpack, a small sack, a large belt pouch, a dagger (sheathed), waterskin (ruined), and long sword (badly rusted).
Backpack: 2 torches, 3 iron spikes, tinder box, 5 days of iron rations (moldy/rotten), 50’ of rope
Sack: empty and torn badly
Belt Pouch: 2 spiders are within. They bite anyone who carelessly reaches in (poison as per lizard men potion above) Inside are 23cp and 8sp
Shield: This is a +1 small shield, but it will not radiate magic. It will if someone casts detect magic, but it’s very slight and won’t be noticed, unless paying close attention – Wis or Int check (CL:4). Also, the magic of the shield will not give it’s +1 bonus until it is properly cleaned and oiled. It will take some time as it’s in bad shape.
If the party searches the ground thoroughly, they will find the following coins/round: d8-1cp, d6-2sp, d4-3gp 
Total coins on the ground are: 41cp, 17sp, and 3gp
Area #3:  The Raiders Camp:
A party of a dozen “Chaotic Neutral” bandits (Raiders) have set up camp here.  While they are not ‘technically’ evil, they’re not much different. They often attempt to raid travelers on the road & this is their “hideout”, away from the KEEP & the guards who now patrol the roads more often, due to the humanoid raids from the Caves of Chaos. They hunt, rather than risk trying to be granted access into the KEEP each day, let alone the 1sp fee to enter each time, but sometimes, when they’ve stolen enough money, 1 or 2 of them will try to gain entrance, so that they can scout around to gain info and buy some much needed supplies.
8 Spearmen: Lv:1 Hp:5-7 A:+1 D:+3 Dmg:d6 spear, d4 dagger Exp:40
Gear: Leather Armor & Shield, 2 Spears, Dagger
Stats: S:12 D:12 C:11 I:10 W:9 Ch:9 (Primary: Physical)
2 Bowmen: Lvl:1 Hp:5/6 A:+1 D:+1 Dmg:d6 short bow, d4 dagger Exp:40
Gear: Leather Armor, Short Bow, Dagger
Stats: S:12 D:13 C:10 I:11 W:9 Ch:9 (Primary: Physical)
1 Lieutenant: Lvl:1 Hp:9 A:+2 D:+4 Dmg:d6+1 spear, d8+1 sword Exp:60
Gear: Leather Armor & Shield, Spear, Long Sword
Stats: S:14 D:14 C:15 I:12 W:11 Ch:12 (Primary: Physical)
1 Leader: Lvl:2 Hp:14 A:+3 D:+5 Dmg:d8+2 sword, d6 short bow Exp:90
Gear: Chain Mail & Shield, Short Bow, Long Sword
Stats: S:16 D:14 C:13 I:13 W:12 Ch:13 (Primary: Physical)
Treasure Carried: Each has 4d8cp & d4+2sp. 
The Lieutenant has 34cp & 15sp
The Leader has 35cp & 27sp and 3gp
Each Bowmen has an extra quiver of 20 arrows
Treasure: There’s a cask of good wine on a tree stump. It was worth 15sp, but it’s already been opened.
5 game animals are hung from branches and can be cooked and eaten or taken along as they’ve already been cleaned. They are 3 squirrels, 1 rabbit & 1 fox.
Combat Strategy Part 1: 
If they are surprised they will be huddled around their camp, resting. If they hear the party coming, the Bowmen, with their Leader, will move behind some trees (40% cover). One will move to the right, the other to the left & the Leader will move to the back. The Spearmen, with the Lieutenant, will spread out in a semi-circle pattern in front of the Bowmen.
As the party approaches, the Leader will call out “Stop right there. You are surrounded. If you want to live, drop all of your gear and items and walk away, immediately.” If this tactic doesn’t work, he will try his best to convince them, by saying: “It’s in your best interest to do as I say, for there are 30 of us with bows and spears, ready to fire on you if you do not. Now drop everything you have and walk away, and you will live. Don’t… and you will all die.”
Any party member who is looking around has a % chance of 17+their Int of spotting one, hiding behind a tree.
If anyone questions if it makes sense that 30 men could hide behind trees here and not be seen, make a secret ‘Int check’ for them CL:-4 (roll their Int or less, -4 to the roll). If they succeed, tell them that they believe it’s not possible that 30 men could hide that well here, unless of course they have magic helping them. 10-15, maybe. 20, very unlikely. 30? No way.
If they fail, say “As you look around, you’re not really sure if they could, but it seems possible”.
If they don’t drop any items, but turn and walk away, the leader calls out “Stop now and drop everything or we’ll fire”
If they keep going, he says nothing, and lets them go, swearing under his breath.
If they refuse to leave, he hesitates, then says: “Fine. You may leave. You will not be fired on. You have my word.”
Under no circumstances will they take on the party, unless they believe they will win.
If they feel they have no choice, they surrender and beg for mercy, saying: “We were just trying to scare you off. We don’t want any trouble. We just want to be left alone. We just want to live out here, off the land, where we’re free, rather than as a servant in that KEEP. We take care of ourselves and serve no one, but we will gladly work for you, for 3sp/day/person. What say you?”
If they feel outmatched, they’ll serve the party for food, if they have no other choice. They’ll even pay the party, to be left alone, if they think that’ll work.
Combat Strategy Part 2: 
If combat happens, the Spearmen will hurl their spears, while the bowmen fire arrows.
The Spearmen & Lieutenant will then melee with the party, while the Bowmen & Leader continue to fire arrows, as long as there’s a lone target.  
They will not fire into an area where they might hit their comrade. The Bowmen will not melee with the party with their daggers, unless they have no choice, but at that point they’ll most likely flee or surrender (see below).
If the Leader has no targets to fire arrows at, he will move up & melee with the party, preferably alongside one of his comrades & attempt to flank one of the party members.  
Every Bandit will attempt to do this, as able.
If the battle goes bad, the bandits will flee or surrender & beg for mercy, offering to join the party & serve them well. This they will do, as long as they are treated well & it’s possible they could even end up ‘changing their ways’ if things go really well for them serving the party, but it’s also possible, if a future battle with the party is going bad for the party, that they will immediately switch sides & start attacking the party again, swearing their loyalty to their attackers, which may or may not work for them, depending on the situation (the enemy could embrace them & then kill them, after killing the party).
If they do this, & once again the battle turns against them, they will once again attempt to flee or beg for mercy again, saying they just want to live, which is why they switched sides; because they thought they were going to die, but now they swear they will remain loyal & only flee from future battles & never switch sides.  
Of course they’re lying, but they’re getting pretty good at it.
Area #4:  Teeko, the Half-Halfling Hermit and his Great White Puma companion, Lettia:
For many years a solitary hermit has lived in this area of the forest. His home is in a huge hollow Oak Tree; the entrance concealed by a thick bush. Inside is a mound of leaves & a couple of pieces of crude furniture.  
Even his cup & plate are handmade of wood & are of no value. He looks like a huge (4’4″), somewhat odd looking, half bald halfling-like creature.
He will not attack the party when they approach. He just sits inside his tree, softly singing a little tune.  
If he is attacked he will scream “MOM!” & a huge white Puma, who is well hidden in the Oak tree, will leap down & almost certainly surprise the party (11 in 12). If he is not immediately attacked he will approach the party on friendly terms, claiming to be a holy man, seeking goodness & oneness in nature.
He will even offer to travel with the party, claiming to be a professional guide in these parts who can offer them much knowledge and guidance.
This is actually true. Teeko knows much, including where the Caves of Chaos are & many details about who/what is there, even a little knowledge of traps & treasure that’s within some of the caves.
He’s very familiar with the creatures who live in these woods & what possible dangers are nearby.
He mostly avoids the KEEP, except to shop there occasionally, when needed, believing man was not meant to live behind stone walls, but in nature where he is free.
Though he’s a little crazy, he’s light-hearted and care free; a harmless soul who could be a good companion, let alone a very powerful ally, along with the White Puma.
Teeko’s backstory:
Teeko is a ‘Half-Halfling’ 3rd level Rogue with all the wilderness skills of a 3rd level Ranger, but he’s gone a little crazy over the years, partly because he’s a human/halfling hybrid; a cross between a Halfling Father and a Human Mother. The other reason he’s a little crazy is because his mother died in childbirth and his father was killed in battle when he was just 13 years old. An outcast by societies standards, he wandered aimlessly for years, not knowing who or what he was, or where he belonged in the world, or what he was supposed to do with his life. Then one day, as he was walking through the forest aimlessly, he came across a great white Puma.
He thought for sure his life had come to an end, for this Puma would surely eat him, but to his shock and amazement the Puma just sat there and looked at him, and when he tried to move on, it followed him and has stayed with him ever since. He is now convinced that she is his mother, ‘Lettia’ reincarnated, who has returned to help and protect him.
He traveled with her for several years and learned how to survive in the wilds and climb just as good as a human rogue can, until they came upon this huge Oak Tree with the huge hollowed-out front. The Puma climbed into the tree and just laid there, looking at Teeko and then looking at the hollowed-out opening.
Teeko went inside and He’s lived here ever since. The Puma hunts everyday and Teeko travels to the KEEP about once or twice a month, partly to buy supplies from the money he’s found over the years and from searching the dead bodies of “mom’s victims”, but also to look around, but people steer clear of the short odd looking little human-like creature and rumors have flown, so Teeko only goes there now when he really needs to, but sometimes he goes cause he likes the “attention” he gets, but other times he wears a cloak over his head to partly hide his appearance.
Lettia was the name of Teeko’s mother, so since he’s convinced this is his mother reincarnated, that’s her name, though he only just calls her mom, or mother.
In fact this “is” his mother Lettia, reincarnated as a huge 9′ long White Puma, just as he believes, and she’s here to protect her son, no matter the cost. If they must flee, she will throw him on her back and bolt fast, while he holds on for dear life. She’s run with him in this manner through the woods many times, to the point where they can easily flee whenever they want, with great ease.
Teeko, the odd Hermit: 44, 4’4″ 91lbs, a small amount of long brown hair (half bald), with dark green eyes
Half-Halfling Lv:3 Rogue Hp:13 A:+1 D:+5 Dmg:d6 short sword, d4 dagger M:34′ Exp:150
Stats: S:8 D:17 C:9 I:14 W:9 Ch:8 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Leather Armor, Short Sword, Dagger, +1 Ring of Protection
Ranger Skills: Tracking, Conceal, Survival, Scale, Delay/Neutralize Poison, Surprise, Traps
Rogue Skills: Move Silently:60%, Find Traps:55%, Hide in Shadows:65%, Listen:45%, Open Locks:55%,
Pick Pockets: 55%, Climb:50%, Backstab:+2A & double damage.
Treasure Carried: 27cp, 29sp.
Lettia, the Great White Puma: Lv:6 Hp:35 A:+6 D:+4 Dmg:d4+2/d4+2/d8+3 M:80′ SA:Leap 20′, Rend  S:L(9′) Exp:600
Leap: Surprise attack:+2A for all 3 attacks (+ any other bonuses for a surprise attack)
Rend: If both paws hit, she does an additional 2d4+2 points of damage
Treasure: Wooden Chest: (buried under a few inches of dirt, under the leaves) Inside the chest are 594cp, 271sp and 9gp and a potion of Invisibility (duration: 30 rounds) (sip: you fade out for a moment, like you went ethereal or something) If this potion is used well (like in combat), the imbiber will receive 200exp and the rest of the party will divide 200exp as well (treasure exp).

The Valley of Caves:

Attacks on the road, south of the Caves of Chaos, occur 0-1 time/day, mornings or evenings
If you need to know what creatures attacked, or will attack, travelers on the road, roll on the following table:
Roll 2d10:
02-04: 2d4+4 Bugbears
05-07: 2d4+7 Hobgoblins
08-11: 4d4+8 Goblins
12-14: 3d4+7 Orcs
15-17: 5d4+9 Kobolds
18-20: 2d4+6 Gnolls
When the party discovers the ravine area where the caves are, read to them the following, but try to make it less theatrical sounding, as though you’re merely describing the area that they see. Maybe pause at times and let them respond, before continuing:
“The forest is now more dense & tangled & gloomier than before. The thick tree trunks seem to twist unnaturally. Their misshapen limbs & writhing roots, along with clutching & grasping thorns & briars, all seem to warn & ward you off.  Movement becomes harder & harder, but you believe you see a clearing up ahead. Finally, the strange twisted and tangled growth suddenly ends and you see in front of you a huge ravine-like area.
The ravine is approximately 200’ wide. The ground then slopes upward rather steeply to either side, to a height of about 100’ or so. The ground there is dark streaked rock mingled with earth. The ravine runs at least 400’ west to where the western end rises in a steep slope as well. Clumps of trees grow here and there, both on the floor of the ravine and up the sloping walls of the canyon.
Here and there, at varying heights on both sides of the ravine, you can see the black mouths of cave-like openings in the rock walls; 3 on the north side and 3 on the south side, and possibly more at the far end, though it’s hard to tell for sure, at this distance, but you think you see cave mouths down there too. The sunlight is dim here & the air is dank. There is an oppressive feeling here – as if something evil is watching and waiting to pounce on you. It makes you feel very uneasy. There are bare dead trees here and there, and upon one a vulture perches. It gazes at you. Suddenly, a flock of ravens rise croaking from the ground. The beat of their wings and their cries, magnified by the terrain, sound loud and horrible.
Scattered all about the ravine floor is a litter of rubble, boulders, and dead wood, & you can see bits of gleaming ivory and white.” If they approach them, they will see that these are just the bones and skulls of humanoid creatures, animals, and who knows what else. You are quite certain that this must be ‘The Valley of Caves’.”
Resting outside in the Ravine:
This is the area where most of their adventuring will take place. While the creatures here mostly sleep from around 9am-5pm, this is still a very dangerous area to spend time in. Some creatures go to sleep up to a couple hours later and some get up a couple hours earlier, so the one time when most, if not all the monsters here will be inside sleeping is between 11am-3pm.
However, during the daytime, Clerics with some Undead will come out, to either go hunting, or to search the area and guard against adventurers who may discover the caves. The last thing they need is for a group of adventurers to find this place and kill all the monsters here, or worse, enter the Temple and destroy all of them, so they come out during the day and scout, hunt, and guard, in an attempt to prevent such from happening.
Encounters During the Day in the Ravine:

Random encounters occur during the day here on a 1 in 6, rolled 3 times: (8am-11am), (11am-3pm), (3pm-6pm)
Clerics almost always patrol here at least once/day, regardless.
If an encounter occurs, roll 2d8 and consult the table:
02-02) 2-3 3rd level clerics with 4-5 zombies & 4-5 skeletons
03-04) 2-3 2nd level clerics with 2-4 zombies & 2-4 skeletons (5-7 undead total)
05-08) 2-3 1st level clerics with 3-4 zombies
09-13) 2-3 1st level clerics with 3-4 skeletons
14-15) 2-3 2nd level clerics with 2-4 zombies & 2-4 skeletons (5-7 undead total)
16-16) 2-3 3rd level clerics with 4-5 zombies & 4-5 skeletons

Why the 1st level Clerics, mostly? The higher level clerics don’t patrol nearly as often as the 1st level Acolytes do, because that’s mostly the job for 1st level Acolytes, but occasionally the 2nd level Adepts go out on patrol.
Very rarely the 3rd level Priests will go out and patrol the areas. Also, the higher level clerics are able to control more undead than the lower level ones, hence the #’s of undead with each encounter.

Encounters at Night in the Ravine:
If the party tries to sleep, or wander at night here, they will probably be attacked. 
The Owl Bear at Cave ‘G’ and the Minotaur at Cave ‘I’ hunt at night, as do many other creatures, but they all fear the Owl Bear and Minotaur & steer clear, but the Minotaur usually doesn’t hunt in the ravine. He usually climbs up the western slope.
With the exception of the Minotaur, Owl Bear & Ogre, these creatures can either be extra encounters or can come from their lairs (Areas A-J). There’s only 1 Owl Bear, Minotaur & Ogre in this area, though another Ogre could replace this one.
Pick an encounter that seems appropriate or roll: From 0-3 encounters will occur during the night (d4-1)
Night Encounters
Roll 2d20:
02-04 – The Minotaur (from area I)
05-07 – d4+1 Bugbears (from area H)
08-10 – d4+3 Hobgoblins (from area F)
11-13 – d4+5 Goblins (from area D)
14-18 – Small Game (fox, rabbit, etc.)
19-21 – The Owl Bear (from area G)
22-25 – A Wild Animal (Boar, Deer, etc.)
26-28 – d6+6 Giant Rats
29-31 – d4+6 Kobolds (from area A)
32-34 – d4+4 Orcs (from area B or C)
35-37 – d4+2 Gnolls (from area J)
38-40 – The Ogre (from area E)
All the creatures who live in the caves do not attack each other when hunting at night, except of course for the Minotaur and Owl Bear, but the Minotaur rarely hunts here and for the most part they’ve learned how to stay away from the Owl Bear.
Most of them go on patrols beyond the ravine, hunting mornings &/or evenings and will also stake out the road for travelers, as they seek to plunder & kidnap, in hopes of getting more loot.
Orcs, Goblins & Kobolds do this the most. Hobgoblins, Gnolls & Bugbears about half as often.
Occasionally other humanoids from elsewhere will be encountered beyond the ravine.

Notes for the Valley of Caves:

Woods: The small groves and copses are thick growths, tangled and forbidding. Movement through these wooded areas is slow and difficult. Characters may at times have to move in single file as there are trees, shrubs, & bushes everywhere.
In the ‘ravine’, movement is pretty normal. There are plenty of trees, bushes, etc. but the ground is pretty level.
Underground: The caves, passages, and rooms of the complex are on different levels. 
Passages slope upwards and downwards between the contours, even where stairways are not shown. 
Areas are roofed by at least 5’ of solid rock. The floors are a mixture of rough rock and dirt. 
It’s mostly rock, but a thick layer of dirt covers it pretty much everywhere.
Interiors: Except where noted otherwise, all underground areas are natural or cut from rock. 
All surfaces are rough and uneven (easy for a rogue to climb) with small ledges, minor cracks, small holes, etc.
Ransoming Prisoners and taking Party Members Prisoner: Organized tribes can be allowed to take player characters & NPC’s prisoner, freeing one to return to the Keep in order to bring a ransom back to free the captives. 
The asking price will vary according to the captives:
Kobolds: 30sp/prisoner + food & drink & weapons & armor & supplies
Goblins: 40sp/prisoner + above
Orcs: 50sp/prisoner + above
Hobgoblins: 70sp/prisoner + above
Gnolls: 80sp/prisoner + above
Bugbears: 100sp/prisoner + above
Optionally, an item, magical or otherwise, that the ransoming monsters would covet, can be offered instead of money. If the ransom is paid, allow the characters to go free. Then, without telling the players, assume that this ‘success’ brought fame to the capturing monsters, so that their numbers will be increased by 3d4 additional members, plus females & young.
Also, that tribe will be very careful to watch for a return of the adventurers seeking revenge for their humiliating captivity. This period of extra alertness will last for 2 weeks. The increase in numbers is permanent.
Extra Alertness: Any or all will be in place:
1: Pit trap, just inside the entrance.
2: d4+4 Guards hidden in trees, armed with bows or spears and possibly a horn to blow to sound an alarm.
3: A well planned ambush at a particular intersection inside their lair, utilizing missile, flank, & rear attacks.
4: A hidden ambush outside their cave, in the woods, utilizing higher ground.

Area A: The Kobolds Lair:  

Kobolds are the weakest monsters here, but they’re actually smarter than most of the other creatures that live here and they will do their best to use that intelligence to their advantage, mostly by trying to avoid melee combat, whenever possible. They won’t fight to the death, unless they have no choice.
Instead they’ll flee, surrender, hide, while they try to come up with new plans to defeat their foes.
They will use missile weapons and retreat whenever possible; rocks, arrows, knives, dirt, anything they can find to throw. They will throw flasks of oil & lit torches, if they can ever get their hands on some.
Kobold: Lv:0 Hp:4 A:0 D:+2 (+3/+4)* Dmg:d4-1/d6-1 (poor quality dagger/spear) S:3′ Mv:30 Exp:20
Average Male Stats: S:9 D:11 C:10 I:8 W:7 CH:4 (Primary: Physical)
Females: Lv:0 Hp:3 A:-2 D:0 Dmg:d3-1 (poor quality knife) S:2’10” Mv:30 Exp:10
Average Female Stats: S:6 D:8 C:8 I:8 W:7 CH:4 (Primary: none)
their defense is due to their ‘natural’ armor & their shoddy kobold leather armor that they typically wear
*this ‘defense’ rises to +3 when wielding a spear or similar weapon & +4 when using a shield
Treasure Carried: Male Kobolds carry d12-4cp. Females carry d6-2cp.
Kobold Surprise Attack: As the party approaches ‘cave A’, 8 will attack from a cluster of trees behind them.
Combat Strategy:  
They will first throw spears & rocks from above (+1A at the party’s rear defense). The party suffers -1A (if not more) if they try to attack the kobolds in the trees, due to higher ground & the Kobolds get +2D as well, due to the cover provided.
After each Kobold throws 1 spear, & then 2 rocks in the next round, they will either jump down & attack (melee) or flee (if any have been wounded they will most likely flee).
If they can’t flee to their cave, they will flee to Area D (Goblin Cave), but they won’t enter. Instead they will cry out & hope the Goblins inside come out (50% chance that the 6 wandering Goblins come out).
If Goblins come out, they will attack the party & the Kobolds will help them, hoping this will help keep the Goblins from attacking them later, but the moment 1 Kobold falls in battle the rest will flee to their cave, or east, & attempt to hide in the thick forest (they can move through this area faster than humans).
If they’re able to flee to their lair, the guards at area #1 will be ready for them, while 1 goes to warn the others
1A: Pit: This pit has a swinging trap door, which closes after someone falls in, making it very difficult to get out from the inside. This swinging door will cut the falling damage in half, rounded up (d6/2).  
The first ones to walk over it must make a Dex save (CL:3) to avoid falling in (a very small light person might not trigger the trap – see Giant Rats below).
Alcove: 6 Kobolds stand guard here (they will not notice a quiet party with dim light, as they’re not paying attention very well, but are mostly resting or snacking). They will however be alerted by lights or sounds, or if anyone falls into the pit; in which case they will throw spears and then move to attack, while 1 runs to warn areas #4 & #6.  
The Rats from area #2 arrive in 2 rounds after someone falls into the pit, or from the sounds of battle.  
The Kobolds flee to Area #6 as soon as 1 of them falls in battle.
Lying on an angle, across the back wall, are two 12′ long wooden planks, used to cross the ‘pit’. (1 kobold will not trigger the pit).
if areas #4 & #6 are alerted, they will not come, but will be ready & thus can’t be surprised
The Kobolds at Area #4 will try to set up a surprise attack/ambush, while the Kobold Chief & his females will watch through the open door to their room (Area #5), & attempt to surprise as well.
2A: Garbage Room: Living off the garbage & waste of the Kobolds (dead bodies are thrown here as well) are 13 Giant Rats, who will rush to investigate the sound of the trap door closing, or of battle.
Room Description: Nothing but waste & garbage in this foul smelling room. The rats are the Kobolds pets & they also serve as their garbage disposal. 2 dead humans have been thoroughly eaten here & are unrecognizable, except for their bones & skulls. Amidst the pile of garbage & bones are 17 copper coins, but searching through all this filth will increase the % chance of contracting a disease that month by 5%.
Combat Strategy:  
The big rat will always be at the back of the pack in such circumstances. It would take the weight of 4 rats to trigger the trap door (the big rat counts as 2 rats).
Unless something scares them off, rats usually don’t flee. They just keep biting (they’re hungry).
12 Giant Rats: Lv:0 Hp:4 A:0 D:+1 Dmg:d3 (bite + Disease:15%/bite) S:2′ long Mv:30′ Exp:20
1 Big Rat: Lv:1 Hp:8 A:+1 D:+2 Dmg:2-4/2-4 (bite/bite + Disease:25%/bite) S:3′ long Mv:30′ Exp:60
Treasure: The Big Rat wears a thin silver chain, set with 5 small gems worth 10sp each (total value 100sp).
3A: Food Storage Room: This door is not locked. The room contains 7 sacks, 3 boxes & 4 barrels.  
The sacks contain vegetables (2), grain (2), bread (2) & cheese (1) (all of low quality, but edible).  
The boxes contain salted meat & the barrels contain water, but 1 contains wine.  
While the food stored here is edible no one will pay them anything for it. Even the wine is thin and vinegary.
4A: 3 Kobold Guards: 3 large Kobolds in Chainmail with short swords and bows stand guard here.
Room Description: A torch in the NW corner provides enough light to play games. There is a small table with 6 small chairs in the NW corner. Here the Kobolds pass the time, eating & drinking, while playing cards or dice. The cards are sort of crummy, but the dice are in decent shape. There are four 6 siders, two 8’s 10’s & 20’s. Food from the storage room is here, along with a cask of wine poured in 3 crude mugs (low quality by human standards, delicious by kobolds).
On a shelf, 3′ high on the north wall, are more mugs, a crude pitcher & crude plates, 2 more sets of dice, a dead rat (normal size), a small empty sack (it appears empty) & more food.
Combat Strategy:  
If they were ‘alerted’ the kobold from Area #1 will be here as well. The guards will hide behind the corner for cover. 1 in the NW corner & 1 by the door to area #5 & 1 in-between them (see map) giving them 50% cover (the middle guard only has 25% cover) & fire arrows.
Once the party melees with them the other kobold will try to make rear attacks, while the more powerful ‘guards’ try to move around so that the Kobold Chief & females can come out and attack from behind, or at least make flank attacks.
After 1 round of melee, the females, from area #5, come out and attack. 1 or 2 rounds after that, the Kobold Chief emerges (see area #5 for stats).
If the battle turns they will attempt to flee to the exit. If the Kobold Chief falls, they will all flee for their lives.
3 Kobold Guards: Lv:1 Hp:7 A:+1 D:+4 Dmg:d6-1 (poor quality short sword/bow) S:3’4″ Mv:30′ Exp:40
Stats: S:10 D:12 C:12 I:8 W:6 CH:4 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Chain mail, Short Sword, Short bow
Treasure Carried: Each has 2d4+1cp & 1-2sp
5A: Kobold Chieftain’s Room: This room is the quarters of Gurlac, the Kobold Chief & his 5 females.
Gurlac is a huge kobold, standing over 4′ tall & he’s almost as strong as a Bugbear.  
He wears chain mail armor & uses both hands to wield his battle axe.
Room Description: In the NE corner are heaps of cloth (bedding). All the furniture here is battered & not in the best of shape. A table with 6 chairs (same as area #4A) is in the SW corner.  
On the south wall is a shelving unit that holds the same as area #4, some filthy combs & brushes, plus a dagger, 2 torches with flint/steel & a human skull (a victim of the Chief).  The shelves are full of dirty kobold clothes.
There’s a broken mirror on the wall behind it (cracked in several places – good enough for the females).
Gurlac, Kobold Chief: Lv:2 Hp:12 A:+3 D:+5 Dmg:d8+2 battle axe S:4’3″ Mv:30′ Exp:120
Stats: S:16 D:14 C:13 I:9 W:8 Ch:7 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Chain Mail, Battle Axe, Key
5 females: Lv:0 Hp:3 A:-1 D:+1 Dmg:d3-1 (poor quality knife) S:3′ Mv:30′ Exp:10
Treasure Carried: He has 32cp & 9sp in a small belt pouch. He wears a great golden chain about his neck that has a large gem on it (value: 200sp) (it’s not pure gold). Hidden in his boot is the key to the locked chest (see treasure below).
5 female kobolds. Each has d4+4cp & d3sp
Treasure: Hidden under the heaps of cloth is a small sack with 30sp in it & a small locked chest (Kobold Chief has key). Inside the locked wooden chest are 203cp, 81sp.
6A:  Common Chamber: The rest of the Kobold tribe lives here: 12 males, 12 females, 18 young (the young don’t fight)
Room Description: Heaps of cloth are all over the place, providing beds for everyone.
There’s 6 battered shelving units along the east wall, containing clothes, along with the usual junk.
Several dead rats are either on or in the shelves.
In the middle are 4 crude tables, each with 6 battered chairs. On the table are the usual, battered mugs, plates, a pitcher, along with some cards & dice. 48cp total can be found on these tables.
Combat Strategy:  
If ‘alerted’, the females will guard the young in the back, hopefully hidden in the darkness. The males will hide on both sides of the entrance, with most on the south end. They will throw rocks down the corridor (20′ range) and then attempt to surround the party. The females will then engage them as well, from all sides.
Kobolds biting & disarming technique: The kobolds will attempt to grab them, overwhelming them with numbers, while others try to stab them. One will bite while another will try to take their weapon (if the bite attack is successful – only if skin is exposed, but attack is +4A doing 0 dmg – another kobolds successful normal attack makes them drop their weapon unless they make a strength save (CL:-1).
Without the bite, the CL is -6. This will only work if at least 4 kobolds are attacking 1 person, as they are clawing & grabbing in addition to biting & attacking.
even if this doesn’t work, the person so attacked suffers -2A & -2D due to the grabbing & biting attempts
Treasure: Amidst the litter of cloth and bits and scraps of garbage, there is a very nice piece of silk worth 50sp, which will only be found if the party specifically searches through all the beds (a general search will not find it).

Area B: The Blue-Armed Orc Tribe

The Blue and Red Feathered Orc Tribes don’t get along very well.
The Temple has ordered them to get along, but they’re having a hard time “getting along”.
Both tribes want to be the head tribe, so tensions tend to run high.
The party might be able to use this to their advantage, to try to get them to fight each other.
Orcs: Lv:1 Hp:8 A:+1 D:+2 (+3/+4)* Dmg:d8-1/d6-1 (poor quality sword/spear/sh sword) S:6′ Mv:40 Ex:40
Average Male Stats: S:12 D:11 C:11 I:6 W:6 CH:4 (Primary: Physical)
All male Orcs wear a blue armband on their arm which is clearly visible
Female Orcs: Lv:0 Hp:5 A:-1 D:+1 Dmg:d3-1 (poor quality knife) S:5’8″ Mv:40 Exp:20
Average Female Stats: S:9 D:10 C:10 I:6 W:6 CH:4 (Primary: Dex/Con)
their defense is due to their ‘natural’ armor & their shoddy orc leather armor that they typically wear
* this ‘defense’ is normally +3 while using a sword or spear, but can rise to +4 with a shield
Treasure Carried: Male Orcs carry d12-3cp.  Females carry d8-4cp.
Cave Entrance: As the party enters the cave they will notice a slightly foul smell. A wall to the north, 30′ from the entrance, is decorated with many heads (18). These cheerful greetings are placed in niches which checker the surface of the wall. 4 rows of heads, in a checkerboard pattern, so 4 in the first row, 3 in the second, then 4,3,4. They look mostly human, but you notice a couple dwarves and elves too.
If they take the time to check each head, they’ll notice there’s 10 human, 3 dwarves, 2 elves and also 1 halfling, 1 goblin & 1 orc head. They are all in varying stages of decay and the smell is pretty bad up close.
A moment later, 1 head is missing. Allow each player to make a wisdom check (CL:-2) to notice that there were no empty niches and now there is 1. If they noticed the orc head before, they’ll see that it’s the orc head that’s missing (if the party is now alerted then they can’t be surprised).
The 4 orc guards at area #8B & the watcher (g) are now moving to attack the party. 2 orcs and the watcher will circle around through area #9B while the other 2 take the shorter path, to attack them from 2 sides, hopefully (see #9B).
The 4 orc guards at area #7B will also attack the party if they hear them or see lights, or hear battle with the others.
Area ‘g’: This narrowing area is a guard post. This orc is known as ‘the watcher’. He has a small window-like opening from which he can observe the entrance to the lair. A piece of gray canvas behind gives the impression that his head is another of the ghastly trophies which decorate the wall. After he sees the party & tries to determine their strength & number, he will duck out to alert the guards at area #8B, possibly alerting the party as well (see above).
7B: 4 Orc Guards: 4 Orcs are resting here. They have d4-1sp, in addition to their copper.
Room Description: In the center of this filthy chamber is a crude table with 4 crude chairs. On the table are 4 battered mugs (they hold ale. it tastes bad but the orcs love it) and pieces of salted meat and vegetables on crude plates. There are 4 pallets (beds) on the floor (east & south wall) and hanging on pegs in the SW corner are some shabby looking clothing.
Combat Strategy:  
Each orc is armed with 2 spears (1 for hurling & 1 for melee). These ‘guards’ are not guarding, so a quiet party can easily surprise them, but if they are alerted, they will throw a spear & then move to engage the enemy in melee. They fight unless badly wounded, in which case they try to flee, or cower in the back of their room, begging for mercy.  
If the party shows them mercy they are most grateful but flee or attack at the first opportunity.
8B: 4 Orc Guards: 4 more Orcs are here. They also have d4-1sp, in addition to their cp, but their coins are all on the table, as they’re gambling.
Room Description: This area is roughly the same as 7B, but there are cards on the table, along with copper & silver coins in 4 different piles. The cards are filthy & somewhat worn, but are still, somehow, in playable condition.
Treasure: The 4 piles of coins on the table are 7cp 4sp, 3cp 2sp, 5cp 1sp, 9cp 0sp.
Combat Strategy: 
If not ‘alerted’ they will be sleeping & are easy targets. If ‘alerted’ refer to the intro above for their combat strategy.
9B: Banquet Area: This is a large empty room.
Room Description: There is a great fireplace on the south wall and many tables and benches in this large chamber. The table at the north end has a large chair at its head (this is where the Orc Leader usually holds court). There is a small fire burning in the fireplace.
Combat Strategy:  
If a battle breaks out at the entrance it’s possible that 4 of the male orcs at area #10B will move here and hide behind the western tables (40% cover) with spears (2 each), which they will hurl before engaging in melee with their short swords.
If 1 falls they will flee into their chamber #10B, while other orcs will circle around in an attempt to surround the party (see #10B below).
See area #10B for the rest of their combat strategy.
10B: Common Room: Here are quartered 12 male orcs, armed with short swords & some have spears.
There are also 18 females here (9 have knives & 9 are non-combatant) & 9 young (non-combatant).
Room Description: There are 2 crude tables with benches in the center of this large chamber.  
On them are 20 crude battered plates, 2 pitchers & 18 mugs, along with vegetables, bread, salted meat & cheese.
1 pitcher contains water.  The other contains vinegary wine.
The entire northern section is filled with pallets (beds). A search will reveal a few dead rats, some cards, dice, a few copper pieces, some more plates & mugs & food scraps – vegetables, meat, cheese, bread.  
The whole place is littered with garbage & is a filthy mess. A thorough search will net the party 13cp.
Combat Strategy:  
If the party enters through the north entrance, some Orcs will circle around the south entrance & vice versa. The Orcs are hoping to ‘ambush’ the party. If they fail to do so they will make a lot of noise (including clanging their weapons together, in an attempt to get the party to flee). If the party flees they will most likely not pursue, except to hurl their spears.
If the party enters the chamber, the females & young will scream. The 9 non-combatant females & young will cower in the NW corner, while the 9 females with knives will either move in front of them or help the male orcs in melee, but will keep screaming, regardless.
If the battle turns against them, all the Orcs will drop their weapons, drop to their knees & scream at the party, begging them for mercy. They will claim all they want is to be allowed to live in peace in these caves & promise to never leave this ‘valley’ or attack people.
If asked where their leader is, they offer to take the party to him & promise to help kill him, if they will then be allowed to live here in peace. If the party agrees, they will do this (while telling the females, in orcish, to leave the caves & go to the other tribe & they will come for them later. If the party asks them what they said to the females they say they told them to stay here & wait for them to return).
They then take the party to the Orc Chieftain, but turn on them the moment a battle breaks out, but if the party kills the Chief, they once again drop to their knees begging even harder this time for mercy, claiming that they had no choice but to fight for their Chief, because if he won he would kill them all, whereas if the party won they knew you still might show mercy to them. If the party spares their lives, they will go to ‘cave C’ & inform the Orcs their of what happened & join them, in a determined effort to slay the party for their invasion into their home.
11B: Storage Chamber: This wooden door is locked. The Orc Chieftain has the key.
Room Description: This room is filled with supplies, sacks, boxes, barrels & crates, that are spread throughout this place in no particular order.
11 Sacks: 3 vegetables, 3 grain, 3 bread & 2 cheese (sub-standard but edible).
9 Boxes contain salted meat (average quality).
8 Barrels: 5 contain water.  2 contain cheap wine & 1 has 17 Spears.
A casual search will easily reveal 2 battle axes & 3 shields, laying amidst everything.
A more thorough search will find a large crate in the far northeast corner.
Inside are 2 long-forgotten light crossbows & 60 bolts & 1 long bow.
12B: Orc Chieftain: This is the quarters of Boarnuck, the Orc Chieftain.  He stands well over 6′ tall.
Boarnuck, Orc Chief: Lv:3 Hp:18 A:+5 D:+6 Dmg:d8+3 battle axe Mv:40′ S:6’8″ Exp:210
Stats: S:18 D:14 C:13 I:7 W:7 Ch:7 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Chain Mail, Shield, Battle Axe (he can attack with it with 1 hand)
Treasure Carried: He carries 31sp in his belt pouch & wears a ring set with a gem (total value: 200sp).
Also in his belt pouch is the key to the storage room (11B).
2 Female Orcs: Str:10 Lv:0 Hp:5 A:+0 D:+2 Dmg:d6-1 (poor quality short sword) Mv:40′ S:5’10” Exp:20
Treasure Carried: They each carry 2d6+6cp & 2d4-2sp
Room Description: The room is carpeted and there are tapestries upon most of the walls. They look nice but upon closer inspection the party will notice that they are torn in many places & even burned in parts, so they’re barely worth anything, due to all the damage.
In the middle of the room is a battered table with 4 battered chairs.
There is a large cot in the SE corner with pillows & pelts. On either side, on the floor next to it, are 2 large cushions (where the females sleep). Above the cot on the wall is an unlit torch.
In the middle of the west wall is a shelf with a wooden chest below it. In the chest are several items of clothing & footwear, mostly dirty but wearable.
On the shelf are the following: A skull, 10 candles, 2 candle holders, 4 battered mugs, a small cask of cheap wine (worth 5sp), a half-eaten rat, 2 battered bowls (1 with some salted meat & another with vegetables),
3 torches with flint/steel.
Combat Strategy:  
If he is disturbed he yells out “Who dares disturb Boarnuck the Orc King”. If the party attacks, he fights, as do the females. If they try to talk, he will listen & will consider their ‘offer’, especially if he thinks he could die in battle. Boarnuck desires the death of all humans, dwarves, etc. but will claim that he has no quarrel with ‘people’ & wishes to just be left alone & will even offer them treasure in exchange for his life, but only if he thinks he can’t win. If this works he will plot his revenge, no matter what, as he wishes them all dead.
If Boarnuck is in dire peril, he will attempt to duck behind the tapestry by the secret door & ‘attempt’ to ‘work the catch’ & run for help. He succeeds on a roll of 1-2 on a d6 & can make 2 attempts/round (once a pc succeeds at it, this is what they’ll need in the future to open it: 1-2 on a d6).
Treasure: Area ‘t’ is Boarnuck’s treasure room.
In this cave are stored the following: 1 human-sized chain mail. 1 dwarf-sized. 3 long swords & 1 broad sword.  
A small iron chest (locked – key is hidden in an alcove in back of this ‘cave’ in a small niche – see below).
The chest contains: 205cp, 91sp, & 14gp.
Small Niche/Treasure: It’s covered by a boulder in the back of the cave. Inside are a potion of healing, the key to the chest & a scroll with a 6-die fireball spell on it.
Secret Door: This ‘door’ can only be opened by successfully springing the catch. This is achieved by 1 person rolling a 3 or less on 2d6, or by 2 people each rolling a 1-3 on 1d8 (Intelligence modifier, if Int is a primary attribute, apply). Rogues get 2 attempts & get a +1 bonus, regardless, in addition to any Int modifiers.

Area C: The Red-Armed Orc Tribe

The Blue and Red Feathered Orc Tribes don’t get along very well.
The Temple has ordered them to get along, but they’re having a hard time “getting along”.
Both tribes want to be the head tribe, so tensions tend to run high.
The party might be able to use this to their advantage, to try to get them to fight each other.

All male Orcs wear a red armband on their arm which is clearly visible

Cave Entrance: Net Trap: 10′ inside this cave is a series of nearly invisible strings set as trip wires that will drop a heavy weighted net (10′ wide & 18′ long) on intruders. The net has metal pieces that are tied to it that will create an alarm sound & the male orcs from area #14 will arrive in 2 rounds & from area #15 one round later.  
The rope is made of thick tarred ropes & will entrap victims for 3-5 rounds, but each player trapped may attempt to escape each round by rolling both a dexterity & an intelligence save (CL:0).
Creatures caught in the net can’t attack. The orcs will attack anyone not caught in the net & will then kill those caught in the net unless they surrender, in which case they are taken prisoner.
The net will be spotted if careful observation is being made (& there’s a light source so the net can be seen).
The trip wire will also be spotted, but only if an intelligence save (CL:3) is made.
If the party leaves these caves & later returns, the Orcs from area 14 &/or 15 (whoever is available) will be watching the entrance from all 3 intersections. They will throw spears at intruders & then engage in melee.
13C: Forgotten Room: Only the two orc leaders know of this place. They secretly meet here on occasion to plan co-operative ventures or to discuss tribal problems, for although separate tribes are not exactly friendly, both leaders are aware of the fact that there is strength in numbers. That and the clerics have ordered them to meet here at times, to work out their differences without trying to kill each other.
Room Description: A small table and two chairs are in the middle of the room. There is a wooden chest to one side which holds 2 short bows, 2 quivers, each with 20 arrows, 2 long swords, and 2 daggers. 2 medium shields are hung on the south wall. There is a bucket in the SE corner. There are only odds and ends otherwise.
The bucket is filled with black stagnant water but underneath it are 2 small belt pouches.
Nesting under the belt pouches, in a hole in the ground, are 2 Giant Centipedes, who will come up and try to attack anyone who picks up the pouches. You can easily back away to avoid the attack, but they may pursue (50%) or go back in their hole.
2 Giant Centipedes: Lv:0 HP:3 A:-1 D:+0 Dmg:0 (poison: CL:5 1hp/r until 0) Mv:20′ Exp:10
The poison will not cause death, but healing is impossible until it’s neutralized.
Treasure: 2 small pouches: Each holds 20cp 10sp & 1 gem worth 50sp value.
14C: Orc Chamber: Here there are quartered 9 male orcs and 8 females (only 4 will fight) along with 6 young who don’t fight either.
Room Description: This place is a mess. Litter is everywhere. There are pallets (beds) along the north & south walls, but otherwise the place is just a filthy mess of garbage & food scraps & it smells.
Combat Strategy:  
The males have short swords & shields, so +4D vs. 1 opponent. They will engage anyone who trips the net, arriving in 2 rounds (orcs from 15C arrive in 3 rounds). In this case, the females & young will stay back and hide & be quiet, until the males return. They will all scream if the party enters and flee if attacked, but they will stop screaming if the party leaves. If a battle starts in this room the females & young will attempt to flee outside, if able, as will the male orcs, but only if the battle turns against them. If they get outside, they will run to the other Orc cave. If all else fails, they will surrender, as per the Orcs from area #10.
15C: Common Hall: There are 6 males here, lightly armored. 2 have light crossbows in addition to short sword & dagger. There are also 4 females here, but they have no armor or weapons, although they will take the daggers from the males & fight if they need to.
Room Description: This room has 6 tables, each with benches. General meetings are held here and food is likewise cooked (fireplace) and eaten here.  In the fireplace are the uneaten remains of a deer. Its head is on the ground nearby.  It’s been decently cooked & tastes really good.
On the tables are battered mugs & crude plates. 2 tables each have a nice butcher knife. The floor & tables have lots of food scraps. Bugs are feasting on them as are some rats, but the rats tend to run & hide in the walls as you enter. 2 or 3 ran, but 2 are still eating.
Combat Strategy:  
Unless alerted from the net trap at the entrance, these Orcs will not be paying attention & can easily be surprised (double % chance). If they aren’t surprised & they have enough time, they will fire a bolt & then engage in melee, but will attempt to flee if the battle turns, & will surrender if they can’t escape.  
They will use basically the same strategy the Orcs from area #10 would use. The females will cower in a corner, or flee if they can. If forced to fight they will grab a dagger from one of the males.
16C: Orc Chieftain’s Room: This is the quarters of Gluguk, the ‘other’ Orc Chieftain.  
He’s not quite as strong as Boarnuck, nor as big (6’5″), but he’s still huge, by Orc standards.
There is a guard posted just inside the door (roll for surprise when the party opens the door, but he is only surprised on 2 in 12).  He has chain armor & a large shield. He shouts an alarm as soon as the party enters, or as he’s being attacked, if surprised.
Room Description: Behind him are 5 barrels, 6 boxes & 7 sacks. The barrels contain wine, water or ale. 
The boxes & barrels contain foodstuffs, salted meat, vegetables, grain, bread, cheese, etc. 
None are of any value. They’re ok; just not quite up to human standards.
Combat Strategy:  
The Orc Chief & his mate will move to attack. He will throw his Hand Axe & attempt to melee in the same round (+6A & d4+3 dmg). His mate will stay by his side for protection. If she is hit once she will attempt to flee outside to cave B. 
The guard will not flee unless the chief does, or orders him to, in which case he will also try to flee outside. 
The chief will attempt to flee to 13C to get help. They will only fight to the death if they have no other option.
Orc Chief’s Room Description: In the room is a crude bed with hides & cushions. There is a table with 2 benches and a small chest with drawers that’s next to the bed. On the south wall is a nice tapestry, but it’s been damaged in parts & is thus worthless.
The table is the same as 15C, with a butcher knife. In the NE corner is a barrel of good wine.  
There is a Copper Bowl on a small table next to the bed.
Gluguk, Orc Chief: Lv:3 Hp:16 A:+5 D:+8 Dmg:d8+2 sword, d4+3 (hand axe) S:6’5″ Mv:40 Exp:180
Stats: S:17 D:14 C:14 I:7 W:7 CH:5 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Plate Mail & Shield, Hand Axe, Long Sword
Female: Lv:1 Hp:5 A:+1 D:+2 Dmg:d6-1 (poor quality short sword) S:5’11” Mv:40 Exp:30
Stats: S:9 D:11 C:11 I:6 W:6 CH:4 (Primary: Physical)
Orc Guard: Lv:2 Hp:10 A:+2 D:+5 Dmg:d8+1 long sword S:6’2″ Mv:40 Exp:60
Stats: S:14 D:12 C:12 I:6 W:6 CH:4 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Chain Mail & Shield, Long Sword
Treasure Carried: Orc Chief: Gluguk carries 37cp & 16sp in his belt pouch.
He wears a silver belt with a gold buckle worth 100sp and his sword has a 50sp gem in its pommel.
The female: She carries 11cp and 2sp.  She wears a bracelet of ivory worth 50sp
Guard:  He carries 15cp and 3sp
Treasure: A small chest of drawers contains clothes, candle holders, & a small sack with 33gp inside.
Copper Bowl: This bowl doesn’t look like much unless it’s closely inspected. It’s finely wrought and chased with silver and is worth 50sp. Inside the bowl are candles.
Barrel of good wine: 30sp

Area D: The Goblins Lair

These goblins generally didn’t like being here, as they felt threatened by the orcs, let alone their larger cousins, the hobgoblins, but the clerics told them the ogre will protect them, which he does (when they pay him), so now they’ve become a little more bold and the other creatures mostly leave them alone now, for fear of the ogre destroying them.
Goblins: Lv:1 Hp:6 A:+1 D:+2 (+3/+4)* Dmg:d6-1 (poor quality sh sword/spear/bow) Mv:30 S:4′ Ex:30
Average Male Stats: S:10 D:10 C:10 I:6 W:6 CH:4 (Primary: Physical)
Female Goblins: Lv:0 Hp:3 A:-1 D:0 Dmg: d3-1 (poor quality knife) Mv:30 S:3’10” Exp:15
Average Female Stats: S:8 D:9 C:8 I:6 W:6 CH:4 (Primary: None)
their defense is due to their ‘natural’ armor & their shoddy goblin leather armor that they typically wear
* this ‘defense’ is normally +3 while using a sword or spear, but can rise to +4 with a shield
Treasure Carried: Male Goblins carry d10-2cp. Females carry d6-2cp.
Wandering Goblins: At some point between Areas 17D & 19D, the party will encounter a group of 6 wandering goblins who are patrolling & carrying messages back & forth from time to time.
When this encounter occurs, all 6 will attack and cry out an alarm (Bree-Yark)
Any goblins within earshot will arrive in 1-2 rounds, depending on distance.
All Goblins here will cry out ‘Bree-Yark’ when engaging enemies in battle
17D: Guard Chamber: There are 6 goblins here, each with several spears. They are watching both passages, especially the southern one, due to the Hobgoblins.
Room Description: The room has a large barrel with 30 spears in the NE corner. There’s a small table with 2 benches in the middle and a keg of water sits next to it. On the table are 6 battered mugs & some food scraps (salted meat & vegetables mostly). Otherwise the room appears empty & filthy, with bugs & an occasional rat looking for food scraps.
Combat Strategy:  
When the party encounters them (roll for surprise). They will throw spears & then melee, but if one of them is hit, they attempt to flee west. If they can’t, they will try to flee up the stairs & bang on the door, in hopes that the Hobgoblins will help them against a common enemy.
Pit: The northern passage that runs east & ends in a wall has a crude pit. Broken planks lay across it and are covered in dirt. Each player in the front has a 1 in 4 chance to notice that the dirt floor here looks a little uneven or they see part of the plank that’s become exposed.
Falling in only causes d3 points of damage, as it’s only 9’ deep and the dirt floor slightly cushions the fall, but still check for injuries from “falling damage”. Also, each player who falls in has a 30% chance of being hit by a plank. Those hit must make a system shock roll (-10% penalty), unless they’re wearing helmets, or fall unconscious (0hp) for 1 turn. Regardless, they’ll have a serious bump on their head.
18D: Guard Chamber: Just like area 17D above, 6 goblins are on guard duty here.  
This room is similar to 17 above, except the goblins watch mainly to the east.
Combat Strategy:  
2 will run to the secret door and toss a small sack of coins to the Ogre & ask for his help. The Ogre will accept the payment and will enter the goblins’ lair and move to attack intruders, but if paid by the party, he will stop attacking & return to his lair (see Ogre cave, area 22E).
The sack that’s tossed to the Ogre is hidden behind a water barrel in the corner by the secret door. It contains 30sp
Pit: The pit in the SE tunnel is the same as the pit above, at 17D.
19D: Goblin Room: Here there are quartered 10 male goblins and 8 females, along with 6 young who do not fight.
Room Description: This room is used to prepare food. The niche in the south wall is used as a fireplace. 
There are heaps of bedding, tables, stools, benches, etc. all around the whole place, making it very cluttered.  
On the tables are the usual mugs, plates, pitchers & food (vegetables, salted meat, cheese, bread) with a pitcher of water & one of cheap wine. As usual, the place is a mess & it smells.
Combat Strategy:  
Any battle here will alert the guards at Area #20 who will move and fire arrows, after alerting the chief. 
The 4 Goblins at the intersection near Area #21 will also move to attack.
The females & young will attempt to flee outside, if able, as will the males, but only if the battle turns against them. 
If they get outside, they will run to the Hobgoblin cave – ‘Area F’.
If the ‘wandering goblins’ haven’t been encountered yet, they arrive 2-3 rounds after combat starts.
20D: Goblin Chieftain’s Room: This is the quarters of Tarnuk, the Goblin Chief, with 3 guards & 4 females
Room Description: In the room is a bed with hides & pelts & 4 cushions. There is a table with benches with the usual mugs & food. There is a small cask of decent wine but it’s only half full, so it has no sale value anymore. There’s a stand next to the table on which sits a Pewter Bowl (see treasure below). On a shelf are the usual odds & ends along with 5 skulls (4 human & 1 dwarven) arranged on the top shelf. They are victims of the chieftain. The dwarf is in the middle. The Goblin Chief has begun a collection.
Combat Strategy:  
3 Guards are by the door. They each have a short bow and will move towards the sound of battle, after alerting the chief, who will also come. They will use the corners of the tunnels for cover & keep firing arrows for as long as possible. 
When they need to melee, they will drop their bows and take their small shields off their backs.
When the chief opens the door he will fire arrows if able (like the guards), while the females stay behind him. 
When he engages the party he says “Finally! some more skulls to add to my collection”.
The 2 weaker females will attempt to flee at the first opportunity, but the other 2 will fight by his side, though they will flee if struck for damage. If he believes he is going to lose the battle, he will attempt to flee outside and head for the Hobgoblin Cave ‘F’, or he will go to #17 and go up the stairs to #23.
The Goblin Chief has the attack & defense skill (fighter skills) and will use them. Each time he is hit, he will go +1D / -1A on the next round, but if he misses and is also missed, he will go +1A / -1D on the next round.
Convey this to the party in the following way: The Goblin seems to be taking a more defensive posture as he attacks, or… the Goblin seems to be taking a more aggressive posture in his attacks, etc…
Tarnuk, Goblin Chief: Lv:3 Hp:14 A:+4 D:+6 Dmg:d6+1 short sword, d6 short bow S:4’8″ Mv:30’ Exp:160
Stats: S:14 D:14 C:12 I:6 W:6 CH:4 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Chain Mail & Small Shield, Short Sword, Short Bow
2 Females: Lv:0 Hp:4 A:0 D:+2 Dmg:d6-1 (poor quality short sword) S:4′ Mv:30’ Exp:20
Stats: S:8 D:11 C:11 I:6 W:6 CH:4 (Primary: Physical)
Guards: Lv:2 Hp:8 A:+2 D:+4 Dmg:d6 short sword, short bow S:4’4″ Mv:30’ Exp:50
Stats: S:12 D:10 C:10 I:6 W:6 CH:4 (Primary: Physical)
Treasure Carried: Goblin Chief carries 18sp and 2gp in his belt pouch
3 Guards: Each carries 2d4cp and d4sp
Treasure: There is a silver cup under the chiefs bed worth 50sp.  
One of the benches has a secret drawer under the seat. Inside is a tapestry with silver and gold threads worth 300sp.
The Pewter bowl on the stand is worth 10sp. The bowl holds 221cp and 33sp.
21D: Storage Chamber: 4 Goblins guard the intersection (marked g) and will move to area #19 at the sound of battle. They have crossbows. Otherwise they’re usually sleeping or grabbing bites to eat in the storage room.
Room Description: In the southern part of this room are 4 bales of cloth (worth 5sp each), 5 boxes (salted meat), 5 sacks (bread, grain), along with 4 crates (rations, vegetables) & 6 barrels (beer & wine & water)
All are barely fit for human consumption.
Hobgoblin Encounter: After 1 turn spent in this room, 4 Hobgoblins from 28F will come through the secret door, looking to steal more supplies from their smaller cousins. 
The goblins know nothing of this secret door (Roll for Surprise).

Area E: The Ogres Cave:

When the clerics found Ruk-Ruk in the forest, they were able to easily persuade him to come serve them, in exchange for a nice cave, food and treasure. They told him that he is to protect the goblins from the bigger creatures here, but don’t kill any of them. Just scare them off if they attack the goblins, which he enjoys doing. Ruk-Ruk is very happy here, especially when he gets coins from the clerics, and the goblins too.
22E: This is the lair of Ruk-Ruk, the Ogre
Room Description: When this cave is entered the party will notice a strong sour odor, and then notice what appears to be a huge bear sprawled asleep in the SW part of the cave. This is nothing more then the skin of a huge bear which the Ogre killed and uses as a bed, making it more comfortable by heaping leaves underneath. If he has not been encountered yet & they approach quietly, he will be sitting in the eastern portion of his lair in a huge, crudely made chair.
Ruk-Ruk, the OgreLv:4 Hp:25 A:+4 D:+3* Dmg:d6+6 large club S:9′ Mv:40’ Exp:270
Stats: S:18(00) D:10 C:14 I:6 W:6 CH:4 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: *Thick Hide & Thick Bearskin, Large Club
If he is offered 30sp or more to stop attacking, he will take it and return to his lair
Treasure: In addition to the sack of 30sp from the goblins, the Ogre has 7 large sacks which contain the following:
#1: 87sp
#2: hard cheese
#3: 282cp
#4: 18gp
#5: a keg of brandy worth 80sp
#6: 4 silver cups worth 15sp each and 4 small copper bowls worth 5sp each
#7: 241gp (actually copper coins made to look like gold coins – paint, but anyone who examines them closely has a 25% chance + their intelligence x3, to realize this)
More Treasure: Hidden under a heap of bones in the southern portion of the cave are:
6 magic +1 arrows, a potion of Heroism, a potion of Hill Giant Strength (+7 damage for 5d4 rounds & possible increase in their attack bonus too).
There’s also a scroll with 2 cleric spells: Prayer and Hold Person.

Area F: The Hobgoblins Lair

The hobgoblins like living here. They feel very safe, and powerful, here. The bugbears are on the other side of the ravine and the gnolls don’t bother them, so they see the more powerful creatures here as protection for them from possible future threats from elsewhere, since the clerics assured them the stronger creatures will not attack them, but rather protect them from enemies.

Hobgoblins: Lv:2 Hp:10 A:+3 D:+2 (+3/+4)* Dmg:d8+1 (sword) d6 (bow) Mv:40 S:6’4″ Exp:60
Average Male Stats: S:14 D:12 C:13 I:7 W:6 CH:4 (Primary: Physical)

Female Hobgoblins: Lv:1 Hp:6 A:+1 D:+1 Dmg:d6 (club) Mv:40 S:6′ Exp:30
Average Female Stats: S:10 D:8 C:10 I:7 W:6 CH:4 (Primary: Dex/Con)
their defense is due to their ‘natural’ armor & their shoddy hobgoblin leather armor that they typically wear
* this ‘defense’ is normally +3 while using a sword or spear, but can rise to +4 with a shield
Treasure Carried: Male Hobgoblins carry d12-3cp & d4-1sp. Females carry d8-2cp.
Barred Entrance: The entrance to the lair of the Hobgoblins is barred by a stout Oaken Door, at the back of the entry cave.  Skulls are lined along the walls, and several are affixed to the oaken door. 
Carved in the door in the common tongue is the following: ‘Come in – we’d like to have you for dinner’
At first it may appear to the party that the door is locked, but if a rogue attempts to ‘open locks’, they will notice that there is no apparent lock, but rather the door is either stuck or barred from the inside. If anyone inspects the door carefully, have them make an intelligence check CL:0 (-4 for a rogue) to notice a secret mechanism which allows a person outside to slide the bar back, allowing entry. (25 exp. to the first person who notices this).  
A knock spell will also work, causing the bar to slide back.
Combat Strategy:
If the door is broken open, the guards from area #26 will move to the angled hallway, while 1 alerts Area #27. 3 will fire their crossbows & then back into room #26, while continuing to fire, if possible. The other 3 will hide around the corner by the door to room #27. If the party moves into #26 to attack them, the other 3 will attack from the rear, while the others from room #27 & beyond will join shortly thereafter.
23F:  Hobgoblin Room: This place quarters 5 male Hobgoblins, 6 females & 3 young.
Room Description: Along the southern wall are heaps of cloth & skins for beds. 2 tables with benches are on the north wall along with 2 small barrels (beer & water). There are a couple of buckets here as well (they’re empty) and 2 crates with some rations, salted meat, vegetables & cheese. The tables have the usual food & mugs. The beer tastes pretty good.
There is a shelf in the SW corner which contains the following:
4cp, several rocks, cards, a couple of dead mice, some hard cheese, a small belt pouch (partially torn & badly stained), a knife and some cloth worth 1sp.
Combat Strategy:
The young do not flee, unless the others do. If the battle turns against them, they all flee down the western passage, screaming as they go. They will flee east down the stairs if that’s their only option. 1 or 2 will run to Area #26 to alert the guards, while the others flee to #25. There they will plan an attack at the tee intersection to the east (see #25).
24F: Torture Chamber/Playroom/Food Storage: There are 2 very large ugly hobgoblins here.
Room Description: The room has a crude central fire pit, circled in rocks. In the SW section is a small table with 2 chairs and 2 beds of cloth & hides. Keys hang on the wall above the table. Food & 2 mugs are on the table. There’s a shelf nearby with a small barrel of beer, some bread and cheese, and a small crate holds food – rations, salted meat, etc.

Chained to the walls in the eastern portion are 6 prisoners

There are some crude shelves on the north wall that contain various objects that appear to be used for torture. Some have dried blood on them. There’s a knife, a pair of tongs, crude looking pliers, sharpened sticks, candles & torches w/flint & steel, iron spikes, broken pieces of glass, etc.
Combat Strategy:  
One has a whip, as well as a sword, so that he can strike at opponents up to 15’ distant, and if a hit is scored, the whip will jerk the victim off their feet (Con. save CL:4 or be stunned for 2 rounds. If wearing a helmet, the CL is -4 and if they fail, they’re only stunned for 1 round).
2 Big Hobgoblins: Lv:3 Hp:14 A:+4 D:+4 Dmg:d8+2 sword SA:Whip Mv:40′ S:6’7″ Exp:120/130
Stats: S:16 D:12 C:13 I:7 W:6 CH:4 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Chain Mail, Long Sword. 1 has a Whip
Treasure Carried: Each Hobgoblin carries 2d6+4cp and d4+2sp. The larger has a silver armlet worth 15sp
The prisoners are as follows:
#1: Here is the plump merchant (rumor #1, who lives at the Keep #7d). He lies here half dead. If rescued and returned to the Keep, the party will be paid 100sp by the guild, along with honorary Guild status. They will be exempt from any fees, dues, taxes & the like which the Guild would normally collect.
#2: An Orc, who will help, but will leave at first chance & take whatever he can & go to Area B
#3: A man-at-arms (the merchants guard). If he is rescued, the reward will increase by 50sp and he will offer to serve the party for 1 year.
#4: This is the merchant’s wife. If she is rescued, her husband will give them 100sp when they get to the Keep & she will give them a +1 dagger (her own, which is back at the Keep, as well).
#5: A crazy Gnoll, who if freed will try to grab a weapon & attack anyone. Due to his weakened condition, he does weapon damage -2 and he suffers -2A as well.
Gnoll: Hp:6(14) A:0 D:+1 Dmg: by weapon -2 M:40’ S:6’8″ Exp:40
Stats: S:9(16) D:10(12) C:9(12) I:7 W:7 CH: 6 (Primary: Physical but at -4 while weakened)
#6: Another man-at-arms as #3. A 50sp reward for his rescue as well, and he will also offer to serve for 1 year.
25FCommon Chamber: This large place is used for meals, meetings, and general revels of the hobgoblin tribe. There are 4 males, 5 females & 9 young who live here, but have now been working, setting up the place for the coming feast, as ordered by the chief.
Room Description: 6 tables with benches are set up in the western section with a 7th ‘head table’ to the north. The carved out western section serves as a huge fireplace, which is ready to cook food.  
Each table has 6 crude mugs & plates.
South of the tables, against the wall, are the following: 6 barrels (beer), 6 sacks (bread, grain, cheese), 3 crates (vegetables), 4 boxes (salted meat).
Their living quarters have all been moved up against the north & south walls, in the eastern section. 
There’s only bedding & a couple of shelves with the usual stuff on it. In the NE corner are 2 barrels (beer & water), along with 2 buckets. In the SE corner are 1 crate, box & sack (salted meat, vegetables, grain & bread).
Treasure: On the head table is a set of 4 pewter dishes, worth 25sp total.
Next to the head table is a cask of excellent wine (stolen from a caravan) worth 25sp.
Combat Strategy:   
(The Hobgoblins from area #23 might be here as well). If the party enters quietly, roll for surprise.  
If they have time to prepare for battle, all the males present will split into 2 groups. 
No more than 4 will move past the tee intersection and hide in the hallway in the darkness there. 
If they have no missile weapons, they will use rocks.
4 will be at the bend in the hallway to the west & will fire missiles or rocks. The rest will be behind them & will fire missiles or throw rocks, if they can. Otherwise, they will move up and melee when there’s an opening. 
The females will be to the north & south of the entrance & attack there, or will run up to melee as well.  
If the battle turns against them, they will all attempt to flee, or surrender if they’re unable to flee.
26F: Guard Room: 6 Hobgoblins guard this area but don’t watch the entrance very well, so roll for surprise if the party approaches quietly. Their coins are all on the table.
Room Description: In the center of the room is a table with 2 benches, with mugs & food.  
6 pallets line the west wall. Along the east wall is an empty bucket, a barrel of beer, a crate of food and a small sack with some bread & cheese. 
Cards are on the table as well, along with 52cp and 11sp.
Combat Strategy: 
See ‘Barred Entrance’ at the Cave Entrance for Combat Strategy.
3 have light crossbows, which they will fire until melee becomes necessary. 
If they are able to, they will alert the hobgoblins in room #27, or simply call for help.
27F: Armory: 3 Hobgoblin Guards are on duty here at all times.
Combat Strategy:  
2 guards here will move to Area #26 at the sounds of battle, while the other one will alert Area #31, at which time all the Hobgoblins at 29, 30 & 31, including the Chief, will move to #27 & join the battle.
Room Description: Hung on racks on the east wall are the following suits of armor:
1 suit of human-sized plate mail
1 suit of dwarf-sized plate mail
3 suits of human-sized chain mail
2 suits of half-elf/elf-sized banded armor (a small human or a female human could also wear them)
7 suits of human-sized leather armor
Hung on racks on the south wall are:
11 shields (6 small, 3 normal & 2 large) & 22 helmets (various sizes, including 3 great helms)
A Wooden Chest contains: 6 daggers & 3 swords (1 broad, 1 short & 1 long)
Hung on racks on the west wall are the following weapons:
1 battle axe
4 maces
2 short bows & 1 long bow
10 quivers (each holding 20 arrows; 14 arrows in one quiver have silver heads)
13 crossbows (11 light & 2 heavy) with 9 scores of bolts (180 bolts) 1 score of bolts are heavy bolts
6 Barrels hold a total of 19 pole arms and 31 spears.
28F: Storeroom: Stationed here is 1 guard. The guard here has 4sp and 10cp.  
If the 4 Hobgoblins from Area #21 are not encountered there, they will be here as well.
Room Description: The items found in area #21 are found here as well, but not as many, but the quality is better.
In the room are the following items:
1 bale of nice cloth, worth 15sp
3 boxes of food & salted meat of decent quality (fit for human consumption)
3 sacks containing vegetables, bread, cheese & other assorted foodstuffs.  All decent quality
3 crates containing more of the same
6 barrels (3 beer, 2 water & 1 wine) (the wine is worth 20sp)
1 Keg of Brandy worth 35sp
Combat Strategy: 
At the sounds of battle, the guards at Area #29 will alert the Chief & move down the stairs with their crossbows, while the females wait for the chief.
They will all come up the stairs if there’s a battle and they are alerted by the Hobgoblins at #29.
29F: Guard Room: 2 male Hobgoblins & 2 females are here.
Room Description: This room has 2 cots in the NW corner. In-between the 2 cots is a large box filled with clothing. There’s a bench on the south & east walls.
Combat Strategy: 
See Areas #27 & #28 for combat strategy. If all 4 are encountered here, the 2 females will alert areas #30 & #31.
30F: Hobgoblin Chieftain’s Room: This is the quarters of Gragnok, The Great Hobgoblin Chief. He is a huge ugly Hobgoblin who has no equal. All fear him & respect him greatly. With him are 4 large female Hobgoblins.
Room Description: The west wall is crowded with tables & benches. It’s filled with foodstuffs from area #28.  
On the north wall is a huge iron box (see treasure below).
There’s shelves on the north & east walls that contain clothing & misc. junk.
There’s a fireplace on the south wall with a half-eaten roasted boar in it.
The 10’ x 10’ room is the sleeping quarters for the chief & his 4 mates. It’s filled with hides, pelts, cloth, & cushions.
Combat Strategy: The Hobgoblin Chief will not flee, nor surrender. If he dies, the rest of the Hobgoblins will attempt to flee the area, grabbing what they can if there’s time. His females will keep others from flanking him or making rear attacks against him.
Gragnok, Hobgoblin Chief: Lvl:4 Hp22 A:+6 D:+7 Dmg:d8+3 sword S:7′ Mv:40’ Exp:360
Stats: S:18 D:13 C:16 I:8 W:7 CH:6 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Plate Mail & Large Shield, Long Sword
The Chief has the following Fighter Skills: Attack Skill, Fleeing Shot, Disarm, Knockdown, Surprise.
He will use them to the best of his ability.
4 Females: Lv:2 Hp:8 A:+2 D:+3 Dmg:d8 sword S:6’4″ Mv:40’ Exp:60
Stats: S:11 D:12 C:13 I:7 W:6 CH:4 (Primary: Physical)
Treasure Carried:
He carries 38sp and 6gp in his belt pouch.  He wears a silver and gem studded belt worth 100sp.
Females: Each female has 2d6+5sp
Treasure: A huge iron box filled with mangy animal skins has a false bottom which holds 378cp, 196sp, 37gp & 5pp. There’s also a 100sp gem and a potion of poison (see Area 1: Mound of the Lizard Men).
Amidst a heap of kindling wood near the fireplace (southeast corner) lie 2 bone tubes, hidden underneath and long forgotten about.
Inside one is a Wizard scroll with these spells: Mons. Summ. 1, Ray of Enfeeblement & Tenser’s Hunting Hawk.
Inside the other is a cursed scroll: Whoever looks at it will start reading it and begin chanting arcane words that make no sense to anyone. Any who don’t immediately run will take damage as it then explodes in a 10’ radius blast, doing 3d4 points to all within (no save, but the reader takes 12 points of damage)
Those near the edge can save for half and save again for no damage. Dex save CL:0
31F: Guard Room: There are 4 males here. They move towards the sounds of battle, after alerting any other Hobgoblins in the area (#27, or #29 & #30).
Room Description: This room is rather bare, having only 2 pallets (beds) (they rotate guard duty), a stool, and a large water barrel. There’s a small table with a bench in the SW corner, with the usual plates, pitcher (beer), mugs & foodstuffs.
4 Hobgoblin Guards: Lv:2 Hp:14 A:+2 D:+5 Dmg:d8+1 sword S:6’7″ M:40’ Exp:80
Gear: Chain Mail & Shield, Long Sword. 14 Strength.
Hobgoblins Attack on the Canyon:
As the party is moving up the canyon, towards a cave, they’re attacked by 6 Hobgoblins who have the Higher Ground (+1A, +1D, +1Dmg and the party is -1A&D and -2 on dmg).
Each Hobgoblin has 7hp +2A, +4D with Large Shields Long Swords 1d8, Long Bows, and Spears.
They will attempt to surprise the party when they come within 30’ of them and use cover for defense against missile attacks (60% cover).

Area G: The Owl Bears Den

The gray oozes and rats have been here for a long time before the clerics brought the owl bear here. The owl bear loves his home here, for he fears no one, other than possibly the minotaur, and he will kill anything he catches when hunting at night, so the clerics made sure everyone understood to steer clear at night until the owl bear leaves the ravine when he goes hunting each night, which he always does. He thinks the oozes are here to protect him and that the rats are his pets, but the clerics now question if they made a mistake in bringing him here. They’re afraid he might start eating the creatures here, let alone them, but at least now there’s one monster here who poses an actual threat to the minotaur, which is the real reason he’s here. It’s their desperate attempt to try to keep the minotaur from killing everyone else. They think it worked. They’re wrong (see the minotaur’s caves, below).
Even the normal inhabitants of this area, including the ogre, stay away from here, for the creatures that dwell herein are exceptionally dangerous. Every creature here who goes out at night, always scans the ravine very carefully first, to make sure the owl bear is nowhere to be found, lest they become his next meal.
Cave Entrance: A horrible stench is noticed as soon as creatures enter the cavern area.
32G: Empty Caves: The odor here is awful. Bones and rotting corpses are spread here and there, amidst a litter of dead leaves and old branches. After 1 minute, each player must make a constitution save (CL:0).  
If their constitution is a secondary attribute, they get a +2 bonus (their base is 16, not 18)
If they save they’re fine for now, but check again every 4 rounds, but now with a +3 bonus, until they fail.
If/When they fail, they start to feel sick & now check every other round (no more +3 bonus)
Any who fail a second time become sick & nauseous. A third failure & they throw up. 
A fourth failure & they are writhing in pain also. A fifth failure & they pass out.
If a careful search is made, a coin will be found each round. There’s 89cp, 21sp & 7gp
Coins are found as follows: roll d12: (1-9:1cp), (10-11:1sp), (12:1gp)
After 3 rounds, check each round the party explores in here; roll a d20 and check for an encounter. 
If an encounter occurs, it’s possible that others will come each round, so keep rolling a d20 each round regardless, but the encounter table changes (see below).
D20: Encounter
1:       The Owl Bear from area #34 (roll to see if the party is surprised)*
2:       A Gray Ooze from #33 (roll to see if the party is surprised)**
3-5:    2d6 Giant Rats (roll to see if the party is surprised).  There are 20 giant rats in total***
6-20:  No encounter this round
20 Giant Rats: Hp:4 A:0 D:+1 Dmg:d3 (bite + Disease:15%/bite) S:2′ long Mv:40′ Exp:20
*If rats or the ooze are attacking the party, the Owl Bear shows up on a 1-4 on a d20, instead of just a 1.
**The Ooze will not come if combat starts with the rats or the owl bear.
***Once there’s combat, more Giant Rats show up on a 5-10 on a d20, instead of 3-5.
33G:  Shallow Pool: This is the lair of 3 Gray Oozes.
Room Description: This portion of the cavern is very wet and all of the walls and the floor have a sheen from the dampness.  There is a large pool of what appears to be shallow water and you can see a few white fish swimming therein. You also see in the water what looks like a jewel-encrusted goblet.
There are 3 Gray Oozes in this place (2 if 1 has already been encountered in Area #32). Each player has only a 1 in 20 chance of spotting an Ooze, unless using a pole to prod the area before the pool, or unless 2 or more torches are held aloft so as to fully light the ceiling area.
The 2 that are always here are the one at the south edge of the pool and the one on the ceiling in the southwestern portion of the area. The 3rd Gray Ooze, if present, will be on the ceiling to the left of the entrance.
Combat Strategy: 
If the party is unaware of the Gray Oozes here, they wait until the party tries to get the goblet in the water.
Then they attack. The ones on the ceiling will drop down (surprise) on an unsuspecting victim.  
When they attack, the one on the ground only does 1d8 points of damage on the first round (2d8 halved), but that players footwear is destroyed. Thereafter, attacks do 2d8, or 1d8 and armor is destroyed. 
Metal armor will be destroyed after 2 hits. Weapons will be destroyed after hitting an Ooze 2 times, but damaged with each hit. They strike like snakes when attacking.
Gray Ooze: Lv:3 Hp:15 A:+3 D:+2 Dmg:2d8 SA: destroys armor/wp S:3′ wide, 7′ long Mv:5’ Exp:300
Spell Resistance: Spells do not harm it, but lightning does full damage. They are immune to cold & fire.
Treasure: Jewel-encrusted Goblet: It’s worth 400sp.
34G: Owl Bear’s Den: This is the den of the dreaded Owl Bear. He’s not here at night (he’s out hunting).
Room Description: This is another empty cave. The Owl Bear sleeps during the day in the most southerly part of its den, on a huge pile of sticks and bones, and is awake in the late afternoon hours in its cave.
It’s currently digesting a meal of Gnoll that’s its partially eaten, that it just caught at dawn.
The Owl Bear: Lv:5 Hp:30 A:+5 D:+3 Dmg:d6+2/d6+2/2d6+2 SA:Hug:2d8 S:8′ Mv:40’ Exp:500
Stats: S:19 D:10 C:17 I:5 W:5 CH:4 (Primary: Physical)
Treasure: The Owl Bear has no treasure, but amidst the pile of sticks and bones it sleeps on is a bone tube (1 in 6 chance of noticing it for each person searching the pile). This check is made each time a person searches the pile. 
In the tube is a scroll: protection from undead.
Anyone may read the scroll. It’s some form of protection. Using Read Magic will reveal the exact nature of the scroll. Reading it aloud will activate it and put up a protective 10’ radius circle that keeps all undead creatures at bay. 
The magic lasts for 3 turns +2d4 turns. (Treasure Exp: 400 points. User Exp: 200 points)

Area H: The Bugbears Lair

The bugbears were not happy here at first, because they wanted a bigger cave, but the clerics assured them they’ll build more as soon as they’re able to, but it’s going to take some time, so they need to be patient. They’ve adjusted to their place and are fine now, though still somewhat disgruntled that they didn’t get a bigger cave to begin with.
Bugbears: Lv:3 Hp:18 A:+4 D:+3 (+4/+5)* Dmg:2d4+3 flail, d6+4 mace Mv:30′ S:7′ Exp:150
Average Male Stats: S:18 D:12 C:13 I:8 W:7 CH:5 (Primary: Physical)
Female Bugbears: Lv:2 Hp:12 A:+2 D:+2 Dmg:d6+2 (mace) Mv:30′ S:6’8″ Exp:80
Average Female Stats: S:14 D:10 C:12 I:8 W:7 CH:5 (Primary: Physical)
their defense is due to their ‘natural’ armor & their shoddy bugbear scale armor that they typically wear
* this ‘defense’ is normally +4 while using a flail or mace, but can rise to +5 with a shield
Treasure Carried: Male Bugbears carry 2d6-3cp, d10-3sp. Females carry 2d6-4cp, d4-1sp
Special Ability: Surprise: Under normal circumstances bugbears surprise others 6 in 12, while they themselves are only surprised 2 in 12.
Cave Entrance: There are signs beside the entrance to this cave in kobold, orcish & goblin. 
Each says: ‘Safety & security for all humanoids who enter – WELCOME!  Come in and report to the first guard on the left for a hot meal and bed assignment’. Though they think this is clever of them, the clerics, rather than try to reason with bugbears, instead told everyone to never go in their cave and run away if you ever see them out here. This they understood.
35H:  Guard Room: 3 male Bugbears are here. They are lounging on stools near a smoking brazier which has skewers of meat roasting over the coals.
Room Description: There are 3 cots on the south wall and a table with a bench on the west wall. 
On the table is a small barrel half full of ale & 3 crude mugs, along with some bread, cheese & a dried herb (catnip: the Bugbears love it)
All of the food & drink is of good quality (fit for human consumption).
In the SW corner is a large gong (see below).
Combat Strategy:  
When they see the party they rise up, grab a skewer of meat & approach them.  One grabs and eats a chunk, and then they offer the skewers to the party members, holding them out, as if inviting them to come join them in their feast.
Now see how the party reacts. If any reach for a skewer, the Bugbears attack with them (+2A due to surprise) doing d4+2 points of damage (this is a free surprise attack, so +2 to their attack rolls). Then they grab their mace & attack.
Any who don’t reach must roll to see if they’re surprised (6 in 12), to avoid a surprise attack (meaning they can also attack back this round). At this point, the Bugbears can’t be surprised.
Smiting the Gong: 
If the battle goes badly, one will try to smite the gong to warn the others in the complex & then will either continue to battle & try to survive until help comes or pretend to surrender, stall for time, claiming that they just sounded the “gong of surrender” & now everybody else will come & surrender.  
Of course this ‘plan’ will most likely not work.
Smiting the Gong will bring the bugbears from areas #39 in 2 rounds, #38 in 3, and the Chief from #36 in 4.
36H: Bugbear Chieftain’s Room: This is the quarters of Narlath, the Bugbear Chief & his female companion.
This tough old Bugbear has incredible strength & cunning & will use every means available to him to stay alive, even betraying his own kind if he has to (see below).
Room Description: The furnishings of the room are battered & crude. There is a shelf on the south wall that contains only clothing & junk. The table in the NE corner has mugs & a small opened cask of ale (half full).  
Their bed is heaps of cloth & hides, piled up in the SW corner.
If the room is carefully searched the party will spot a gray chest (see treasure below) stuck up on a ledge near the ceiling in the NW corner. The gray makes it hard to see as it blends in with the walls.
Combat Strategy: 
If he has time, the Chief will grab his Large Shield & the Hand Axe on the wall (see below). He will first throw the axe & then engage in melee. If necessary he will surrender & swear his loyalty to the party.
He fully intends to double cross them at the first opportunity, but he will do everything in his power to convince them that he’s telling the truth & will even kill a Bugbear, if it means saving his own skin, but he would only do such a horrible thing to prevent his own death.
His mate will fight by his side & go where he goes.
Narlath, Bugbear Chief: Lv:5 Hp:25 A:+6 D:+5 Dmg:2d4+5 flail Surp:6in12 S:7’5″ Mv:30′ Exp:470
Stats: S:18(90) D:13 C:16 I:9 W:8 CH:8 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Bugbear Scale, Large Shield, Flail, Special Hand Axe (see Treasure below)
He has the following Fighter Skills:
Attack & Defense Skill, Fleeing Shot, & Knockdown
Female: Lv:3 Hp:13 A:+3 D:+3 Dmg: 2d4+1 flail Surp:6in12 S:6’10” Mv:30′ Exp.130
Stats: S:15 D:12 C:13 I:8 W:7 CH:5 (Primary: Physical)
Treasure Carried: His pouch has 29gp and 3 50sp green gems & the key to room #37.
The Female Bugbear has 10cp, 9sp & a nice pair of silver earrings worth 50sp
Treasure: There are 6 pieces of silk mixed up in the bedding, worth 20sp each.
The Gray Chest contains 1,462cp, a 30 pound statue of a dragon made of alabaster and ivory worth 200sp and
2 potions: Healing and Levitation
Hand Axe: There is a beautiful hand axe on the east wall (worth 50sp), which the chief will grab, if he’s able.  
It’s not magical, but due to its craftsmanship, the wielder receives a +1A when throwing it, and the bugbear has a +5 strength bonus, so A:+7 & dmg:d6+5.
37H: Food Storage Room: The heavy door is locked (chief has key). Breaking the lock or smashing the door will bring Bugbears from area #35 &/or the Chief from area #36.
Room Description: Inside this room are 8 crates, a stack of 20 leather hides, 11 barrels and 1 small keg. 
A small shield sits upside down on a table.  It’s being used as a tray to hold a heap of dried herbs (catnip; something Bugbears relish)
Combat Strategy:  
If the party attracts Bugbears here & melee ensues, and the battle turns against them, the Chief will speak in their native language & order them to retreat to warn the others, while he goes back to his room & escapes through the secret door. The Bugbears, if able, will go to areas #38 & #39 & try to attack the party from both sides. If they are unable to flee, they will surrender.
8 Crates: High quality dried or salted foodstuffs 10sp/crate
6 Barrels: Ale – 10sp/barrel
5 Barrels: Wine – 20sp/barrel
Keg: Oil – 20 flask capacity – 10sp
(The total monetary value is how much they can sell it for at the Keep)
Small Magic Shield: This small shield is magical. It offers only normal defense, but against undead its wearer is immune to some special undead attacks. You’re immune from undead attacks that make you nauseous or paralyze you, but not from level drain & you still take damage normally.
38H: Bugbear Room: Quartered here are 4 males, 4 females & 3 young.
Room Description: Piles of bedding are all along the south wall. Crates & Boxes along the west wall hold dirty clothes, junk & foodstuffs. There’s a large table with 2 benches near the east wall with mugs & good foodstuffs.
Plenty of wood near the fireplace along with the remains of some cooked animal (a boar) & a water pail.
Next to the fireplace is a blackened urn. It’s silver, but they won’t notice that at first. It may have had value but now it looks worthless.
Combat Strategy:  
All will fight, but if 1 of the males fall, the rest will attempt to flee outside, or surrender if they have to.  
The Bugbears surprise ability can be negated if the party approaches quietly. 
They could even surprise the Bugbears, though that chance might remain just 2 in 12.
If the Bugbears are aware of their approach they’ll try to melee with them on the ‘slope’ giving them ‘higher ground’.
Treasure: The silver urn is worth 100sp, but it’s been blackened by soot and won’t appear valuable without close inspection.
39H: Guard Room: Quartered here are 3 males & 3 females and 2 young. These Bugbears are busy tending to the prisoners, so if the party is quiet, roll for surprise normally (not 6 in 12). If not, roll for surprise with the Bugbears normal chances (6 in 12). If they hear the party coming, go to Combat Strategy below.
Room Description: There are bedrolls in the SE corner, 2 benches & a long table in the middle of the room, a water pail by the bench, and sacks of foodstuffs scattered here and there. On the table is a barrel of good Ale, half full, along with crude mugs. Keys to #40 & #41 are on the wall, opposite the stairs.
Both corridors to the slave pens have meal sacks and small crates and barrels of provisions along their length.
10 Sacks: Bread & Cheese (food for the prisoners).
8 Crates: Salted Meat & Vegetables (food for the Bugbears & rewards for obedient prisoners).
6 Barrels: 3 Water, 1 watered down wine, & 1 Honey Mead that they use to tempt prisoners.
None are of any resale value as they’ve all been opened & tampered with.
Combat Strategy:  
If they are aware of the party coming down the stairs, they will hurl spears (party has higher ground) & then try to engage them at the entrance to the room (attempting to get flank attacks or possibly even rear ones)
Like other areas, if 1 of the males fall, the rest will flee outside, or surrender, if no other option is available.
40H: Slave Pen: The iron door is secured by a bar, chain, and heavy padlock. Inside is a litter of straw, a bucket and the following slaves (they are chained to the wall with a common chain and a heavy padlock)
The Clerics are not aware yet that they have taken prisoners from the other tribes.
1 kobold: Hp: 4 (2) from caves ‘A’ (current hit points are in parenthesis)
2 orcs: Hp: 8 (3) from caves ‘B’
1 goblin: Hp: 6 (2) from caves ‘D’
2 humans: Hp: 6 (3) 0 level henchmen, headed for the Keep, looking for work.
2 elves: Hp: 8 (4) 1st. level Elven Warriors, headed for the Keep, looking for adventure.
1 dwarf: Hp: 14 (6) 2nd level Warrior who was traveling east with a small caravan, from the Keep. Once out of these caves, he will continue on east, unless he’s asked to join. He has no way to repay the party for rescuing him & he desires to meet up with other Dwarves, but he will serve for a while if asked, because that’s the least he could do.
If rescued, the humans & elves (& the dwarf, if asked) will serve the party in any way they can, if provided with armor and weapons, food & healing. The monsters will serve as well, but will escape at first opportunity, but they will swear loyalty until then & will even help, until the chance to escape becomes apparent.
41H:  Slave Pen: This is the same as #41 above, but with the following prisoners:
3 Hobgoblins: Hp: 10 (4) from the caves
2 Gnolls: Hp: 14 (6) from the caves
1 Bugbear: Hp: 18 (9) a renegade named Nog (see below).
1 Human: Hp: 35 (19) a Huge 4th level evil berserker (see below). He claims he was adventuring alone & was captured (partially true).

Nog, the bugbear: He is a renegade and hates his fellow bugbears. The chief ordered that he be locked up until he comes to his senses. He will prove his loyalty to the party, if given the chance, and help the party fight the bugbears, though he doesn’t really want to kill any of his brothers or sisters, but he will if that will convince them. He will even travel with them and serve them, if he’s taken care of and given some food and weapons and such. He seeks to find bugbears that will listen to him and turn from their evil ways (good luck with that).

4th Level Evil Berserker: This huge human is a seeming wild-man, with mighty muscles. His name is Bartholomew, but he hates that name & says that his name is Bartho. He will help the party fight, when he’s not going berserk. He tells them he became this way shortly after being captured. He believes he’s cursed (he’s lying). In fact, he’s just evil and is a berserker and can’t control himself when in combat. He’s always been prone to a berserker rage and probably always will be. He’s a 4th level berserker, who will seek to slay his rescuers and take their treasure for himself, but will help them for now, until he sees a way to do so.
Bartho, the Chaotic Evil Berserker: 30, 6’5″ 260lbs, with black shaggy hair and beard and dark blue eyes
Lvl:4 Hp:36 A:+5 D:+1 Dmg: by weapon +4 Exp:440 (1/4 if he has no wp/armor)
Stats: S:18(52) D:14 C:16 I:12 W:11 CH:9 (Primary: Physical)
SA: Berserker Rage: After 2 rounds of melee, he must make an Int save (CL:0) every round or go Berserk.
Once Berserk, he will attack anyone & everyone for 3-6 rounds. Each round he will attack a random creature that’s relatively close by, not necessarily the closest one. Roll for all possible targets each round.
Berserker Rage: +2A, -2D, +2dmg.

Bugbear Attack

When the party leaves the bugbear caves, 4 bugbears will be returning from hunting (roll for surprise for both the party and the bugbears).  They have a half-dead human (future slave) and a dead wild boar (future meal) with them.
The human is a normal man (5hp, currently 0) who got caught, as his small caravan fled the bugbears (he tripped). In his purse are 40cp and 30sp (they haven’t taken it yet).
The bugbears will attack, but flee if things look grim. They each have a short bow & around 15 arrows.
Each bugbear also has the following gear: 3 Iron Spikes, 50’ rope, a dagger, a hand axe, a large sack, a large belt pouch which contains 4d6cp, 2d4sp and some bread and cheese, 2 waterskins (1 contains ale).
If the man is rescued, he will offer them half his money as a reward and ask if he can stay with them until he’s safe. He would prefer to be taken back to a town or the Keep, but will stay with the party rather than travel alone. He politely asks if he could please borrow a weapon, he’d love a ranged weapon too & some armor, preferably plate mail & a shield, preferably a large one (he’s not stupid).
(If the party does not take any of his money, they each get 25 experience points for such a noble gesture)

Area I: The Caves of Torneck, the Minotaur

Before the clerics had all the ‘caves’ built, the only caves that were here were the minotaur’s natural caves and the natural caves that are now the owl bears den. He has no problem with the other creatures being here, but he also has no problem eating them, but as long as they stay away from him, he leaves them alone. So far he’s only killed and eaten 1 orc and 2 goblins, so the clerics consider this a success. The other creatures here were either too quick (gnolls) or too smart (kobolds), or just stayed away regardless (everyone else). He respects the owl bear though, because he knows that it fears nothing, so he steers clear, because though he’s powerful enough to defeat it, it’s not worth the risk. Most nights he climbs up the ravine to the west and hunts, or just hangs out in the forest.
Immediately upon entering this place, the party will feel slightly dizzy, due to the great stench that permeates throughout the entire place, making it easy to get turned around while exploring these caves. You see a bunch of copper coins scattered all over the floor here, as though someone just tossed them on the ground.
There’s 163 copper coins here, scattered all over the floor. Torneck throws copper coins here as he doesn’t want them. Many have been stolen by wandering monsters who managed to leave this place alive.
If the party rests in any of these caves, they will be attacked by Torneck & most likely by surprise (base 8 in 12 chance). Any of the other monsters that are here might attack first though, depending on where they’re resting & which monsters are still alive.
42I: Stirges Cave: There are 9 of these flying monsters here. Because they’re so hungry, they will be squeaking and hooting to one another, so the party won’t be surprised. The party will most likely think there might be bats up ahead. The Stirges attack any intruders immediately. The cave is empty.
9 Stirges: Lvl:2 Hp:8 A:+4 D:+1 Dmg:1-3+drain blood Mv:90′ Fly S:S Exp:70
SA: Drain Blood:d4/r until it drains 12hp. Then it flies away.
43I: Fire Beetles: 3 dwell in this area and 3 more from area #44 will arrive after 1 round of combat. They too are hungry and will hasten to attack anyone entering their area.
Fire Beetles: Lvl:2 Hp:10 A:+2 D:+4 Dmg:2d4 Mv:40′ S:2’6″ long Exp: 60
44I: Fire Beetles: 3 dwell here and 3 more from area #43 will arrive after 1 round of combat.
Combat Strategy: The Fire Beetles will try to attack the party at the 4-way intersection, between their 2 caves (see map). They will come from all 4 passages, if possible.
45I: The Minotaur: This is the lair of the great minotaur, Torneck. He & the owl bear are the most feared creatures here, though Torneck has become kind of a legend amongst the creatures of the Caves of Chaos.
Combat Strategy:  
This huge monster will move quickly to attack the party the moment he’s aware of their presence & he will chase them wherever they flee, but if they escape he will try to track them.
The Minotaur can only be surprised on a 2 in 12. He will rarely throw his spear, preferring to melee with it, doing d8+6 (+5 for his great strength). Each round the Minotaur can attack with his horns & spear or his bite & spear.
If his bite hits, he can hold his victim in his jaws & do d6+2 damage/round, but then can only attack with his spear for half damage (d8+6/2) while holding a victim in his jaws, & his defense suffers a -2 penalty against other opponents, while the person trapped in his jaws suffers a -3 to their attacks & does 1/3 damage.
Possible ways to break free would be attempting to hit the minotaur in his eyes, or something similar, but an additional -2 attack penalty would apply then.
Torneck: Lv:6 Hp:41 A:+7(+8) D:+5 Dmg:2d4+2 gore, d6+2 bite, d8+6 +1 spear S:8′ M:42′ Ex:630
Stats: S:18(95) D:13 C:17 I:8 W:8 CH:4 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Great Chainmail Coat (+3D), +1 Magic Spear.
Attacks: Gore & Spear, or Bite & Spear (he will only bite if he wants to hold his prey)
Room Description: The cave here has skulls and bones that Torneck has arranged in a decorative pattern at all 4 entrances. He did this to mess with intruders heads & instill fear in them. Also, he enjoys decorating his cave in this manner. When the party sees this, whether they flee or stay, he will move to attack.
Minotaur’s Treasure: His +1 spear. His Great Chainmail Coat is worth 300sp, but who will buy it?
All of his treasure is behind a slab of stone (secret door), that will take at least 3 people to move it & 1 person to make an Int check (CL:5) to figure out where to properly grasp it, to be able to move it.
Inside are the following:
1 locked chest with a poison needle in the lock (A Dex save CL:4 avoids the needle). Failure means you’re poisoned: The poison makes you very weak (physical attributes are halved, rounded down) and you lose 1hp/hour until dead (Con save avoids the hp loss for that hour & the next Con save for this gets a +1 bonus but failure gives a -1 penalty to the next attempt. This effect is cumulative).
The chest contains 530sp and 64gp. 
Also in this cave are the following:
A human-sized suit of banded armor
An elf-sized or half-elf sized suit of splint mail (a small or female human could wear it)
2 Large shields
1 Locked Coffer: contains 5 potion bottles with labels: (gaseous form, healing – it’s actually poison, as above – growth, haste, extra-healing).
1 Locked Chest: contains 3 pieces of jewelry worth 200sp (bracelet), 300sp (necklace), and 500sp (necklace)
1 Staff of Bleeding: This staff gives no bonuses to hit, but when you hit an opponent (who bleeds), you heal 1 point of damage (even poison damage) and the creature takes 1 point of damage, in addition to the d8 that the staff normally inflicts.  If all damage from poison is healed in this manner, the poison is neutralized. (This staff will not work against any undead.  In fact, if you hit an undead with it, after doing damage, it heals the undead 1 point and drains you of 1hp, and this ‘drain’ can only be healed magically).

Area J: The Gnolls Lair

The gnolls are the happiest bunch of all, for they are high up in the ravine, away from all the others, and close to the temple, which makes them feel safe (the best of both worlds, in their eyes). They love their cave and love hunting in the forest at night. What’s not to love? Unfortunately, to their shock, the owl bear just recently caught and killed one of them, so now they’re very alert… and scared.
Gnolls: Lv:2 Hp:14 A:+3 D:+2 (+3/+4)* Dmg:2d4+2 flail, d8 long bow Mv:40′ S:6’8″ Exp:90
Average Male Stats: S:16 D:13 C:13 I:7 W:7 CH:6 (Primary: Physical)
Female Gnolls: Lv:1 Hp:9 A:+1 D:+2 Dmg:2d4 flail Mv:40′ S:6’4″ Exp:60
Average Female Stats: S:12 D:12 C:13 I:7 W:7 CH:6 (Primary: Dex/Con)
their defense is due to their ‘natural’ armor & their shoddy gnoll leather armor that they typically wear
* this ‘defense’ is normally +4 while using a flail, but can rise to +5 with a shield
Treasure Carried: Male Gnolls carry d12-2cp & d6-2sp.  Females carry d8-2cp.
All the gnolls are on high alert, now that the owl bear caught and killed one of them
Gnoll Combat Strategy:
The Gnolls who live in these caves, like most humanoids here, will attempt to flee any battle that’s not going well & they’ll surrender, if they have no other options, but due to their agility, especially outdoors, these Gnolls receive a +2 bonus when attempting to flee a battle & when trying to get a fleeing shot against someone who’s fleeing them, & even if they do surrender, finding a good moment to flee shouldn’t be too hard. Once they flee though, they will mount a counterattack, circling around & attempt to ambush the party outdoors.
Cave Entrance: The entry into this place is a small cave, & only at the end will worked stone be visible.
46J:  Guard Room: There are 4 Gnolls here. Because they’re now scared and alert, only 3 play (see room description) while 1 watches the cave entrance. They rotate often, as they hate watching the entrance. They just want to play and rest, mostly.
Room Description: In the center of the room is a large table with 4 stools with salted meat, cheese, 4 mugs & a small barrel of ale on it. In the NW corner is a barrel of water and a small crate with more food. Several hides & pelts are on the floor by the south wall. On the north wall, on the eastern section, is a large piece of round wood that is pretty flat, with several arrows in it.  There are markings on the wood, breaking it into sections (a sort of Gnoll Dartboard)
There’s also a small table up against the north wall, in the middle, with several badly battered mugs on it. 
A couple are knocked over & a couple are on the ground. Several rocks are on the ground nearby.
Combat Strategy:   
At the first sight of intruders entering their lair, the one watching will fire arrows while 2 more will move to also fire arrows, or melee, while the other gnoll runs to the stairs & calls for help. 2 males from #47 & 2 from #49 will come to help, while the others will alert the chief & plan an ambush at the bottom of the stairs. It will take 1 round for the gnoll to run & alert the others & 1 round to get back. The other 4 will arrive 2 rounds after they’re alerted.
If the party flees, the gnolls will pursue, loving the hunt & being outdoors, despite the owl bear
47J: Guard Room: 3 males & 5 females are here, guarding the armory (#48).
Room Description: There are 2 tables with stools, 1 in the middle of each area (see map). On the tables are mugs of ale & food (meat, bread, cheese & vegetables). There’s 2 crates of food & a barrel of ale & water in the SE corner. Hides & pelts serve as bedding on the south wall. There’s a small pile of gnoll clothes near the bedding. There are also hides & pelts hanging on the wall (see ‘Treasure’, below).
Combat Strategy: 
The 7 shields will be taken from the armory & distributed to the 7 remaining male Gnolls. Each will take a Hand Axe as well, for throwing. The shields are large in size. The 3 long bows & arrows will be taken as well.
The 3 males will fire arrows when the party comes down the stairs. The 5 females are hidden, waiting to melee.
2 males & 4 females will be in the eastern corridor, near the stairs (20’ away). They will throw axes, if the party doesn’t run north to attack. If so, they will move to attack from the rear. Ideally, they’d like to get 2 by the stairs & fight the party from 3 positions. 
The Chief & his group will remain at Area #50, but will move down the corridor when they hear combat.
If the battle goes badly they will try to retreat to #49. If this happens the Chief will wait down the eastern corridor & any remaining gnolls from #47 will come from the west in an attempt to attack them here from 3 positions, or 2 if they get into the room, though in the room they will try to attack from both sides (flanking).
Treasure: One of the hides on the wall is a sable cloak worth 250sp, but they’ll only notice it as valuable if they search through all the hides and pelts.
48J: Locked Storage Room: This chamber serves both as a storeroom & small armory.
Room Description: On the east wall on racks are 7 large shields (possibly gone), a suit of dwarf-sized chain mail, 12 hand axes (possibly 7 are gone), 3 long bows (possibly gone), 5 quivers of arrows (possibly 3 are gone), and a long sword.
It radiates magic, but it’s cursed (see below).
There are 5 barrels of really good ale worth 5sp each, 3 of water, & 1 of cheap wine.
There are 6 crates of rations & vegetables. There are 4 sacks of bread & cheese, and 5 boxes of salted meat.
Cursed Magic Sword: The magical long sword is cursed. Once it is used in battle, after combat ends, it fuses to its wearers hand. The bearer of this sword does not have to fight (they are not compelled) but they don’t have a lot of options. The sword is -1A and damage, but in addition it also confers a -1D rating to its user, whether a shield is used or not. Also, any bonuses to attack and damage (due to strength, dexterity, etc.) are halved, rounded down. 
Multiple attack abilities are lost as well as weapon skills, like attack and defense skill, disarm, knockdown, etc.
In addition to a remove curse, the user must also break a sword that they own (even if they have to go buy one to do so). The caster of the remove curse will know this after they cast the spell. Only then will the curse be broken and the sword will fall out of their hand. If anyone picks it up within the next 24 hours, it magically fuses to their hand and they are now cursed.  Otherwise, the curse only works as stated above (after combat).
The barrel of exceptionally fine aleOne of the barrels of ale is leaking slightly and it smells delicious. 
The closest person to it must make a Wis check (CL:2) or taste the ale. Then the next closest person, then the next. If one fails, the next saves at -1. If one succeeds, the next saves at +1. When they taste it, they will love it. It really does taste good. They must now make another Wis check (CL:5) or keep drinking until they’re drunk. 
Once one person starts getting drunk, any who haven’t tried it, must make another check (CL:-2) to avoid the temptation, or they too start drinking until they’re drunk.
49J: Gnoll Room: Quartered here are 6 males, 8 females & 12 young.
Room Description: In the room are 2 tables, each with benches. Mugs & food are on them. There are shelves on the back wall with clothing & battered bowls & jars. Hides & pelts are at both ends for bedding. Some hang on the walls too. There’s 1 barrel of ale & 2 of water here. There are some dirty playing cards on 1 table. Nothing of any value is here.
Combat Strategy:  
Refer to areas #46-47 for combat strategy. The young stay here during battle & might even attempt to fight, but flee the moment one of them is killed.
50J: Gnoll Chieftain’s Room: This is the quarters of Drorlik the Gnoll Chief, his 2 sons & 4 females.
Room Description: Hides & pelts lay along the east wall. There’s a fireplace in the east wall, south corner. 
A half-eaten pig sits in a huge pot in the fireplace. In the SW corner is a large crude table with crude benches.  
On it are 7 battered plates & mugs, 2 pitchers (1 of Ale & 1 of Water). On the plates are slabs of boar meat, vegetables, cheese & bread. There’s a serving tray that has more of the same. A barrel of Ale & Water are on a shelf nearby.
All of the food & drink tastes very good. The furnishings here, like all the others, are crude & battered.
Combat Strategy:  
Refer to areas #47 for combat strategy. If Drorlik feels his life is in danger he will flee. If he flees, everyone will flee, screaming as they run.  If he is trapped, he will offer to serve the party.
Drorlik can be bought. If paid well & offered food & protection, he will remain loyal to the party, but only if all gnolls still alive are spared. He values the life of a gnoll over any other humanoid & would never betray them, other than to flee from battle to save his hide. He will even offer his lair as sanctuary for the party, & if they agree an alliance will be formed where the gnolls & the party will co-exist together, even to the point of having several adventures with the party.
At this point he will tell them about the clerics who rule here in the evil temple cave. He’ll take them there, but he’s never been inside. He has no problem betraying the clerics, especially after the owl bear ate one of his kin.
Drorlik, Gnoll Chieftain: Lv:4 Hp:20 A:+6 D:+7 Dmg:2d4+4 flail S:7′ Mv:30′ Exp: 360
Stats: S:18(65) D:13 C:16 I:8 W:8 CH:9 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Pieces of Plate Mail (people won’t be able to wear it), Lg. Shield, Flail
2 Chief’s Sons: Lv:3 Hp:17 A:+4 D:+5 Dmg:2d4+3 flail S:6’10” Mv:30’ Exp:160
Stats: S:18 D:14 C:14 I:7 W:7 CH:6 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Gnoll armor, Large Shield, Flail
4 Females: Lv:2 Hp:11 A:+2 D:+3 Dmg:d8+1 spear S:6’6″ Mv:30’ Exp:80
Stats: S:14 D:12 C:12 I:7 W:7 CH:6 (Primary: Physical)
Treasure Carried: He carries 50sp in his belt pouch. He wears a pair of silver armbands (worth 20sp each)
His sons each have 2d6+8cp & d6+6sp.
4 Females: Each wears a silver neck chain worth 25sp and has 2d4cp&sp.
Treasure: A large metal pot beneath a flagstone in the fireplace alcove hides 203cp, 87sp, 20ep, and 10gp
The passage beyond the secret door: Just inside the entrance are the remains of a human. 1 of his legs looks broken and his leather armor looks rotten and his short sword looks badly corroded. His body looks badly eaten (he’s more skeleton now than human). 
Treasure on the dead human: Oddly enough, in his purse are 12 50sp gems and his filthy boots, on his now mostly boney feet, are Magical Elven Boots. The wearer of these boots can move as silently as a 9th level rogue. They also add +6 to any checks to avoid slipping or losing ones footing, or for balancing checks. When falling, the boots decrease the damage that would be taken, as well as the chance of injuries, by one fourth (rounded up).
Unfortunately for the party, each person has a +15% chance of having contracted a disease from being in here. 
That chance rises to +35% if they searched the body in any way.

Area K: The Temple of Talona

The clerics here oversee all the activity of all the creatures who live in “their caves”, since they’re the ones who built them, with hired help of course, which took a very long time to complete. Now they have turned their attention to the Keep nearby and the travelers on the road, to and from the Keep. Their main goal now is to one day attack and take over the operations of the Keep, which they will accomplish by using all the monsters in the “caves of chaos”. Once the caves were finished, they patrolled the ravine daily, for they knew adventurers would come, in search of treasure and glory, though now that 2 adventuring parties were easily defeated, they’ve become a little over-confident and don’t patrol it as often as they used to. That and they also have a loyal following of many locals from nearby villages to the north who come here once/month in secret to worship the evil goddess Talona, and receive “her blessings” (see area 55K for more details).
All Skeletons and Zombies in the Temple are clad in filthy red and black striped uniforms that’s worn over their armor, and unless otherwise stated, have the following statistics:
Evil Magic Item: They all wear an Amulet of Protection: +3HD vs turning Undead.
Skeletons: HD:1 Hp:7 A:+1 D:+6 Dmg:d8-1 SD: Undead, 1/2 dmg from edged weapons S:6′ M:40 Ex:70
Gear: Tattered Chainmail, Shield, Rusty Scimitars do -1dmg
Zombies: HD:2 Hp:12 A:+2 D:+3 Dmg:d6+3 (Cleaver-like Battle Axe) SD: Undead S:6′ M:20 Exp:90
Gear: Tattered Chainmail and a Cleaver-like Battle Axe
Cave Entrance: A faint, foul draft issues from the 20′ wide cave mouth. Once they enter the cave, a dim awareness of lurking evil will pervade their senses. The 20’ wide corridors, & chambers, have red strata intertwined with bulging black and purple veins running through the hewn rock walls. These wide corridors are deathly still. The stone floor is smooth & worn.
Their footsteps will echo alarmingly in these vaulted halls (+2 chance of being surprised & no chance to surprise anyone), unless extreme care is taken to muffle such sounds.
Continual noise like this will attract a group of 8 Zombie Guards. There are 8 more that could be encountered again like this. Any battle near a room with occupants will probably bring them forth.
The first time they are encountered, those with no immunities or defenses against normal fear must make a Wis save (CL:0) or back away, trembling with fright.
If the party is totally silent & listening, those with exceptional hearing will hear a faint groaning sound, and a shrill piping sound is also occasionally heard, but it’s barely perceptible. If they do this, give everyone 20 exp. & those with exceptional hearing get 20 more exp. (because they’re the ones who heard it)
The party will receive experience points for any evil items that are destroyed
Except for Raysha, the clerics here may flee from a battle, but will never surrender
51K:  Alternate Entrance: This corridor ascends & runs some 100′ before ending at a pair of double doors that are barred from the inside. The doors are very thick & sturdy. An Ogre would have a hard time breaking them open. On the other side is a small cave exiting outside. This is the alternate entrance into the Temple. There’s a narrow well worn path leading up to this cave that heads northwest & then turns north. If the party follows it, it runs north for a half mile or so before reaching a dirt path (trail) which runs west, north & east. All 3 roads lead to small villages, that are 1-2 miles down the trail. Several people from each village are now secret followers of Talona & this is their secret temple. This is the path they travel to visit the temple once a month (see area #55).
52K:  Hall of Skeletons: You see 6 skeletons sitting against the west wall & six against the east wall. 
They are motionless and any attempts to turn them will fail, while in this non-animated state. 
They will animate if one or more is attacked, or if someone touches the dais or throne chair, unless they are robed in temple garb.
Room Description: This huge & unusual chamber has a dais and throne-like chair at the south end. 
It is set with 4 large red gems. Other than that it is completely empty, save the skeletons.
Treasure: Each large red gem is worth 350sp. A rogue probably will have no problem prying the gems off the chair. Others can do it too, but it will take a while longer & they’ll probably (75%) scratch them, lowering their value to 250 or lower. The rogue might scratch them (25%), but can avoid it with a Dex check (CL:3), but even if he fails, the value is only lowered to 250-300sp. 
53K: Zombie Guards: 8 or 16 Zombies are always here. There are a total of 16 Zombies who roam the 20’ corridors. Unless all 16 have been killed through random encounters (see cave entrance above), they will be here, but 8 will be here regardless.  Anyone entering will be attacked unless they are robed in temple garb.
54K: Adepts Chamber: There are 4 Adepts here: 2 men and 2 women (2nd level clerics), dressed in reddish-brown robes, with black hoods. They wear banded armor & have shields nearby & the leader wears an amulet of protection from good (+2D & saving throws against ‘good’ creatures). 
They move to the sounds of battle in the corridor (see 54K(a) below).
Room Description: Their room contains 4 hard pallets, a brazier, a table, 4 stools, a cabinet with clothing, a water pail, and a flagon of wine and 4 mugs. There’s also food on the table and a crate with more food. 
All the food is of good quality, salted meat, bread, cheese, vegetables, grain.
3 Adepts: Lv:2 Hp:10 A:+0 D:+5 (Banded/Shield)  Dmg:d6+1 (Mace) SA: Spells Exp:90
Stats: S:13 D:13 C:13 I:14 W:14 Ch:11 (Primary: Mental)
Spells: lv:0 (n/a), Lv:1 (4 each) (Cure Lt, Bless, Prot./Good, Shield of Faith) (Light, Prot./Good, Cure Lt, Curse)
(Curse, Cure Lt, Sound Burst, Bless)
Head Adept (female): Lv:2 Hp:12 A:+0 D:+7 (+2 Amulet of Prot/Good) Dmg:d6+1 (Mace) Exp:100
Stats: S:13 D:13 C:14 I:14 W:15 Ch:12 (Primary: Mental)
Spells: lv:0 (n/a), Lv:1 (5) Darkness, Command, Sanctuary, Cause Fear, Curse
Treasure Carried: Each Adept has 4d6+10cp & 2d6+10sp (the leader has 43cp & 25sp)
54K(a): In-between the rooms with the 2nd and 3rd level Clerics is a 20’x50′ room with 8 Acolytes – 4 men and 4 women (1st level Clerics) dressed in light-brown robes, with black hoods. They wear Chainmail & have Shields nearby.
They will move towards the sounds of battle. If they’re attacked, The 4 Priests and Adepts will come to help

Room Description: The room is similar to 54K, but with 8 of each item, instead of 4.

8 Acolytes: Lv:1 Hp:6 A:+0 D:+4 (Chain/Shield) Dmg:d6+1 (Mace) SA: Spells Exp:50
Stats: S:13 D:13 C:13 I:14 W:14 Ch:11 (Primary: Mental)
Spells: lv:0 (n/a), Lv:1 (3 each) (Cure Lt, Bless, Prot./Good) (Prot./Good, Cure Lt, Curse)  
(Cure Lt, Prot./Good, Bless)
Treasure Carried: Each Acolyte has 5d6cp & 2d6+2sp
55K: Chapel of Evil Chaos: The scene before you looks quite grim. This appears to be some ‘evil temple’.
Room Description: This place is of red stone, the floor being a mosaic checkerboard of black and red. 
4 black pillars support the domed ceiling some 25’ overhead. The south wall is covered by a huge tapestry which depicts a black landscape, barren trees, and unidentifiable but horrible black shapes in silhouette – possibly demons of some sort – holding aloft a struggling human. A gray sky is torn by wisps of purple clouds, and a bloody moon with a skull-like face on it that leers down upon the scene.
Between the pillars, just in front of the tapestry, is a stone altar of red veined black rock, rough-hewn
(it is stained brown with dried blood).
There are 4 bronze goblets on the stone altar and a bronze bowl. They contain: unholy water, blood, a greenish liquid & a bluish liquid (the bluish liquid is set aside from the other 3). Mixing the first 3 in the bowl will make more of the bluish liquid. The greenish liquid is made by the evil priest at #59, using evil magic.
The Greenish Liquid is a deadly poison. Con save (CL:6) or die immediately. A save equals -1hp & you’re deathly ill. You will lose 1hp/day until death, unless the poison is neutralized.
The Bluish Liquid is a special magical liquid. Drinking it will heal you of all wounds, disease, poison, etc. 
It will also permanently increase your Constitution by 1 point. The Con point bonus can only be received once.
If someone takes a drink of the bluish liquid and then takes a drink from each of the other 3, they will be immune to poison and disease for 1 month, as well as receive undead immunities, for 1 month, but without divination magic, or similar, there is no way to figure out how this works.
For many years, before she started building the caves, Raysha was very slowly and very carefully converting locals from nearby villages to the north, through use of her powerful dark magics which she came to acquire over many years of service to Talona. After she almost blew her cover twice, which would’ve caused the unconverted locals to rise up and try to destroy her, she stopped going there to try to recruit more followers.
It wasn’t worth it. Besides, she had plenty of loyal followers now, so she formed a new plan and set out to build an army of monsters who would blindly and happily obey her, in exchange for their own protected lairs/homes.
She performs a special “ritual” with these liquids once/month for all of her loyal followers. 
They all come here, to receive this ‘gift’, in exchange for their ‘gifts’. 
Hence the path at the alternate entrance, area #51, as followers come here once/month in secret, at night.
The Goblets are each worth 35sp & the bowl is worth 75sp.
56K: Priests Chamber: There are 4 Priests here – 2 men and 2 women (3rd level Clerics), each clad in a black robe with a maroon colored hood. They wear Plate Mail & have Shields nearby & each bears a mace. 
Each also wears an Amulet of Protection from Good. Their waists are circled with copper chains with skull-shaped clasps fashioned of bone.
Room Description: In the room are 4 beds, 4 small stands, a table and 4 chairs, 4 chests.
Inside the chests are clothing, books, & 4 scrolls that are of an evil nature. 
On the table are 4 copper dishes & goblets with food & drink (wine). 
There’s a cask of wine on the table as well (half full). The food is very good (meat, bread, cheese, vegetables). 
There’s also a barrel of water & mead in the room.
The 4 Evil Scrolls each have the following: One scroll is how to make Unholy Water.
The other 3 scrolls each have 3 spells:
Scroll: Curse, Cause Disease, Protection from Good
Scroll: Darkness, Cause Fear, Poison
Scroll: Cause Light Wounds, Cause Serious Wounds, Cause Critical Wounds
All 4 scrolls radiate evil. If any good cleric casts a spell from them or just reads the scroll about how to make Unholy Water, they will be inflicted with a chronic disease (abdominal) & be reduced to 1hp until a Cure Disease, or similar, is cast on them. Until then, they will be unable to function & will require bed rest.
The copper dishes and goblets are worth 200sp total.
Combat Strategy: 
The 4 Scrolls will only be used if it has been determined that a great threat is within their temple. 
If that’s the case, the clerics will each have a scroll & use them ahead of time, if able to, or when the party enters.
If not, they will proceed with the following combat strategy: 2 will cast bless, curse, on round 1, while 2 melee at the doorway.  The 2 in the back will cast command, cause fear or cure light on round 2. 
If the leader is able to, she will cast sanctuary. The back 2 will switch with the front 2, if able, so that they can cast spells, while the other 2 now melee.
If hard pressed, they will attempt to flee & strike the great bell at #58.
3 Priests: Lv:3 Hp:14 A:+1 D:+5(+7 vs good) (Plate, +2 Amulet Prot/Good) Dmg:d6+1 (Mace) Exp:170
Stats: S:13 D:13 C:13 I:14 W:15 Ch:11 (Primary: Mental)
Priest #1: Lv:1 (5) Cure Lt, Bless, Curse, Command, Cause Fear // Lv:2 (2) Hold Person, Charm Person
Priest #2: Lv:1 (5) Cause Lt, Cure Lt, Bless, Curse, Command, Darkness // Lv:2 (2) Hold Person, Aid
Priest #3: Lv:1 (5) Cause Lt, Cure Lt, Bless, Curse, Command, Cause Fear // Lv:2 (2) Charm Person, Produce Flame
Head Priest (female): Lv:3 Hp:18 A:+2 D:+6(+8 vs good) Dmg:d6+1 (Mace) SA: Spells Exp:200
Stats: S:13 D:14 C:14 I:14 W:16 Ch:13 (Primary: Mental)
Spells: Lv:1 (5) Command, Darkness, Sanctuary, Cure Lt, Sound Burst // Lv:2 (3) Hold Person, Flame Blade, Silence 15′
Gear:  All 4 have Plate Mail, +2 Amulet: Prot/Good, Mace
Treasure Carried: Each Priest has 4d6+15cp&sp, d4+2gp. The head Priest has 70cp,70sp,10gp.
The Copper Chains are each worth 40sp.
57K: Hall of 20 Undead Warriors: There are 4 files of undead here; two of 5 skeletons facing south & two of 5 zombies facing north.
Striking the great iron bell in #58 will summon forth these undead. 
They will attack any intruders, unless proper garments are worn, unless the head cleric commands them to attack. 
Of course, if anyone attacks one or more of them in #57, they attack back. Otherwise, they remain motionless.
If the party is easily able to defeat all 20 undead, consider having 10 more (5 of each) come from the south. 
Give them more hit points too, if necessary: (7-8 & 12-14hp).
58K: Temple of Evil Chaos: This huge area looks like another temple.
Room Description: It has an arched ceiling of dull black rock, some 30’ or more in height. 
The floor is of polished black stone which has swirling patterns of red veins through it.
A great bell of black iron stands near the entrance, with a pair of mallets beside its supports. 
To the south are several long benches. To the west are 3 stone altars. 
The northern one is pure black. The middle one is streaked red and black and the last is red with black flecks. 
At the western end of this ‘temple’ area is a dais of black stone, with 4 lesser chairs on its lower tier and a great throne above.  The chairs are of bone; the great throne is made of ivory & is set with gold and adorned with 20 gems; 10 red and 10 black and 1 large red stone.
The walls are covered by tapestries of deep purple with embroidered symbols and runes, done in scarlet and gold and black thread. (the runes say “death to all that is good” “evil will triumph over good”)
The walls behind the tapestries are of dull black rock, like the ceiling, while the west wall is of translucent red stone, which is seemingly one piece, polished to mirror-like smoothness.
Trap: As soon as the party enters the place, black candles in eight great candelabras on either side of the place will come alight magically, shooting forth a disgusting red radiance. Shapeless forms of purple, yellow and green will dance and sway on the western wall, and if anyone looks at them for more than a moment, they must make an intelligence save (CL:2) or be mesmerized into chanting a hymn to chaotic evil (write the hymn – “lyrics” from The Deception of the Thrush – excerpts from a poem The Wasteland by T.S. Eliot). 
Son of Man you cannot say or guess for you know only a heap of broken images where the sun beats & the dead tree gives no shelter & the dry stone no sound of water. Only there is shadow under this red rock.  
I could not speak & my eyes failed. I was neither living nor dead & I knew nothing.
Should 3 or more voices be so raised, the iron bell will sound automatically by magic (bringing all to this room), but even one such chant, when finished, will alert the guards of the head cleric at #59.
The chanting will be stopped if someone casts a bless or remove curse or cure disease on said person chanting, or if they hold their mouth closed or knock them out, or similar.  If the chanting is stopped in this manner the zombie guards will not come. It is only when the chant is finished that they are summoned.
Treasure: The 10 black stones are each worth 100sp. 10 red stones are each worth 200sp. 1 large red stone: 1000sp.
59K: The Chambers of Raysha, the Evil Canon: This is the anteroom where special visitors are entertained by the chief cleric (see area #60 for possible encounter here).
Room Description: There are lavish furnishings here (couches, cushions, comfy soft chairs, tables, etc.), although none are of particular value except for a Golden Flagon with 9 cups.
Treasure: The cups are each worth 5sp, but the Flagon is worth 400sp
3 Zombies are on guard here. They are in Plate Mail. They stand unmoving unless they are summoned by a chant from the temple area, someone enters their area, or they are commanded by Raysha.
3 Zombies: As above, except: Hp:15  D:+6 Exp:100
Raysha’s Private Quarters: The room beyond the door is the private chamber of the evil Canon.  
She wears a black cape and cowl with red robes beneath. She wears +1 Plate mail & has a +1 Large Shield.
She also has an Amulet of Protection from Good giving her +2D vs good aligned opponents.
Room Description: Her room is lavishly furnished, with a red carpet, furniture of black wood with velvet upholstery of scarlet and a large bed covered with silken covers of black and red cushions and pillows.  In the SW corner is a screen, hiding a Wardrobe. A 3′ tall cursed* demon idol leers from the wall to the north, directly over the bed. 
It has 2 red gems for eyes.
Combat Strategy: 
She will come out right behind the 3 zombies if the bell sounds. Otherwise, she will come out at the sound of battle. She will first use her scroll, casting hold person, followed by spiritual hammer if she’s behind the Zombies for defense. Otherwise she will use her Snake Staff.
If she sees she can’t win she will attempt to flee through the wardrobe (secret door). If she’s unable to flee she will beg for mercy & offer to serve the party. She will offer her knowledge of this place & anything else she can come up with to avoid being killed. She will even faithfully serve them, if it keeps her alive, killing her own clerics, if she must. Survival is her #1 priority. Seeking vengeance on this party of adventurers who have captured her is second.
Raysha, Canon of Talona: Lv:6 Hp:36 A:+3(+4) D:+8(+10) Dmg:d6+2 (+1 Snake Staff), d6+1 Mace Exp:700
Stats: S:15 D:13 C:14 I:14 W:16 Ch:14 (Primary: Mental) S:5’9″
Gear: +1 Plate, +1 Large Shield. She wears a +2 Amulet of Protection from Good
Spells: lv:0 (n/a) lv:1 (5) bless, cause fear, curse, darkness, sound burst
lv:2 (5) charm person, watery fist, dust devil, hold person // lv:3 (2) cause blindness, bestow curse
Scroll: hold person, spiritual hammer, cure serious wounds x2
Treasure Carried: In her belt pouch are 280sp, 30gp & 3pp. She wears a gold ring set with a black gem, worth 300sp.
+1 Snake Staff:  If she hits with the Staff it turns into a Snake & attempts to coil around its victim.  The person hit must make a Dex save CL:8 or they’re held motionless for 2 turns, or until she recalls the Staff back to her hand.  
Only a Dispel Magic or similar will free the victim otherwise.
Treasure: The furniture & carpet are each worth 100sp. The bed, cushions, etc. are worth 80sp total.
*Demon Idol: The 2 red gems from the idol are each worth 200sp.
Magical Trap: If anyone but the Priest touches the Idol, it topples over upon the person, doing 2d6 dmg.
Wardrobe: Spread all over the floor of the wardrobe are 200sp and 30 small gems of various colors, each worth 10sp. In the wardrobe are clothes, a fine pair of boots & a nice cloak & robe (all worth d10sp each).
The stairs going down to area #60-#64
When the party comes down the stairs they notice that the floor here is very clean, unlike all the other 10’ wide passages in all the other caves. Very little dirt or dust is present. While they may assume that the humans here are very tidy, the truth is that a Gelatinous Cube roams these halls here, but it will not attack anyone unless it’s attacked. It serves the Temple, cleaning everywhere that it can.
When the party first comes down here, it’s in the twisting corridor that leads to room #64. If they move towards room #63, it will follow, hoping they drop things for it to eat.
Otherwise, it will be encountered in one of the 3 corridors that lead to rooms #60, #63, or #64.
Gelatinous Cube: The Gelatinous Cube’s stats are at area #63.
At times, have the party hear something; a slithery sound or a slushy kind of sound. 
Tell them that they’re unable to determine distance or direction (unless they have the means).
60K:  Guest Chamber: This lower room is for important guests of the place.
Room Description: It contains 2 large beds on the north wall, and a table & 2 chairs in the middle of the room. Nothing is on the table except a velvet cloth that’s laying over something (a large polished mirror). There is a small shelf in the NW corner, but it’s empty. There is a desk & chair in the SW corner, but it is empty as well. There are 2 tapestries adorning the south & west walls (things picturing evil cruelties and obscene rites) that appear valuable.
The velvet cloth is worth 15sp. The heavy polished mirror is worth 50sp. 
The tapestries are each worth 500sp (but who will buy them?). Better to destroy them for experience.
Optional Encounter: If the party needs a challenge, include this encounter. 2 men, sent here by those higher up in the cult, are here to check on how things are going overall, operations, the caves, the townspeople, the Keep, etc.  
1 is a 5th lvl Wizard & the other is a 4th lvl Warrior. You can have them meet with the Priest everyday around noon, either here or at area #59, or have them help the Torturer, or the Torturer help them in an attack against the party. Actually they can be encountered anywhere you’d like.
Drayzek, 4th lvl Warrior: 32, 6’1″ 202lbs, with jet black hair and dark green eyes
Hp:32 A:+6 D:+7 Dmg:d8+2 sword Exp:400
Stats: S:17 D:14 C:16 I:12 W:11 Ch:12 (Primary: Physical)
Gear: Plate mail, Lg. Shield, Long Sword, Long Bow, Dagger, 2 Potions of Healing
Fighter Skills: Attack Skill, Dodge, Weapon Specialization (Long Sword), Surprise
Treasure Carried: 58cp 41sp 7gp
Mithril, 5th lvl Wizard: 47, 5’6″ 143lbs, with brownish/gray hair and deep blue eyes
Hp:15 A:+1 D:+4 Dmg:d6 staff, 1d4 dagger Exp:400
Stats: S:8 D:16 C:13 I:16 W:14 Ch:14  (Primary: Mental)
Gear: Amulet: +2 Prot/Good, 2 Potions of Healing
Spells: 5/5/2/1 Wall of Fog, Mons Summ 0, Jump, Friends, Audible Glamor // Magic Missile, Color Spray, Sleep, Armor, Charm Person // Agannazar’s Scorcher, Invisibility // Mons Summ 3
Treasure Carried: 87cp 62sp 13gp
Small Metal Chest: The Wizard keeps his spellbook locked in a small metal chest in the NW corner of this room. It’s up on a shelf & he’s cast invisibility on it, so the shelf appears empty. The chest has both a magical & mechanical lock & trap on it which can be bypassed by simply saying the words hickory dickory doc (the wizard has an odd sense of humor). The lock can be picked but there’s a -10% difficulty penalty. Whether successful or not the person trying must now make a Dex save (CL:4) or be hit with a poison needle (Con save (CL:6) or fall unconscious). They cannot be revived until the poison is neutralized & then they’re at 0hp. Even if it’s picked it will require a knock spell to open the chest.  
However, opening the chest triggers a Stinking Cloud spell (Dispel Magic or similar will negate this) which will fill the area as per the spell.
His spellbook contains his memorized spells & the following:
0 level: Detect Magic, Read Magic, Unseen Servant, Message
1st level: Feather Fall, Hypnotism, Fist of Stone, Chill Touch
2nd level: Bladethirst, Wizard Lock, Stinking Cloud
3rd level: Flame Arrow, Drawmij’s Toolbox, Identify
4th level: Monster Summoning 4
They have no other treasure & have no magical items, other than the potions & the amulet.
61K:  Torture Chamber: There are various implements of torture here, both large and small – a rack, iron maiden, tongs, pincers, whips, etc.
Room Description: Comfortable chairs are scattered along the walls (for viewing purposes). 
The torturer lives in the front area by the stairs. He has a mattress in the corner & a small table, stool & a shelf. 
3 pegs hold clothing & pelts. There’s a pair of boots next to them.
Treasure: His nice boots are worth 5sp. Hidden under his mattress are 91cp & 85sp and a bracelet worth 50sp.
Combat Strategy:  
He will attack any unauthorized persons who enter, unless he’s obviously outnumbered, in which case he will pretend to simply be the caretaker here who doesn’t ask questions, but instead just does what he’s told. 
Now that there’s a party of adventurers here to defeat them, he would very much like to join them (he’s lying).  
Under his chain mail he wears an Amulet: +2 Protection from Good.
If the party allows him to join them, he will attack as soon as there’s an encounter that he feels he can win
Martin, The Torturer: 36, 6’2″ 205lbs, with light brown hair and brown eyes
Lv:3 Warrior Hp:20 A:+5 D:+7 Dmg:d10+3 (huge battle axe) Exp:180
Stats: S:18 D:16 C:14 I:10 W:9 CH:7
Gear: Chain Mail, Amulet: +2 Prot./Good, Huge Battle Axe
Fighter Skills: Attack Skill, Defense Skill, Flee, Fleeing Shot
62K: The Crypt: The door to this room is bolted shut.
Room Description: This long hall is of roughly hewn stone, with a low ceiling (9’). There’s a ton of dust everywhere and it’s filled with cobwebs (& normal sized spiders) and the smell of death is prevalent throughout. Along the eastern wall are many coffins (16) and large sarcophagi (6) Most (12 coffins and 4 sarcophagi) contain the wrapped remains (mummies) of former servants of the Temple. None of them are actual Undead Mummies. They’re just wrapped humans.
The last 2 sarcophagus contain a Wight; a gift from the goddess Talona to Raysha. Talona turned the last servants who died here into a Wight, to serve Raysha as she pleases. She has yet to determine what to do with them, other than leave them here as a trap for anyone who somehow was able to adventure this far into the Temple. She tried having them stand with the Zombies and Skeletons, but every time she walked by, they would stare at her and it creeped her out, so she had them put back in their crypt. These former servants, had some of their treasures buried with them, rather than give them to others. Raysha has no idea they’re there (see below).
The Wights will animate & attack the moment someone touches him or 2 rounds after they open his sarcophagus. His eyes pop open & he sits up. Normal fear save (Wis CL:4) or shudder in fear & back away for a round, purely out of fright.
Wights: Lv:4 Hp:24 A:+4 D:+3 Dmg:d4+energy drain Mv:40’ S:6′ Primary: Physical Exp:400
Treasure: A secret compartment in the Wight’s sarcophagus contains:
A +1 Sword (+2 vs. humanoids)
1 Scroll: A Cleric Scroll with the following spells: Neutralize Poison, Cure Light Wounds, Invisibility to Undead, Produce Flame, Cure Serious Wounds, and Cure Disease.
A Silver Dagger with 2 gems set in its pommel, worth 150sp
Once the Wights die, they will no longer animate. If anyone loses a level due to the Wight’s level drain ability, they go to the halfway point of the previous level, so a level 3 character is now level 2 (halfway to level 3).
63K: Storage Chamber: There are many piles of boxes, crates, barrels, sacks, and so forth here.
Each of the stored items is worth the following: (‘Worth’ here is how much the party can get for them)
6 Sacks: 2sp each worth of foodstuffs (bread, grain, cheese,)
6 Boxes: 5sp each worth of supplies (items: torches, spikes, sacks, 3 maces, rope, clothes, boots, etc.)
7 Crates: 5sp each worth of food supplies (vegetables, cheese, salted meat, iron rations, etc.)
9 Barrels: 10sp each worth of Ale, 15sp for Mead, 25sp for Wine (4 Ale, 3 Mead, 2 Wine)
If the Gelatinous Cube has not been encountered yet, it will be encountered here
Gelatinous Cube: Inside it (still not digested yet) are 7cp 5sp 2gp and 2pp and several bones
One of the ‘bones’ is actually a wand of paralyzation (rumor #5). 
Anyone who see the ‘bones’ will notice the wand if they make an Int save (CL:-2).
Wand of Paralyzation: It has only 5 charges left, but each time it’s used there’s a 5% chance that it also paralyzes its wielder.
The Gelatinous Cube will not attack unless it’s attacked. It is here to clean; nothing else
Gelatinous Cube: Hp:22 A:+4 D:+1 Dmg:2d4+2 + paralyzation, SA: Surprise S:10′ Cube Mv:20′ Exp:250
Immunities: Immune to Electricity, Fear, Paralyzation, Polymorph, Sleep.
Against any cold based attack it must save or be slowed (save is Primary.  CL is level of attack)
Paralyzation lasts for 5-20 rounds. Gelatinous Cubes surprise 6 in 12.
64:  Cell: This is the place where prisoners are kept until tortured to death or sacrificed in the area above (area #55). The door here is of iron, locked & barred, but a small window is set in the door.
Room Description: There are 4 skeletons still chained to the wall, and one scantily clad female – “help me, oh please help me” she cries.
You can see here shapely legs & body, right up to her shoulders, but there’s a hood over her head. 
If asked why she has a hood over her head, she says that they put it on her before bringing her inside. 
She doesn’t know why, but she says she thinks it was to scare her (in truth Raysha did this, so she can’t hurt her)
Here are some other things that she might say to fool the party, or to answer a question:
‘My father is a wealthy merchant and I am certain that he will greatly reward you for rescuing me’
‘I don’t know how long I’ve been here. Many days, I feel.
‘I was traveling on the road with a small group. We were attacked. I was taken prisoner. I believe the others are all dead.’
‘My name is Rowanda, daughter of Garshon, of Lorindor’ (this is a real person who the Medusa has history with)
‘There were some others here when I was first brought here. I don’t know what happened to them. They were taken a while ago & they never returned.’
The Medusa: This Medusa was recently summoned here by Raysha, using a powerful dark magic scroll that she acquired. The Medusa though broke free from the spell & attacked Raysha, but her zombie guards, as they’re immune to her special attacks, grabbed her, overpowered her & brought her here. 
If Raysha cannot get the Medusa to serve her, she will have the asps cut off and killed and blind it. Then, at her next ‘ritual’ (see area #55), she will sacrifice it to Talona.
Once the party opens the door, she waits, hoping that they’ll free here before they take off the hood.  
She tries this approach in an attempt to get them to free her first: “please don’t take off the hood.  
They’ve scarred my face & now I look hideous”.  
If they take off the hood, she attacks by biting with the asps & trying to turn people to stone with her gaze attack.
Gaze Attack: The person who takes off the hood is attacked immediately & must make a wisdom save (CL:4). 
Each round, anyone who attacks her must make a wisdom save (CL:4) to avoid being turned to stone.
Anyone who tries not to look into her eyes, by looking away, must still make a wisdom save to avoid her gaze, but the CL is -4 instead of +4. Looking away in this manner incurs a -3 attack & defense penalty and any attacks that hit her have the damage reduced by 1/3rd, rounded down.
Closing your eyes automatically prevents her gaze attack from working but incurs a -5 to your attack & defense & all misses may hit someone else (re-roll that attack at the closest person, with the same -4 penalty). Course she’ll usually just move away from someone attacking with their eyes closed, if there are still others to “gaze upon”.
Asps Poison: Anyone bitten by the Asps must make a Con save (CL:2) or fall unconscious (-1hp) & lose 1hp/round until dead. Those who save are still poisoned, but only take 1hp/turn until -1 & then 1hp/day until dead but also suffer -1A&D & damage penalties & -1 to all physical attributes until neutralized.
Each hp loss, while at positive hit points, is negated by a Constitution save (CL:2) for that round or turn or day. 
Checks are made until they die or the poison is neutralized.
If the battle is going well for the Medusa (she’s succeeded at turning 2 people to stone) and she’s still chained to the wall (the keys are on the south wall, in the corridor), she will offer to spare their lives if they will free her from her chains. If the party doesn’t agree, she will state that she has a special ‘Elixir’ that can turn their companions back to flesh again, but that only she has the power to make it work (she’s lying). She actually does have this in a belt pouch that’s hidden under her clothes, but it works no matter who pours it on them.
She has no intention of honoring this agreement. If the party agrees & releases her, she thanks them for freeing her & then attempts to ‘stone’ &/or poison her rescuers. She attempts to flee if brought below 14hp, unless there’s only 1 person left, in which case she keeps fighting. She may still flee if the last person seems too powerful.
Elixir: (4 potions of ‘stone to flesh’). They are worth 500sp each.
The Medusa: Lv:6 Hp:28 A:+6 D:+1 Dmg:d3+poison, x2 (Asps: see below) Mv:30’ Exp:900
Special Attacks: (Gaze Attack and Asps Poison – see above)
S:12 D:12 C:15 I:14 W:14 Ch:14 Primary: Mental
Asps: She has 8 Asps. 2 can attack in any direction, so if she’s surrounded by 4 attackers, each will be attacked by 2 Asps.
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